The travels of a Nymphomaniac
18 Little night to socialize. Part1
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The travels of a Nymphomaniac
Author :Bricker
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18 Little night to socialize. Part1

Protected by men in arms, between shock and tiring rocking, the magnificent carriage of Rhea slowly pursued the few soldiers in front of it.

With Viscount Lassale at its head, the small procession, which encountered no major obstacles on its way, only reached the base of the Velezes chain at nightfall.

When the moons brutally chased away the suns, Rhea quickly drew the velvet curtain of her vehicle.

Not a minute had passed since the darkness had set in and yet, already, they was there.

Wandering through the fields along the little dirt road that led Rhea at that Baron's house where she was supposed to spend the night, that, seeming wander aimlessly, without even knowing where they were, the Ghouls appeared one after the other, becoming master of the lands of the Kingdom of Visgon.

Her long bent legs, ready to leap out of the coach at any moment, Rhea, who had been able to retrieve her sexy battle outfit and her two thin swords, continued to watch them with some apprehension.

Sometimes ignoring the beings nearby and sometimes rushing towards human beings more than a mile away from them, having often slept under the starry sky of this world, she knew too well the senseless behaviour of these things not to be suspicious.

Soon surrounded by these nocturnal creatures, after a noisy neighing intended to frighten them, the combat horses, accustomed to meeting these monsters, began to gallop in the direction of the castle which would provide shelter for all for the night.

After enjoying a hearty meal of freshly caught fish in a nearby lake, Rhea follows Baron Clen and his wife into a cosy little lounge in order to as the noblemen like to say, 'socializing'. In order to adapt to their beautiful guest who ignores the rule of the most entertaining games in which members of the nobility and more generally those of high society usually participate, the pretty forty year old woman proposes a card game whose rule is not complicated.

"Miss Rhea! As you can see, like this I lay the deck, that way, down face against the table in order to

none of us can discern a single card. At each round, you, Viscount Lassale, my husband and I will each draw one of the cards and the one with the smallest card in his hand, is the loser."

The rules are indeed very simple to remember, almost childish. The beautiful woman leaves her armchair to join the sides of Rhea whose eyes sweep across this beautifully decorated living room.

"I propose that we start without waiting for the first round. Let everyone draw his card."

Rhea leaves the luxurious translucent crystal chandelier and throws her hand towards the deck spread out on the small pink marble table.

Her card in her possession, to make sure no one sees it, she holds it discreetly against her large breasts.

Distrustful and wishing that no one would know her deck, only after making sure that none of her three opponents are spying on her, she places it in front of her eyes.

A ten? A little disappointed at first, she reassures herself by convincing herself that among the other three players, at least one of them will have picked a card inferior to hers.

With his devastating smile, the Viscount is the first to reveal what he was hiding against his muscular thigh.

"I'm afraid I'm not the loser, because in his wisdom, fate has made me the possessor of a King."

At this presumptuous announcement, Rhea's heart quickens. However, when Baron Clen laughs as he waves his card in full view of everyone, Rhea, who hates to lose, feels despair overwhelming her.

"Dear Viscount! If you are the lucky King of this round, fate certainly has its reasons for making me the Ace who will lead each of you."

Perhaps it's for the sake of female solidarity? It is also possible that it was to reassure her or simply to encourage her, but the Baron's wife puts a languorous kiss in Rhea's neck.

Rhea who appreciates the feeling of this sexy, mature woman's lips against her skin does not push her away. On the contrary, she tilts her head to the side to let her soft tongue slide down to the nape of her neck.

Reveling in the tongue that leaves her neck to gradually descend towards her corsage, Rhea feels a trickle of warm liquid spreading between her thighs.

The sight of the two beautiful women so complicit, the two men who have been waiting for this moment, take off their stretched sex from their pants became too small for them.

Faced with the two men muscular caressing their big sex by looking at her, Rhea, who is anything but stupid, quickly understands that she is the unfortunate victim of a diabolical conspiracy set up by lecherous nobles.

However, no matter how lecherous these people may be, Rhea knows that in this particular field, she won't lose to anyone.


Inside the silent room that only the crackle of a chimney fire disturbs, understanding that the young woman is open to her impulses, the beautiful noble woman continues her sensual caresses.

As soon as this Miss with the devastating body penetrated her home, the noble woman wanted to discover how impressive her two breasts which overflow from this tight outfit, can be.

Excited by the sight of the males masturbating while watching her take care of this docile young woman, the mature woman decides that waiting any longer would only hinder the pleasure to come.

Seeing the Rhea's two oversized breasts compressed by her increasingly panting leather armour who already overwhelmed by pleasure rise and down at a rapid rhythm, the beautiful woman removes her mouth from her almost childlike skin and inserts her right hand into her tempting corsage.

The Baron's wife attempt to capture one of her very soft and massive breasts in her little hand, but her warrior's outfit that sticks to her skin does not allow her to move freely.

Understanding that she will not get anywhere that way, she leaves this full corsage but which forbids access to those who would like to caress one of the private areas of this beautiful Miss.

In order not to encounter any more obstructions, the beautiful woman puts her hands on this solid-looking garment, then, wanting to free these enormous two breasts from their prison of fabrics, she vigorously pulls on the corsage.

When the two big breasts, objects of her fantasies of the evening, leap out of the warrior's outfit, she recedes slightly in front of the impressive size of these two masses of pulpit surmounted by pretty little pink nipples from which a few drops of sweat flow.

Once her surprise was over, the mature woman in too much of a hurry to devour them, throws herself avidly on the two young hills whose already erected summits are slightly damp.

Not caring about her advanced age, the mature woman lies on Rhea's thighs and her hand grasping Rhea's beautiful breast, she's reaching down. Her mouth pressed against her perfectly round nipple, she sets out in quest to be breastfed by the young woman who begins to moan with pleasure.

Her other hand busy lifting the other breast very heavy to estimate the weight, but having great difficulty estimating the mass of this enormous breast that overflows out of her hand far too small to hold it she it back to the height of the first. Wanting to discover what effect do two breasts so heavy that collide together, she stops sucking the drool-soaked nipple and takes it firmly to the side to slaps it violently against its twin.

Sitting on their pleasant armchairs decorated with Lily flowers, symbol of the nobility of this great Kingdom, a high quality alcohol in one hand, their sex in the other, the two men are giving each other the knowing glance.

As the host of what promises to be a most successful evening, Baron Clen raises his glass to the man he considers a friend.

"You are a lucky man, Viscount. If owning such a gem is every man's fantasy, six lives are usually not too many to acquire it. Therefore, as a true friend, would you allow me to estimate the quality of your treasure?"

The Viscount's face has just turned a revealing deep red.

Having been too carried away by the passion of the two women, he couldn't control his excitement, and feeling his sperm rising to his glans, he answers the Baron very quickly before to eject a large quantity of semen onto the precious tissue of the chair.

"For sure! Let's socialize all night, and tomorrow, the time of separation having come, we'll be more friends than ever."

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    《The travels of a Nymphomaniac》