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The travels of a Nymphomaniac
Author :Bricker
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16 Departure

Two days ago, when Rhea woke up, she was surprised to discover that she was lying naked on a bed.

Observing her breasts reddened by a few bite marks that were still slightly visible, the abundant male semen that continued to flow from her vagina and feeling her painful nipples, she began to search through her memories.

This little memory exercise took her very little time. Quickly, she remembered that delicious session during which the very large sex of the viscount would violently perforate her entrails.

Seeing again the hands of the man with such a perfect body browse her breasts and wishing ardently swallow again this sperm to taste so acrid she had enjoyed so much, she couldn't help but start stroking her already hard clitoris.

Comfortably installed on the bed, her large eyes directed towards the ceiling with one of her hands tirelessly searching her vagina and the other gently caressing her slightly sore breasts, Rhea spent a most exquisite day. And while three of her fingers were penetrating her vagina overflowing with cyprine that demanded the sex of a man, the door opened on a young maid who blushed when she discovered this uncommon scene.

"Sorry to bother you, I was just bringing your dinner."

This young maid must have been her age. A beautiful little brunette with green eyes whose evident shyness evident transpired in every gesture she made.

Under her short servant's robe, Rhea observed two adorable thin thighs that the uncomfortable young woman rubbed against each other.

The pretty little thing looked a little thin, but her bosom was generous enough to rise partially out of the neckline of her two-tone dress.

Rhea doesn't remember much about her past. To tell the truth, nothing about her is very clear to the beautiful young woman. However, she can't deny that she can't go a day without a man penetrating her.

Sometimes she makes herself ashamed. Like this time or last month, having to stay in an isolated village and wanting to feel a man creep into her, she began to suck on the old man over sixty years old who had kindly offered take her in in his house

Yes, as sad as it may be, she sometimes jumps on the first man who who has the misfortune to appear before her, and that, with the sole purpose of satisfying her somewhat exaggerated needs.

She loves men and this is a fact that she cannot deny, however, when she saw this shy little maid waddling about, Rhea, who continued to masturbate, felt the irrepressible desire to taste her.

"Come in, I won't eat you."

Of course that in front of this adorable young woman, Rhea was full of lustful thoughts and only dreamt of tearing off that unpleasant maid's outfit that covered that body still immature for its age. If that adorable little thing took even one step in that room, Rhea would devour it.


The young maid hesitated for a while. She herself is not a child and behind the closed door of her room, she also sometimes caresses herself.

If she likes to plunge her fingers into her intimacy and caress her little rosebud, on the other hand, it had never occurred to her to show herself off as this sublime young woman with long legs did.

But what choice did she have? The order to bring a very copious dinner specially prepared for this Miss, came directly from the Viscount, so, could she not enter? Of course not, she could only follow her master's orders.

Gathering her courage, she thought that all she had to do was to place the tray on the small table next to the bed and escape from this room in which an intoxicating masculine odour was still wafting.

As she had planned, the little brunette quickly moved towards the table next to the bed.

In order not to see the beautiful young woman who with one hand spread his labia majora wide open and with the other, masturbating, and whose gaze she felt resting on her, the maid walked with her head tilted towards the floor.

Fortunately, the distance between the door and this table was not to exceed twenty feet.

The young maid quickly put down her tray, but the moment she turned to run away, she felt someone grab her wrist.

The young maid didn't know the identity of the person whose wet hand violently pulled her backwards. Carried away by the young woman's great strength, and unbalanced, the young maid collapsed into her lap.

No sooner was she sitting on the young woman's legs than a hand grabbed her chin and turned her head back. The young maid didn't have time to protest, that a tongue that had just slipped into her mouth was already looking for hers.

A little shocked by the action of this Miss, a little panicked, but unconsciously wrapping her tongue around that of the beautiful young woman whose other hand penetrated her cleavage, the maid rebelled slightly, however, the sweetness of the kiss of this young miss confusing her thoughts, and she forgot to protest.

When the vicious little hand freed her two breasts, the young maid wiggled a little, but when the other hand that came to take her gently by the waist, the young maid gave up any desire to fight.

At least that was the case until, on the doorstep, one of her elder shocked by the scene of two women engaging in such unnatural acts, began to scream.

"Bastards in armor! If you insist on keeping me locked up, don't complain when I will kick you in the balls with my sacred boots."

Rhea stops her steps. That voice, how could she not know which filthy creature she belongs to? Isn't it that pig who sold her like she was a piece of furniture or a dog?

She directs her gaze towards the wheeled garbage can in which this horrible monk must probably be locked up and satisfied by the fate reserved for the cretin, followed by a pretty shy looking brown maid, Rhea cheerfully continues her way forward.

"Who is that ugly bitch who is so proud to show off her monstrous cow udders?"

"Why does the whore enter the beautiful carriage reserved for Our Viscount?"

"You whore, get down from there right now. This noble carriage is no cart for the women of the brothel."

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    《The travels of a Nymphomaniac》