The travels of a Nymphomaniac
23 Fever inside the belly. Part1
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The travels of a Nymphomaniac
Author :Bricker
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23 Fever inside the belly. Part1

Sitting in her armchair, the Baron's wife licks her lips.

In hearing the cries of Rhea who echo throughout the room poorly soundproofed and seeing the fist of her maid who is now completely inserted in her wet vagina and turns at the entrance to the beautiful girl's intimacy in order to dilate her pussy even more and finally plunge in her belly, the mature woman feels the desire growing in her.

Thanked with cyprine jets that come to water her pretty face, the young maid, who knows her master's impatience, pushes a little more on her fist.

Encouraged by her two increasingly viscous labia majora of the sublime blonde girl that lick the base of her wrist, the young maid, forces to insert her arm into this vagina so wet and yet so narrow.

This position is tiring. Kneeling with your back slightly bent, using all your strength with your arm pointing upwards is exhausting, but fortunately, the powerful jets of cyprine of the beautiful young woman come to refresh the forehead of the sweaty young maid.

When the young maid feels the inner walls of the small vagina contracting and relaxing several times, she smiles. Her hand sinks a little deeper into Rhea's narrow pussy, until after yet another contraction, the young maid is stunned when her wrist is literally sucked into the entrails of the beautiful one who screams when, subjected to too much pleasure, she urinates on the floor.

Refusing to leave this magnificent scene where a young woman with oversized breasts, tied up, submits to all their fantasies, the woman puts her vicious hands on the tight pants of the two noble men who, like her, contemplate this almost divine painting.

How on earth this so small vagina that he himself had difficulty penetrating be so easily accepted that a woman's wrist comes and goes inside it?

Nature and the human body are so mysterious. They still hold so many secrets, that the Viscount, in a trance in front of Rhea sticking out her tongue and shaking her head, doesn't react immediately when the hand of his friend's wife gently grasps his outstretched cock.

Coming to play here every day with his servants, although he has to admit that this girl is really very exciting, this part of the show not much interest the baron, who, jaded, yawns slightly.

Masturbating without haste the two men around her, the forty-year-old woman sketches an emotional smile.

The repeated orgasms of this delicious little girl, which slightly distort her so cute little face, unconsciously provoke in her a softening of her heart as a mother.

"Isn't she beautiful with tears in her eyes?"

How could the viscount not agree with the words so wise of the pretty woman which, with her hand, runs the entire length of his stem?

"Indeed, if I were one of those uneducated hillbillies, I would immediately go and console her with my sex."

Who is she really? Where does she come from? He even had such a hard time getting some basic information about her. Rhea, that's a very pretty name. But is it the real one?

Silent, his sex responds to the caresses of the woman who with her thumb cleans his glans of the liquid he spills before bringing the so precious bitter sperm to her sensual lips.

Being handled obediently, the Viscount watches greedily the love juice, always so abundant, who escapes from the pussy of his future wife, that mixes with her urine to finally form a large thick puddle on the stone floor.

"Baron, seeing Rhea's pussy dilate like that, inspires me. I want to see her get perforated by your very special alongas."

In agreement with his friend, the Baron, who was longing to finally enjoy some good entertainment, turns his finger up twice.

In response to this silent command, the shy brown maid, leaves her static position. Neither briskly, nor slowly but with an equal step, she opens the small green door of the room which has become less cold, and closes it again after leaving it.

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    《The travels of a Nymphomaniac》