The travels of a Nymphomaniac
13 The self-proclaimed gourmand. Part1
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The travels of a Nymphomaniac
Author :Bricker
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13 The self-proclaimed gourmand. Part1

Rhea is too hungry to wait for another dish to be served to her. She remembers the odious words of this haughty man and yet she is so excited that she forces her little tongue between the Viscount's teeth.

The man tastes like black coffee and toast. Perhaps he could have had the decency to brush his teeth before joining her, for the small remains of his breakfast that roll under the young woman's tongue are not the most pleasant.

Rhea is hot. So hot, that to cool herself down, she swallows the saliva of her companion of the moment.

More at ease and satisfied she wraps her tongue around the one of the man so surprised by his action, that he has opened eyes, then by greedily and desiring to excite this beautiful male, she speeds up the movement of her tongue.

This intense shared kiss is pleasant, however she is no longer a teenager who is offered small bouquets of flowers.

Once again frustrated by the inactivity of this man who talks a lot but doesn't act enough, Rhea moves her hand between the thighs of this Viscount whose dick she wishes was as vigorous as his tongue.

What a great idea he had to wear such thin pants. Through this fabric of a softness she didn't even know existed, she grasps the thick stem, which, as if to thank her for taking care of it, swells up between her fingers.

Releasing her grip, her hand slides slowly over this fabric, ideal for this kind of action. Her tongue always united to that of the man who fortunately has just taken action by grabbing her nipple, Rhea undertakes to open these sublime pants.

She is a bit surprised not to find any buttons. Replacing these usual practical objects, she comes up against small hooks that are connected together.

In her condition of horny little bitch, nothing will resist her. Indeed, Rhea, who doesn't want to waste time studying this exotic fastener, takes her hand out of the collar of the Viscount's shirt.

Her two hands firmly grasping the fly of the trousers, she tears off that part of the garment that prevents her from reaching the crotch of the completely speechless man by so much savagery.

"What a splendid object you offer me, Your Lordship. I should very much like to taste it now to get an idea of its true quality, but first I want to discover your body, so make haste to take off your clothes."

Viscount Lassale is used to taking the initiative with his wives. He is one of those dominant males who likes to penetrate his partners where and when he feels like it, yet today he is discovering that being in the hands of a succubus is not so bad either.

His eyes do not leave the beauty that removes her tiny nightie. As her, he quickly takes off his jacket and losing his usual very serene appearance, he eagerly opens his shirt.

Her belly could not be flatter. Her thin but tonic thighs surmounting her so long legs inevitably attract the gaze of men. Not an ounce of fat can be seen on this perfect body. Her small shaved vagina with pink large light labia majora seem to be a delight. Her large clitoris seems to call out the teeth of those who see it, as for her enormous firm boobs on which every man must want to lay his hands, The Viscount can now understand why His King has such inclinations concerning this part of the women's body.

His shirt removed comes to join his jacket, which he has thrown carelessly on the recently waxed parquet flooring.

The young woman whose name is still unknown to him approaches him very slowly with one of those coquettish smiles that reveal her real thoughts.

Her big bleu eyes are inclined towards his sex of average size but whose width would make any Orc who saw it pale. To make fun of him, she slides her tongue on her lips, then the beautiful one moves away from him. A small laugh escapes from her adorable mouth and the young woman with the vicious eyes comes back to him.

Without saying a word, after having stuck her large breasts against his powerful bust, she grabs his stem swollen with excitement, which, captive of the little hand would like to jump but is unable to do so.

His beautiful guest begins a slow coming and going along his sex of the most pleasant. While performing this expert masturbation, she passionately kisses him on the neck.

The young woman's little tongue sucks her finger greedily several times, then again she sticks her lips to his neck and again, her hand goes between his thighs to grab his cock.

Join carnal relations to the sweetness of kisses, he had never tried it before. However, when he discovers this pleasure that he did not know, he regretted his ignorance which previously prevented him from taking full advantage of his past love relationships.

Taken by the pleasure, the Viscount do not realize that Rhea's tongue descended along his bust to come and find his nipple.

Slightly ticklish, he's very surprised when, after having given him two small strokes of her tongue, Rhea gently bites it.

What does she do? He's not a woman. Is this beauty a madwoman?

"Immediately cease this immoral act! I think you're in the wrong place."

Rhea hasn't yet regained her full capacity to think, yet these few words frustrate her. Do only women could have the privilege to experience the pleasure of being chewed the nipples? Plague be of these patriarchal societies.

"You really don't know what's good, His Lordship. So much the worse for you! Since you refuse my little sweets, I'll take care of that beautiful sex you Propose me."

Her nimble hand continues to masturbate the Viscount who feeling his dick swelling more and more and wanting to make the most of the mouth that will soon suck it, tilts his back back.

Lured by this beautiful candy that seems so delicious, Rhea kneels down but not wanting to give this overly proud man what he wants right away, she lifts her two big boobs.

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    《The travels of a Nymphomaniac》