The travels of a Nymphomaniac
24 Fever inside the belly. Part2
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The travels of a Nymphomaniac
Author :Bricker
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24 Fever inside the belly. Part2

With her delicate arms stretched out to the sides and her long legs largely spread on which a flow of semi-translucent liquid flows out, Rhea doesn't even have the strength to pant anymore.

Without ever slowing down her crazy pace, the young blond maid who penetrates her with her entire forearm, exercises wide rotations around her wrist and having finally reached the entrance of the uterus of the scarlet-faced beauty, she moves even more wildly without arms inside the soft-walled vagina which continues to enlarge.

Breathless, her head falling to the ground, saliva continuously dripping from her dry lips and her vagina hotter than ever, Rhea wants to beg her executioners to show some mercy.

Between two screams of pleasure and two drips of drool dripping on her breasts, she tries to formulate her complaint, but only a few incomprehensible grunts reach the three people concerned.

In despair, trying to defeat the pleasure of the huge limb sinking deeper and deeper into her pussy, Rhea wants to try her luck again, but she is cut off by the squeaking sound of the little door that opens.


"By all the Gods! Have you gone mad, Baron? Rhea's vagina will never be able to accommodate a thing of this size!"

To stop his angry friend's words, the Baron shakes his hands in front of him. He turns his gaze towards his maid and then, as a connoisseur, he looks at Rhea's very dilated pussy.

"Trust me a little. This is only the size 2 model. As narrow as she was originally, I assure you that your future wife could easily accept the size 3 model. See for yourself and I guarantee you that after this initiation session, she will ask you for you to have one made for her everyday use. For my part, this is not the moment from our little entertainment that I expect the most.

Viscount, that's between us and see no offence but, since that I firmly grabbed her breasts and crushed her nipples between my fingers, I've been dreaming of only one thing: To see her two enormous udders subjected to my most intensive treatment. Unfortunately, and note that I regret this, you are leaving tomorrow. However, we will still be able to watch those two giant mountains undergo some of the most exciting abuse."


Ignorant of these few dialogues, Rhea suddenly regains enough energy to try to pull on the mithril chains that hold her arms firmly apart.

Completely panicked, she tries to shake them off, but the two metal links leave her so little room for manoeuvre that Rhea is unable to use more than a tenth of her strength.

More and more distraught as the brunette maid approaches her, holding a large silver platter in her hands, between fear and pleasure, Rhea forgets herself along the arm of the young blonde maid.

Thighs soaked, again panting, her eyes not being able to discern what is in front of her, she nevertheless hears the noise of the large tray that the brown maid has just put on the ground.


"See the bracelets that my servant just equipped, Viscount? They are bracelets of strength. They allow whoever wears them to multiply their strength by four for a duration that depends on their initial strength. As for my young servant, she can equip these bracelets only for a short period ranging from thirty to, at best, thirty five minutes. After that, it will take her no less than a week to recover the excess energy expended in such a short period of time."

The Viscount, too busy guessing what this object is made of, which his friend boasts to have paid no less than 52 gold coins, he only moderately takes advantage of the mouth that skillfully runs the length of his wide, hot sex.

"If that's really the case... Baron, would you be so kind as to allow me to insert it into Rhea when your young maid will no longer have enough energy left?"

The Baron laughs cheerfully, then he taps the powerful shoulder of his old academy companion.

"I was just about to propose it to you. However, with your stamina and if you ever think of putting on the bracelets, be very careful, for if you play too much and don't pay attention, your future wife may end up dying of pleasure. By 'dying of pleasure', I mean dehydrated and exhausted, but aren't those annoying little side effects part of successful copulation?"


Her partially returned vision, Rhea, tetanized by fear, sees the young blonde maid extend an aberration to her accomplice with great difficulty.

A half-soft metal object, very long, extremely wide and which emits a humming due to its intense vibrations.

The shiny and smooth thing, with a shape resembling the sex of an erect man, minus the glans, twists violently in all directions.

Rhea, fearing that she has understood where this diabolical object must end up, shakes her thin hips as much as she can.

This stupid maid, doesn't she understand what she is trying to say or is she just pretending to ignore her message?

Unable to speak, under the enthusiastic applause of the three impatient nobles to attend the beginning of the much desired show, Rhea opens her eyes wide when something enormous, icy, agitated, hard and supple, slips into the entrance of her labia majora that vibrate to the rhythm of the thing that the pretty maid is trying to penetrate inside her.

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    《The travels of a Nymphomaniac》