The travels of a Nymphomaniac
8 Debauched doll.
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The travels of a Nymphomaniac
Author :Bricker
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8 Debauched doll.

Rhea lets herself be passively guided to the small outbuilding adjoining a large castle built on the heights.

She doesn't know much about the art of warfare, nor the methods used by people living in such big houses to defend themselves, but Rhea guesses that living in a house occupying such a strategic position can have many advantages.

From here, overlooking the few roads that lead to the castle, the occupants of these places can easily see any suspicious individual who would try to discreetly approach their property.

The many soldiers walking through a garden with all the aspects of a green labyrinth will not make the task of the invaders who have decided to storm this huge castle surrounded by wide and deep pits any easier.


The soldiers, who never ceased their lascivious innuendoes, were getting ready to escort Rhea to the agreed place, when, coming out from behind an outbuilding, after having looked at the sublime young woman, their superior signifies to them that from this point on, he will take over.

"Come over here, you."

The abrupt man grabs Rhea by the arm, under the angry eyes of his subordinates who look on helplessly, the both of them to take the direction of a small shed reserved for gardening tools.

The man with the metal armour quickly opens the door, then he pushes the young woman into the small dark room, disturbing at the same time the rats busy feasting around a carrion.

To avoid letting darkness invade the room, the soldier does not close the door completely. A glance outside to make sure the place is quiet, and then he takes a step towards the beauty with huge breasts.

"Take your breasts out of your clothes, I want to bite them off."

Very astonished but pleasantly surprised when the young woman lays her hands on this combat outfit that hides only the essentials, he wastes no time opening the buttons on her pants.

Seeing the big vigorous cock jumping out of the soldier's pants, Rhea gets hot flashes. She's so hungry, will she finally be able to eat some fresh meat?

While Rhea struggles against her perverse nature that screams at her to grab that beautiful limb stretched out towards her, the soldier pushes her violently against the back wall.

Without wasting a second, he brings his head close to hers and, visibly as eager as she is to start the main course, he puts his lips against hers.

She is a little surprised when this man, at first brutal, penetrates her mouth with care and gentleness. As his tongue slides along hers with skill and kindness and that she feels two big hands coming to rest on her breasts, then kneading them without too much haste, she closes her eyes to fully enjoy this little moment of communion.

This surprise lasts only a few seconds, however, because when he takes his hands away that he had just been placed on her slender shoulders, she opens her eyes in surprise. (Slap) Suddenly, the man regains his beastly nature and slaps violently on one of her tits.

(Slap) (Slap) His powerful warrior hands are continuously falling on her big breasts which under the violence of the slaps, swing from right to left. This vision of her two massive swinging masses must have excited him because his tongue separates from hers and he turns the beauty against the wall.

Rhéa whose thighs are soaked with her juice is a little ashamed when the man pulls up her skirt and spreads her thighs, yet, her breathing having become short, she doesn't wait for him to order her to bend over. Submissive, having receiving this delicious punishment, she puts her hands against the wall and stretches her ass backwards to offer the man the sight of her pretty pink pussy, palpitating with lust.

"Tsch, as I suspected, you're already wet as a bitch. In this case, I'm going to shove my seven thumbs up your lewd hole right now."

Rhea is gloating, but according to her, this man talks too much and doesn't act enough. Still silent, the young woman, subjected to the cruel hands of her executioner, bows her head forward to hide her tongue that slips viciously on her lips.

"Now, I'm going to shove that colossus of meat up your pussy but don't open your big mouth or I'll gag you."

Without being aware of it, Rhea, who can't wait a manly dick devastates, her lonely pussy for too long, shakes her hips and as if to answer the desperate call of this sublime young woman in distress, her saviour impales her with his long spear.

According to Rhea, the foreplay was far from satisfactory. He didn't bite her nipples as he had promised and, with every stroke of the dick, her head just collides the white stone wall, but Rhea don't care, because finally, someone's destroying her crotch.

The man whose sex never stops coming and going in her narrow pussy but so wet that without any difficulty, he makes his way inside, lets his hands slide from her hips until they graze her two enormous tits to finally firmly grasp her hardened nipples.

It is at the moment when, Consumed by a pleasure she hadn't known for too long, so as not to let her joy burst out in the form of screams, Rhea bites her lower lip so hard that a slight trickle of blood comes to form a small puddle on the ground, which the man pulls simultaneously on both her nipples.

Accompanying the assaults of the man whose sex tears her entrails, Rhea can see her beautiful round breasts deformed to the point that they take the shape of pears on which the sadistic soldier vigorously pulls.

With each blow of cock she receives, her breasts get a little more taut and the beautiful girl, unable to bear this delicious pain any longer, screams and ejects a jet of cyprin on the thighs of her attacker whose limb contracts, jumps, to finally sprinkle her uterus with a large quantity of burning sperm.

After pouring his semen deep into her young pussy, the man suddenly seems to lose all his strength. Panting, his hands let go of the two enormous breasts, but to conclude this ephemeral but passionate relationship, he gives her a powerful slap on the ass, then, without any delicacy or kindness, he throws a grey handkerchief on the ground covered with earth.

"Clean your dirty hole. If you meet His Lordship like this, I'll be in trouble."

A little offended to be allowed only a round of rejoicing, but relieved to have finally gotten stoned, Rhea picks up the little handkerchief that this thoughtful man so kindly offered her.

To allow the man's sperm, which is slowly coming down from her uterus to flow down her toned thighs, she gets up. The man doesn't come out. Worse, he seems to want to watch her do her little personal grooming. Subjected to a moral dilemma common to all self-respecting women, in front of the pervert's eyes, so as not to adopt a position that is too disadvantageous for a lady, she spreads her legs slightly and, once again very excited, with her thumb and forefinger, she spreads her labia majora and smiles at him.


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    《The travels of a Nymphomaniac》