The travels of a Nymphomaniac
22 Playroom for adults. Part2
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The travels of a Nymphomaniac
Author :Bricker
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22 Playroom for adults. Part2

The small group of four has not yet arrived at the little green door, that this one to opens itself onto a square stone room about 35 feet square.

In the center is a large, light-colored wooden table covered with a thin black mattress made of smooth material. Taking into account the chains hung on the walls, the transparent pipes and the many strange things that Rhea does not know, all fed by a magic panel, the young woman hesitates to run away from this room which for her is closer to a torture room than to a domestic playground for adults.

"Turn on the magic panel."

By order of the Baron, one of the two maids in the room runs to a large lever in the opposite direction.

When the lever is lowered, a deafening noise resounds for a few seconds in the room whose door is now closed, before giving way to a discreet hum.

"Prepare our young guest so that she can receive the alongas without difficulty."

Rhea is abandoned by the couple Clen and the Viscount, who quietly go and sit in small red velvet armchairs.

In order not to let her panic inside this horrible room, her two hands are soon delicately grabbed by the two young maids who look at her with envy.

Deciphering the expressions on their faces, Rhea relaxes a little. If a girl a little younger than she would like to take her place so much, there is no doubt that what awaits her must be a treat.

Rhea doesn't put up the slightest resistance when the young maids lead her to the wall opposite the three chairs.

As requested, Rhea takes off her useless babydoll and still obeys when one of the girls informs her that it would be more convenient that she sticks her back against the wall.

Surprised by a (Clac), feeling the cold sensation on her calf, Rhea looks down without delay.

Her gaze barely falls on a thick metal strap connected to an iron chain when a second (Clac) resounds in her ears.

The maid on her knees, a little pretty blonde girl about eighteen years old with curly-haired, who has just trapped one of her leg in the second strap, doesn't lose a moment. In order to best obey her master's orders, slowly, she lets her little fingers slide along Rhea's long leg.

At first surprised by the straps but not too worried, then taking advantage now the little hand that has just arrived at the level of her thigh, Rhea realizes only too late that her right arm has also just been strapped.

She moves her thin lips a little in protest, however, eager to let the index finger that skillfully moves up along her shaved slit do its duty, Rhea just lowers her head to observe the young maid starting to play with her pussy.

She doesn't struggle for a second when her second arm is captured. In fact, she stretches it towards the other girl to make her work easier and thus, to be able to enjoy more quickly these pleasures which are supposedly foreign to her.

Crouching between Rhea's thighs, the little blond slides one of the young woman's legs after the other to spread them apart.

With the beautiful pink vagina slightly open being now exposed to the whole assembly, the young maid briefly puts her finger on the clitoris which still hasn't deflated and suddenly, she plunges her index finger at the bottom of Rhea's pussy, which utters a small cry of contentment.

The second maid, a cute little brunette with a shy face, goes near the Baron who called her.

Too disturbed by the finger that moves more and more quickly back and forth in her sex, Rhea, whose love juice overflowing from her pussy splashes her benefactor's face, is not able to hear the content of the very brief conversation.

The blonde girl is not satisfied with her basic physiological reactions and in order to get her vagina ready for host the huge alongas, she immediately inserts two more fingers inside the little pussy already sufficiently dilated after her previous fuck session.

Rhea moans, she starts panting, sometimes she even makes little screams. Her back arches by itself, her hips go from right to left and taking pleasure in feeling the little fingers poking around in her intimacy, she feels an orgasm coming.

Invaded by a pleasure that only increases, Rhea can no longer concentrate on the young maid who steps aside for the nobles to observe her work.

In order to hold back her pleasure a little more and to enjoy one more minute, Rhea clenches her fists.

She bites her lips and thinks she can fight against her burning body a little more, but she didn't count on the stubbornness of the little blonde who, after having added her little finger in her vagina sufficiently dilated, brings her lips close to her crotch and bites her red and puffy clitoris.

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    《The travels of a Nymphomaniac》