The travels of a Nymphomaniac
14 The self-proclaimed gourmand. Part2
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The travels of a Nymphomaniac
Author :Bricker
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14 The self-proclaimed gourmand. Part2

When the Viscount sees his sex disappear completely between the two huge breasts of the beautiful blonde who looks at him passionately, more than the pleasure he feels in feeling his big rod being embraced by these two so tempting masses, it is the sight of her beautiful young smiling face that confuses him.

This girl is a pure marvel whose body is so hot that no man can remain of marble when she makes her apparition. If he, a low-ranking nobleman, a simple country Viscount had such a beauty on his arm, no doubt he would generate the jealousy of all the noble and rich merchants living in the capital.

This idea of stepping on the heads of those who have too often despised his family, pleasantly enchants the Viscount who observes his beautiful one holding her heavy tits to wank him off very skillfully.

It is true, he is now the owner of this jewel, so why should he give it to the King whose harem is so full that the man does not know which room to enter?

However, letting her keep the low social position of a slave does not befit such a woman, not to mention that if he wants to show her off to put himself forward, would not be appropriate.

No, he will make her his official wife, as for the old one, if necessary, he will pay someone to make her disappear.

"Rhea, I've just made up my mind I'm going to make you my wife, but now's not a good time to discuss such matters, so suck my cock."

"It's so kindly asked His Lordship that I really can't refuse. I'm talking about sucking you off, of course. As for the rest, do I have any say in the matter?"

Even now, this smart little girl allows herself to play with him?

"Of course not. You're still my property and I've decided, so that's an order."

Marrying this rich man isn't so bad, at least making him think that she's okay to reap the full benefits is a good deal.

"I'll give you pleasure whenever you feel like it. I'll be very gentle and very obedient until our wedding day on one condition. Burn this deed that makes me your thing."

The Viscount observes the resolute face of Rhea, but not wanting to give in to blackmail of the young woman, he shakes his head.

"And if I refuse?"

Without stopping looking straight in the eyes this really unpleasant man, Rhea lets go of her breasts, thus freeing the man's sex and angry, she gets up.

With a determined step, she joins the bed on which she lies on her back, then she spreads her thighs wide.

"Come, from now on I'll be your designated hole, but don't count on me to offer you anything other than my vagina."

Between shock and amazement, the Viscount who thought he could indulge in a torrid mating feels very frustrated.

The pretty pink labia majora of the sulking beauty are certainly very appetizing and yet he does not desires: a designated hole.

Having understood what kind of person he had to deal with as soon as he laid his eyes on Rhea, the noble sighs, then desiring that a mouth sucks his sex that stirs with impatience, the man nods his head.

"Very well! As soon as our mating is over, I'll come back and we'll burn this document that makes you my property."

Very happy to hear these words, Rhea stands up and runs towards the Viscount to put a tender kiss on his lips.

This part of his anatomy not being what interests her the most, she squats again but, from her new point of view, Rhea hesitates by looking at this glans so wide that she's afraid it'll deform her little mouth.

It's a dilemma worth thinking about. Because even if she could swallow it, there is no guarantee that this enormous sex would not prevent her from breathing.

A bit worried in face of this monstrous glans, in order to better evaluate the danger, Rhea tilts the inflated stem of the Viscount, to the left, then, still not being entirely convinced of her capacity to accommodate the big thing, she directs it to the right.

But what is she doing this time? Is it the star powder that would have such a strange effect on her or as he supposes, would this beauty be really very special?

"Oh fuck, it feels good to finally be in this cozy den."

After have asked himself many questions, Viscount Lassale forgets all his many concerns about this strange young beauty.

No, to describe her as a young lady would be wrong, the one who slides his sex along her tongue and swallows it to the end, shaking her head like a rabid woman is a furious beast. A hungry tigress who doesn't seem to have eaten meat for a long time.

Not taking his eyes off the action, the Viscount who holds back the moment he will reach the sky, sees his guest's mouth slowly withdraw from his sex to concentrate only on his glans.

She doesn't suck him, no this bitch literally pumps his dick.

The viscount can't take it anymore. Not only does the beautiful girl swallow his cock along its entire length, but he has the strange feeling that if this greedy young women aspirates his glans so hard, she does so only to harvest his noble seed.


After having tried hard to push the Viscount in his last retrenchments, the beauty withdraws her mouth from this object of which he is so proud. From the head of its male end to its tip, Rhea comes to finish the Viscount by titillating his glans which contracts at its limit under the caresses of her little tongue.

Feeling the blood flowing towards the extremity of the Viscount's sex, Rhea firmly grasps it to prevent it from escaping and without waiting, she wraps her lips around this glans, finally not impossible to swallow.

Feeling the hot substance that immediately invades her mouth, Rhea understands that it was more than time to take the appropriate measures or her face would not have been spared.

The self-proclaimed gourmand gently turns her tongue in her mouth to capture the full flavor of the thick sperm that is propelled by powerful successive jets. Enjoying quietly of this liquid gift without worrying about the man in front of her, she long taste the nectar that her host has just graciously offered her.

However, wishing to be penetrated without further delay, Rhea swallows the whitish substance in a single sip.

"I must tell you that your semen is a bit light for my taste. Anyway, since I hadn't eaten this morning and although it won't be enough to satisfy me, I have to admit that in addition to appreciating the taste, a second sip will contribute somewhat to fill my stomach. Enough talk! Now it's high time you inserted that beautiful sex between my thighs. Come on, His mighty Lordship, it's time to get hard again. No, don't tell me a nobleman like you would dare show ingratitude to a young girl who's just spoiled him? "

The viscount can't hold his laughter. Not only are the words of this young woman really shameless, but she has just thrown herself on the bed and now she is wiggling her little ass from right to left.

"Hahaha, you, little girl waving her croup in front of my eyes, I'll make you understand that you can't make fun of the Lassales name with impunity. Get your little ass up and you'll see if your lord is ungrateful."

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    《The travels of a Nymphomaniac》