The travels of a Nymphomaniac
11 Preparation for mating. Part 1
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The travels of a Nymphomaniac
Author :Bricker
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11 Preparation for mating. Part 1

Compared to the average size of the women of this world, this sublime young lady is immense.

More interestingly, Viscount Lassale, who by his position in the army was brought to meet all types of people, including the most vile, can say with certainty, that behind this adorable smile, hides a small aggressive pussy.

He bitterly regrets to part with it, but for the good of his family, this beauty which will certainly please the King who, as everyone knows, loves above all young women with well furnished cleavages, will serve his best interests.

Before that, if he wishes to tame this little feline quickly, the smiling Viscount knows that with this kind of woman, he will have to be cunning.

"When I saw you, I thought of making you my first concubine, but now I have a much better idea. Tomorrow I leave for the capital and you will accompany me. Ah, I'd like to point out that any refusal on your part, will result in a spanking that I would be happy to administer to you."

When she entered the dining room, Rhea found her lost smile. This tall, blond, muscular man is so handsome that she could confirm that coming here was really a great idea.

However, listening to the odious words come out of his so sexy mouth, Rhea changed her mind instantly. This Viscount is unquestionably a superb man, but more than that, he is one of those abominations that nature sometimes creates by mistake.

"Who do you think you are with your superior airs? However, since this is so... ...I refuse."

Could she give a better answer? The Viscount's smile widens a little more as he thinks of the good times the beautiful young woman will allow him to spend. Not taking his eyes off her, he addresses the two maids standing behind him.

"Take my guest to the floor where my wives live. Prepare her for my pleasure and lock her in a room. I'll join her after I've finished my breakfast."

Two maids are in charge of relieving her of her clothes, but this young woman who must be approximately twenty years old is far too strong. She pushes them away as if she were facing simple twigs block her way. Could she be in the presence of an Orc hiding in a Human skin?

The youngest of the maids who worries about the reaction of their master if he were to arrive while this young woman was still dressed of her short warrior's outfit, turns her gaze towards her elder.

The older of the two, understanding what her colleague is getting at, just nods her head before leaving the usually unoccupied room.

Luckily, the young woman has sat quietly on the silk sheets of the four-poster bed and doesn't seem more worried than that.

The young maid in charge of preparing her, sighs with impotence. If she knew the Viscount, that Miss would certainly not be so carefree.

Her eldest has finally returned. She goes to the bed where the tall young woman with the blond hair relaxes, then, trying to coax her with a face full of remorse, she apologizes to her and generously offers her a fruit drink.

Rhea is fully aware that these two maids don't act out of joy of heart. In order not to upset this middle-aged woman whose voice trembles with remorse, she smiles at her, then she grabs the drink that is so kindly offered to her.

After bringing it to her little lips, she first guesses a slight taste of orange mixed with another fruit that she cannot identify.

This drink is refreshing is perfect for relaxing after having so often repelled the assaults of the two maids whose eyes full of expectation, do not leave her face for a moment.

This drink is really delicious, but why does her head seem to be emptying?

That thing made of so little fabric that the young woman was wearing finally fell off. Her short skirt, now slipping down her thin thighs and part of the requested work completed, the two maids are beginning to relax.

They look for a moment at these two enormous breasts with small pink nipples pointing upwards, but doubting that the castle has a babydoll to cover these disproportionate things, again, anxiety assails them.

The three dressing rooms of the west wing are quickly searched and by chance, even if they don't know where this nightie might have come from, the two maids warmly thank the woman passing by who will certainly have forgotten it.

Threading the thin piece of white fabric over the long legged young woman who spends her time laughing, the maids are more or less satisfied with the result.

Although the caps are still a little small to contain the Miss's breasts, they know full well that they will not find better in this place.

Now that the young woman is properly dressed to receive their master, all that remains is for the devoted servants to prepare her physically so that the mating can take place smoothly.

Taking advantage of the confused state of this young miss close to drunkenness, the two women pull her to the edge of the bed and despite the few difficulties encountered when the beautiful girl bursts out laughing and waving her legs around, they still manage to position her correctly.

Having often practiced this kind of preparation which will then allow their master to penetrate more easily his conquest, the older of the two maid passes behind the miss to prevent her from defending herself, while the young maid gets on her knees and in order to better access the pretty hairless vagina, she gently spreads her thighs.

When the young maid's tongue grazes the already swollen clitoris of the miss trying to bite her jailer, suddenly, the latter calms down and she directs her big blue eyes towards the one who very carefully spreads her labia majora.

"Her sex is beautiful, well drawn, but from the masculine scent emanating from her depths, I can tell that someone in the castle must have taken advantage of this miss."

The eldest maid is not too surprised when she hears the words of her young colleague. Although she won't express her thoughts out loud, according to her, there are women who are born to attract men's dicks, and as far as this young lady is concerned, she is the perfect example of those deep holes, which she, a woman of just average physique, hates above all else.

"Our time is running out, so for lack of better, your tongue will act as a bucket and a sponge. Enough useless talk and get to work right away."

The young maid is a little reluctant to enter a room where a man has left his luggage, but with no other choice, she pushes the beautiful girl's soft thighs further apart whose her eyes stare at her with strange passion and, as a conscientious worker, she pushes her head in.

Without hurrying, as much to excite this young woman as to clean her properly, the young maid begins by letting her tongue slide against the tender labia majora.

As she suspected, she detects an unpleasant taste of man, but the sweet acidity of the feminine nectar, which already abounds in the little vagina of the beautiful woman, makes her forget this slight inconvenience.

Seeing out of the corner of her eye the two enormous breasts trapped in the thin tissue, which rise and fall to the rhythm of the jerky breathing of the miss, become voracious, the young maid no longer thinks much about her work. More greedy than hungry, she spreads very largely her labia majora wide open to stick her mouth against her little hole, from which a large quantity of juice flows out, which she swallows greedily.

To collect the precious liquid, her tongue stretches to its maximum. Accompanied by obscene sucking noises, her tongue, which penetrates the narrow humid vagina, avidly scrapes the tender and warm wall of this little pussy who, to thank her, sends powerful jets of cyprin to the back of her throat.

Carried away by the atmosphere, her index finger has just landed on a clitoris so erect that the young maid is a little surprised. Taking advantage of this marvel, she clutches it between two fingers and slowly begins a clever masturbation.

Under her expert caresses, the young maid can feel the miss's pelvis screaming with pleasure take off from the bed and rise higher and higher. The young maid has now completely forgotten where she is, but as she lifts her mouth out of the small burning hole and pushes two of her fingers into it, her superior calls her to order with a resounding slap.

"Enough with the rejoicing! Look at her horny pussy face and you'll understand that this miss doesn't need us to bother preparing her body for mating! Well, if she no longer smells like a man, we can consider our work done. Let's go, they will have soon need us in the kitchen."

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    《The travels of a Nymphomaniac》