The travels of a Nymphomaniac
15 The Colonel raises the flag.
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The travels of a Nymphomaniac
Author :Bricker
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15 The Colonel raises the flag.

The more time goes by, the happier the Viscount is that he's decided to make his beauty his wife. And with good reason: Not only does she possess the beauty that every man secretly desires, but more than that, he has never met such a hungry woman.

While pulling on the left nipple of the beauty, the muscular right arm of the tall blond man slaps once again the little white buttock of his guest, who to thank him, pushes one of her charming moans who encourages the virile man to push his glans deeper deep down to her entrails so wet, that the nobleman feels a little sorry for those who will have to clean the sheets.

As a valiant warrior with a substantial reserve of energy, the Viscount wants to speed up his comings and goings in the so welcoming and ever more humid vagina of his pleasure companion, whom he has already honoured twice.

To launch his vigorous attack and release all his sexual impulses that he is unable to contain as this young woman inspires him so much, he firmly grasps her hips.

Almost Berserk in front of her tonic little ass and her two huge breasts that swing to the rhythm of his big sex that pierces her sweet little pussy that emits obscene sounds due to the rubbing of his virile cock against her thin walls, he exerts such a vigorous thrust that under the rubbing of its stem against the labia majora of the beautiful one, the expelled cyprin by the young woman comes to cover up the totality of his torso.

Carried away by the pleasure, the Miss screams with satisfaction and her arms suddenly devoid of strength, she almost collapses face down against the pillow.

The Viscount knows that at this pace he will not be able to contain his rage in a liquid state any longer. Enclosed inside this small wet passage that contracts under his repeated assaults, he feels the desire to ejaculate rising within him at the bottom of the well of his recent fantasies.

For this finale, he lets go of his partner's soft hips, who, carried away by her well-being, screams some vulgarities to which the well-bred Noble is not accustomed.

To conclude this moment of such intense intimacy with his so desirable guest, he feels that the four-legged position will certainly not be appropriate.

Certainly, he appreciates enormously the sight of his big rod coming and going in this dilated vagina, nevertheless, as a man who has the capacities, the Viscount desires more than that.

His big cock still inserted in the young girl whom he is not a little proud of having already made come eight times, he firmly grasps her two large breasts, then takes her off the bed stained with the evidence of their union.

When he joins the back of the beautiful girl to his muscular bust of Colonel, she wiggles a little her cute little feet that can no longer reach the ground.

However, her big whim lasts only a very brief moment, because as soon as he pushes his big penis again into the depths of her small vagina with its smooth walls, she gives up all resistance to let herself go for pleasure.

Feeling that orgasm is near, the Viscount does not lose any more a moment.

Clinging to the two enormous breasts of his beautiful little playmate which he crushes with his two powerful hands, he stretches his sex to its extreme limit, pushes it until it reaches the entrance of her uterus and arches backwards.

Here comes to him the moment of bliss he's been waiting the few minutes of her last intravaginal enjoyment.

In a deluge of sperm invading the lair of the horny young woman who places her two little hands on his, the Viscount who touches heaven with his fingertips, returns to his primitive state, and positions his hands to pull on both nipples so hard, he can barely crush them.

With each spurt of semen, his powerful hands tighten a little more on the huge breasts that deform and to release his primal instincts, the male utters a long, hoarse howl that echoes through the wide corridors of his castle.

Too comfortable in the warm den of the young woman, the beautiful male, who for his own pleasure kneads her soft but firm breasts, gives a few blows to the hips that make the young woman jump against his body, but he remains in this position until he has released every last drop of his precious, thick liquid.

Soaked with sweat, with a panic-stricken heart and short of breath, the valiant warrior withdraws from the vagina of the young woman, who for a reason that only she knows, still clings to his fingers.

Even for a great warrior like him, he must admit that after seven most glorious sexual acts and as many fellatio whose beauty has gratified him, his sex begins to ask for mercy.

Fatigued, wishing to announce his surrender, the Colonel prepares to raise the white flag, but already, this greedy creature is kneeling between his thighs to restore his full virility.

"Come back here, coward! You think you can run away after just a little warm-up that's only whetted my appetite?"

A good hour had passed since its manhood began to beg for mercy. However, as much out of masculine pride as out of a desire to possess the body of the beautiful one, the Viscount intruded three more times inside this young woman who has nothing human about her.

"Lock that door and under no circumstances allow that rabid girl to leave this room."

The viscount is obviously aware of the strange look his maids are giving him, but how could a man in his social position, could he admit that, frightened by this sex-hungry creature, he has just escaped from her arms the same way a child runs away from its mother who tries to spank him.

With a small satisfied smile at the corners of his lips, the Viscount, plunged into full reflection, crosses the long corridor of his wives, goes down the stairs that lead him to the ground floor and it is only when he sees his butler that he comes back to his senses.

"His Lordship would she have had the most delicious time? I only assume so, when I see His Lordship seems to be in an excellent mood."

What kind of idiotic, meaningless words is that? This servant should learn to stay in his place, or he could know some very painful experiences.

However, it is true the viscount is in an excellent mood. This fact being quite rare, he decides to celebrate it by sparing the talkative butler the beating with a stick that he has fully deserved.

"I've decided to take young and pretty Rhea as my wife, so, I want my old wife to be the victim of an unfortunate accident after I'm gone. Whether she falls out of the window after bending over too much, misses a few steps on the stairs, or has fatal food poisoning, I don't care. However, make sure when I get back, that ugly old woman don't bother my sweet wife. Well, now, in order to regain my strength and cleanse this soiled body, I'm going to take a nice bath."

The day is still very young, but already about fifty soldiers on as many grey horses are waiting near the two luxurious carriages arranged one behind the other in the alleyway of the great castle overlooking the Velezes.

At the rear of this most striking procession is an old grey carriage in poor condition, pulled by two old horses bigger than oxen.

Unaware of the manant that this vestige of the past carries, two young women giggle in the second luxury red and black carriage.

"For whom do you think the viscount had that sublime carriage prepared in front of ours?"

The pretty green-eyed brunette waving her hands in a sign of deep disinterest, answers the little brown-eyed bung.

"I don't care, but it would seem logical that it should be for the Viscount himself. Anyway, as long as that old cow of Madame's is not on the trip, I'll be satisfied."

The little blonde nods her head as a sign of understanding. In agreement with the other concubine, she closes her overly made-up little mouth and stretches in the comfortable seat of this magnificent carriage that their lover had the delicate intention of having prepared for them. However...

"And the grey horror? Why would Our Viscount bother with such waste?"

The pretty brunette is getting tired of the girl of her age who still behaves as if she were five years old.

Without bothering to open her big green eyes, after an understandable deep sigh, she decides that next time she'll slap that idiot who prevents her from resting.

"Who cares? But since you bore me so much... Earlier I saw one of the soldiers locking the door of that carriage. So, by inference, I suppose it must have been some prisoner of some kind. Now, do not disturb me with your usual nonsense or as always, I'll slap you."

Trapped in his ugly chicken coop on four wheels, darker than the first basement from which he was just released, a handsome young man with long brown hair is kicking in the door of his prison.

How could he consent to behave obediently when his beautiful Rhea with such big breasts is waits for him somewhere in Vinos?

"Bastards in armor! If you insist on keeping me locked up, don't complain when I will kick you in the balls with my sacred boots."

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    《The travels of a Nymphomaniac》