The travels of a Nymphomaniac
19 Little night to socialize. Part2
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The travels of a Nymphomaniac
Author :Bricker
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19 Little night to socialize. Part2

Until now, at least as far back as she remembers, Rhea had never had more than one sexual partner at a time.

Her eyes directed towards the beautiful woman who takes pleasure in slapping her two huge breasts against each other, she is surprised when a big hand grabs her by the chin.

The tall man with hungry eyes, raises her chin quickly until it is less than two inches away from his sex erected from which, a drop of pre-ejaculatory fluid is already flowing.

Leaning backwards in his comfortable armchair right in front of the sofa where Rhea is sitting, the Baron who enjoys the show, masturbates with enthusiasm his thick sex.

This beautiful cock that has already ravaged her so many times, jumps and without Rhea being able to prepare herself for it, she feels the abundant spurt of her lover's hot cum diffuse over her face.

In order not to spoil the delicious liquid that flows along her face and ends up on her breasts, Rhea doesn't waste a second to stick out her little tongue to enjoy this nourishing substance she is crazy about.

"Let me clean you up, little girl."

A man's touch is nice, but when the beautiful mature woman starts her cleansing session by gently licking her face to remove the thick, masculine-smelling sperm that's starting to drive her crazy, Rhea melts completely.

The tongue of a mature woman is so soft. From her cheeks, to her little nose, lingering on her lips where they both exchange the Viscount's sperm when Rhea takes out her little tongue, to her neck, the young woman lost in a rare well-being, feels her little pussy eject a powerful jet of cyprin.

Rhea understands what an expert this noble woman is when it comes to taking care of other women's bodies, when, without even remove her lips from her skin, she travels from her neck to her breasts for the sole purpose of cleansing them.

Certainly more to please herself than to complete her work, the mature woman takes the girl's right breast with both hands and presses it forcefully, to make it easier for her to put it in her mouth.

In front of the two men jerking off faster and faster while watching her get breast-fed a woman who could be her mother, Rhea feels her pussy pulsating so much that it sends small electric shocks in her lower belly.

"Leaving those two huge udders like that would be the greatest sacrilege of all. Little girl, have you ever tried to get milked?"

Hearing the question she doesn't understand the meaning of, Rhea who had just closed her eyes to enjoy the sensation to breast-fed someone much older than her, opens them with surprise.

However, her surprise is quickly eclipsed when she feels someone lifting her buttocks to pull up her short skirt.

"Miss Rhea, would you allow me to insert myself between your pretty labia majora?"

Was that question really necessary? For more than two minutes the Baron has been rubbing his big dick against her wet vagina which palpitates and throws small jets of love juice in the hope to be made penetrate.

To grant his request, Rhea opens her small mouth, but the Viscount is faster than she is.

Surprised, Rhea panics when his huge glans forces her small lips and teeth to separate.

Completely spread out in the luxurious black sofa, she contracts and wants to straighten up, however, at that moment, an even bigger cock penetrates her narrow vagina.

"Your young friend is really tight, Mr Viscount. The little naughty aspirates my cock so much that I'm afraid I won't be able to maintain my gentlemanly position for hours. For sure, at this rate, it won't be long before I ejaculate inside her."

"Do, my friend. Fill her uterus as many times as you like. You are a friend and it goes without saying that I am pleased to let you defile the young vagina of my future wife. However, from what I feel when I try to insert my finger, I can tell that her little ass is even tighter. Madame Clen, may I ask you to prepare it so that I may penetrate it cleanly and without difficulty?"

Do these two males who talk about her in terms that make Rhea think she's nothing more than a sex toy, even know she's here?

Again trapped by those damn nobles closer to bandits than to well-educated people, Rhea lays her hand on the part of the sex still visible that just lodged in the back of her throat.

With the help of her tongue which turns around the Viscount's thick tool, she starts to make him enjoy her fellatio, of which she masters all the secrets.

Rhea firmly grasps the large stem of the Viscount, which, turned purple because of the large influx of blood, grows even bigger against her cheeks.

Gently letting the swollen limb slide out of her mouth, she licks it with the flat of her tongue until it lands on the burning glans.

Rhea gives a small lick on the tip from which a small amount of pre-ejaculatory fluid escapes. Licking this delight like a kitten, Rhea quickly realizes with great frustration that she has unfortunately already swallowed it all.

Desiring more of this precious and all-too-rare drink, she surrounds the viscount's glans with her thin lips and she gently sucks the warm end of the viscount's limb.

This little pleasure, however, comes to a quick end.

Already devastated by Baron Clen's big cock, which sinks deep into her innards, when a little finger crosses the entrance of her most private area, Rhea moans with pleasure and she spits out the Viscount's thick glans.

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    《The travels of a Nymphomaniac》