The travels of a Nymphomaniac
17 A passionate fis
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The travels of a Nymphomaniac
Author :Bricker
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17 A passionate fis

Why does she have the very unpleasant impression that these odious words concern her?

Never mind, after a servant has opened the door of the luxurious carriage to her, Rhea sits on the comfortable bench of the vehicle that the Viscount has gallantly prepared for her.

She, who is not used to luxury, can't help but contemplate the interior of the carriage more comfortable than any inn she has ever stayed in.

As she slips her hand between the thighs of the beautiful young maid she has claimed to her devoted Viscount, Rhea begins to contemplate what she will do later on.

Travelling to the Capital in the best conditions cannot be refused, however, once there, as good a lover as the Viscount can be, she doesn't intend to stay with him.

A man is only good at giving pleasure, without forgetting that he represents for her only a source of information coupled with a practical means of transportation.

The Capital is still far away and she has a long time before projecting herself towards tomorrow. No, it's not there yet. For the moment, she must take advantage as much as she can of the moments of freedom that are offered to her.

Reflecting on her future, Rhea doesn't forget the shy young beauty who sits next to her and doesn't dare to move. Slowly, her hand slides along the so sweet thigh of Lola.

Knowing very well what her new mistress expects of her, the beautiful brunette who spent the night next to her, opens her thighs to facilitate access to her intimacy.

Caressing these tender thighs, which still look slightly immature and a little thin, excites Rhea so much that she doesn't hurry things up. Smiling when she hears the adorable little moans while her fingers inadvertently wander off in the middle of her little cotton panties, Rhea lets her finger describe circles around the clitoris which is drawn through the fabric.

Using her index finger, she spreads her thin white panties. The underwear no longer obstructing the vagina of the beautiful woman in charge of serving her, Rhea caresses the small inflated clitoris of the young woman, who since their first shared caresses, offers herself very willingly to her.

With her back glued against the wall of her coach, Rhea spread her thighs to allow Lola to come and sit against her breasts. Feeling her young maid trembling, her right hand doesn't let go of her beautiful breast which she takes great pleasure in gently palpating, but to reassure her even more, Rhea kisses her tenderly in the neck.

"Spread your thighs a little more and calm down. If you're relaxed, your pleasure will be even more intense."

As the obscene sounds intensify when the maid spreads her thighs, to allow her young lover to relax, Rhea's index finger starts teasing her pretty nipple.

In order to take advantage of the show in which she is one of the protagonists, Rhea shifts her head a little. Now able to see the extremely dilated little pussy of the beautiful one in which three of her fingers slowly penetrate, Rhea smiles widely.

Without forcing, so as not to hurt Lola whose increasingly intense moans have already alerted the guards to what's going on inside the carriage, Rhea slowly inserts her fingers between the labia majora which little by little, allow her full access to the intimacy of the beautiful sweat-soaked brunette.

Running into the warm and soaked walls of her juice but still too contracted from the sweet little pussy of her maid, Rhea continues her slow back and forth to the bottom of the young woman whose tears of pleasure fall down to her beautiful breasts.

Rhea's patience is soon rewarded. After this long work of preparation, the walls of the little pussy relax very widely and Rhea takes the opportunity to slip a fourth finger.


The hips of the maid who screams in the carriage, rise with pleasure. They describe small circles going from right to left. Her young wife turns her head and, still desiring more love, she puts her mouth on the lips of her young and pretty mistress.

The contact of her tongue, dried out by the countless cries she has made, resting on Rhea's, still doesn't satisfy her, so, although this hand that penetrates completely inside her deprives her of her breath, she throws herself on her mistress' huge breasts and after having stuck them together, she pulls on her hardened nipples and sucks them with her tongue.

Rhea observes with great excitement her wrist soaked with cyprin which has completely sunk into the young pussy of her maid. In the wet cavity that accepts her completely, Rhea turns her fist gently from right to left and vice versa. Sucked by the big lips of the beautiful maid which stick to her wrist which comes out of the gaping intimacy, Rhea takes her hand down towards the entrance of this cave which spreads out a little more.

When she wants to feel the comfort of her lover's interior again, Rhea dives back into the burning entrails of the beautiful brunette and looks tenderly at her pretty maid. According to her, this view of a young beauty, carried away by the lust that so greedily suckles her breasts, must be worth all the gold in the world. Almost in love, she leans over to Lola and puts a tender kiss on the forehead of the maid who is too exhausted to return her act of love.

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    《The travels of a Nymphomaniac》