The travels of a Nymphomaniac
12 Preparation for mating. Part 2
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The travels of a Nymphomaniac
Author :Bricker
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12 Preparation for mating. Part 2

Still with her young pussy dripping left out in the open air, Rhea sadly watches her pretty maid move away from the bed. Wishing more than this cunnilingus accompanied by this most pleasant masturbation, when the young maid turns toward her, her lips draw noiselessly the words, (I will come back to see you), so, although her dissatisfaction remains, her heart calms down a little.

For another second, the two young women look into each other's eyes, until the older maid slams the door unceremoniously.

Now abandoned in this rich but too quiet room, feeling the fresh air coming in between her labia majora that still doesn't close, confused by drugs but too excited, Rhea gets up.

When she takes a step to the left, she staggers a little, but refusing to give up, her gaze focused against the round wooden bedpost, she fights against the dizziness that assails her.

Luckily for the beautiful girl, three steps are enough. Her right arm grasps the bedpost, she bends back and then brings her crotch closer to the piece of wood.

The sensation of her labia, hot, wet majora, which seem to suck on this cold, long object, makes her moan. Taking advantage of the fact that her left hand is free, she frees one of her breasts from this very light garment and immediately grabs her nipple which she crushes between her fine fingers.

At first very slowly, in order to get her labia majora used to the shape of the bedpost, Rhea starts to go up and down along the log pillar which is already impregnated with her abundant juice.

When the object along which a pungent smelling liquid is dripping is warming up in contact with her burning pussy, while lifting her breast to bring it to her mouth, Rhea speeds up her comings and goings.

Her big clitoris, which has been rubbing against the wood for a while, is now swollen to its limit and she feels her legs getting soft.

Her arms losing their usual strength, Rhea lets go of the heavy breast she was sucking, and while the huge mass falls down and bounces against her body, she grabs the bedpost with her left arm.

Her eyes are glassy, her tongue half out of her mouth that lets out a scream of well-being, accompany her vagina that releases large quantities of nectars that come to splash the carpet between her long legs.


"Oh, but is it not His mighty Lordship who has come to visit the humble person that I am? Does His Lordship know how to use both feet to move about?"

No sooner does he walk through the door to his new guest's room that mocking words are being addressed to him.

However, the intonation of these words also reveals an attempt of undisguised seduction, and the Viscount is not offended. On the contrary, he smiles at the words of the young woman who has hidden behind the curtains of the canopy bed.

"I thought that walking here would be an excellent preparation before honouring you, and so I come here on my own two feet. Come to think of it, I don't know your name yet."

Not wanting to wait for the beautiful one to invite him. The Noble closes the door, then with great strides, he approaches the bed.

"Normal, I haven't told you. And anyway, as you're not nice, I don't intend to tell you anytime soon. Huhuh."

"Then I'll make sure that your little mouth to confess myself."

It seems clear that the star powder is working. At impromptu parties, the nobles and notables like to take some with them for convenience. It makes it much easier for them to get favors from the women on which they set their sights.

Viscount Lassale goes around the large four-poster bed behind which he finds the woman who, even after having taken the drug, is capable of talking such nonsense.

In principle, according to the quantity that the maids say they have given her, this young girl should be amorphous, even asleep, but she stands upright, facing him, without even flinching.

"Why does His Lordship look at me like an idiot? Is His Lordship afraid of women, or perhaps His Lordship prefers men?"

Would this girl try to provoke him for the purpose that he to prove to her what a manly man he is?

If so, his sex being already stretched to its limit since he saw her in her little nightie, he will demonstrate to her how ferocious he can be when he intrudes between his partners' thighs.

"If you want to know so badly, it would be a lack of correction on my part to make you wait any longer."

It only takes four steps for him to join the girl whose lips curl into a mocking smile.

Very excited, but also a little annoyed, he takes her small hand, pulls her towards him and grabs her firmly by the waist.

She is still quite conscious, so the viscount who thought he'd meet some resistance when he puts his lips against hers, is very astonishedis.

Not only does she not struggle at all, but on the contrary, she grabs the collar of his silk shirt to stick herself even more tightly against his body.

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    《The travels of a Nymphomaniac》