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The travels of a Nymphomaniac
Author :Bricker
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5 Interlude 1

@@After eating a meagre meal consisting of a very small plate of vegetable soup accompanied by a slice of brown bread, Rhea went up to the room she had booked inside a small inn located along the main street.

Sitting on a very uncomfortable bed, a little worried for the monk whose limited intelligence she knows, Rhea releases one of her breasts from her leather armor.

Thinking that being poor is not very pleasant and that a rich lover must be very advantageous, she pulls up her very short skirt at the level of her belly and spreads her thighs soaked with sweat.

This world that she has only known for a short time sometimes frightens her a bit, so, to reassure herself, the thumb and index finger of her left hand gently pinch the little pink nipple which immediately begins to harden between her fingers. More serene when the well-being provided by her bud who growing and spreads throughout her body, Rhea closes her eyes.

Living without a past is somewhat frustrating and to stop thinking about this fact that often confuses her young heart, her right hand passes between her legs. Her hand slides for a few moments along her labia majora, which she opens for better access to her intimacy, then with the help of her index finger, she describes tender little circles on her clitoris which awakens on contact with her finger.

When Rhea is anxious or her heart is not at peace, she uses this very personal method of relaxation.

Pleasing yourself is not ideal, however, her middle finger, which sinks deeply into her vagina dripping with juice, comforts the young woman enough to make her forget her little worries of the moment.

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    《The travels of a Nymphomaniac》