The travels of a Nymphomaniac
21 Playroom for adults. Part 1
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The travels of a Nymphomaniac
Author :Bricker
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21 Playroom for adults. Part 1

Barefoot, clothed only in a lace babydoll far too small to contain her huge breasts, Rhea leaves the small living room impregnated with the smell of her own body, into which two maids armed with rags and soap are already rushing.

If the burning fire of the chimney made the atmosphere of this place comfortable, the babydoll made of airy lace that reveals most of her buttocks and that rubs against her nipples, causing them to quickly erect isn't enough to warm her sweaty body.

Along the vast main corridor on the ground floor, embarrassed by the various servants whose eyes are attracted by her almost naked and frozen body, Rhea positions her arm on her body to dissimulate her breasts.

"Leave your breasts free Miss Rhea. Allow me to enjoy watching these two wonders bounce to the rhythm of your footsteps."

The request of the Baron's wife almost sounds like a disguised order. Rhea, aware that she's only a guest and somewhat excited by the situation, obeys without protest and withdraws her arm.

Certainly still unsatisfied, the Baron's wife plunges her hand into the notch of the babydoll and pulls out one of her heavy breast which she places above the fabric. Carrying out the same operation with the second one, the mature woman observes the two masses of flesh jumping slightly at each step Rhea takes for a moment and happy with the sight her young friend offers her, she smiles.

Her two huge breasts again offered for all to see, she advances silently in the dark corridor on the ground floor. Pretending to ignore the bumps that have just appeared under the satin pants of the two men, she bites her lip so as not to let out a moan when the mature woman's fingers wander between her thighs.

The castle is smaller than that of the Viscount and after having entered a spiral staircase of rough stones, Rhea begins to go down in the direction of the first basement.

The atmosphere in this place is sinister. Apart from the sound of the heels of her noble sexual partners clack against the thick steps, only a stifling silence reigns.

A little worried about where she is going, Rhea decides to to break up this atmosphere that decidedly doesn't suit her.

"Baron, are you taking me to some kind of basement bedroom?"

In answer to her question, it's a voice coming from her right that addresses to her.

"Husband, allow me to inform Miss Rhea about the practical use of what you selfishly call: your private playground."

The baron is stroking his chin. After a nod confirming his agreement, he turns to the two women.

"Do so, for I fear that if I answered the question myself, my rustic words might frighten our young sweet partner."

As a token of deep female friendship, the Baron's wife, joyful at being able to instruct the young lady, grasps her little hand.

"I can tell you, darling, because after all, in a very short time, you will be joining our privileged class. You see, in this world, the Nobility like all the elite like to possess various small motley objects. From a vase painted by a famous artist from the far north to a piece of furniture that has survived through the centuries, whether it is beautiful or not, damaged or in perfect condition, it doesn't matter. The mere fact of acquiring a piece that its neighbour will not have, makes those important people go crazy with joy.

No matter what the popular masses think or say, it is so, and these small private collections do not focus only on so-called, material property for practical or visually pretentious use.

Take our example. We have a reasonably large castle and a very large private estate, which is particularly complex to administer. As you can imagine, in order to maintain such a large area, we need qualified staff.

Only, if good employees are enough to clean a bathtub, it is quite different when they have to entertain our guests during the evenings we organize.

So I come to the usefulness of this room where we take you. Regardless of our free employees, we own a few slaves. Only, although the vendors trained them while they were in custody, the majority of them are not so good to open up or respond as best as possible to the desires of our prestigious friends.

Understand here: Their ability to sexually satisfy their playmates.

To make up for this lack of education of these rough-hewn boors, the majority of nobles therefore build a small relaxation area within their castle where they themselves take charge of educating these ignorant beggars and opening them up to new pleasures.

This is the door to the room, where, although you are not a slave, we will make sure that you are awakened to pleasures you can no longer do without. Ah, rest assured, my darling. You will be subjected to only the lightest of initiations."

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    《The travels of a Nymphomaniac》