The travels of a Nymphomaniac
25 Starting the milking machine. Part1
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The travels of a Nymphomaniac
Author :Bricker
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25 Starting the milking machine. Part1

Despite wearing the two bracelets of strength, the young maid has difficulty maintaining the enormous alongas that wriggles like a worm.

"Baron, how can this thing made of metal be so supple? Apart from that, how is it possible that it vibrates so much?"

This little sex toy may have cost him a fortune, but this union of magic and rare metals was really worth getting those treasure coins out from the treasure of his castle.

The Baron turns his eyes away from Rhea's vagina, almost deformed by the huge object trying to make its way through her entrails, while producing an unprecedented amount of cyprin to accommodate his precious treasure.

With a small victorious smile on the corner of his lips, he raises his hairless chin and proudly starts to boast.

"My dearest friend. This alongas is not a simple sex toy as you have seen during our many socializing evenings. Inside this jewel are four large Senide stones. These extremely rare stones, coming from a distant Eastern kingdom, have a very interesting property to note.

In their natural state, they form a compact block that is no different from iron or other metals, but once the block is broken, these stones begin to repel each other violently. In order not to come into contact with each other, these stones shake, wiggle, vibrate, jump, and when isolated in a closed container, they can only constantly struggle to stay away from their counterparts.

Now, let's talk about this metal container that is currently trying to penetrate the slit so welcoming of your future wife. It is basically just a simple silver sex toy. However, after a magician has enchanted it with some kind of spell, this metal with solid properties has become as flexible as one of those whores found in the best brothels of the Capital.

To conclude: Take this stones, put them in this enchanted solid sex toy and you get this little gem that's a bit expensive, but that turns the coldest of women into the worst sex-hungry bitch.

I was going to omit to tell you that my maid has impregnated the whole length of this alongas with a very powerful aphrodisiac cream. You can also confirm this for yourself by observing at the previously tense face of the beautiful Rhea, who now relaxes quickly.

You, the servant girl who doesn't do anything with her hands. For my good pleasure, turn on the milking machine. I want to see those huge indecent udders being sucked out by my recent acquisition."

Less than a minute ago, Rhea thought she was going to lose her life when that monstrous alongas forced the entrance of her vagina and obliged it to distend itself in a completely disproportionate way.

She had the feeling that under the pressure exerted by this object, whose diameter must be larger than her thigh, her body would end up opening in two.

In an attempt to adapt to this metal monster vibrating against her clitoris on the verge of exploding, her body responded by generating a massive quantity of love juice that her pussy, which had become a bottomless pit, was spitting in all directions.

Now drunk with pleasure, Rhea tilts her head back. With her eyes rolling back, she tries to catch her breath, but driven mad by this huge alongas wiggling at the entrance of her vagina, that vibrates against her too swollen clitoris and pulls her labia majora apart ready to tear, she's drooling on her chin and she makes deafening screams.


The blond maid knows that she won't be able to use this object for very long. Two minutes have already passed since she knelt between the thighs of this beautiful young woman who covers her face with her acidic juice.

Victim of the many jets of high-pressure love juice expelled by the sublime young woman's pussy, her hair is soaked, she has trouble keeping her eyes open, but appreciating the taste coming from this young vagina that will soon give in to the assaults of the metal object, she takes pleasure in licking her lips as often as she can.

The young maid, momentarily forgets her duty. She brings her little mouth close to the crotch of the beautiful Miss with huge breasts and swallows with joy the powerful spurt of feminine liquid that she is offered.

Her lips dripping of the so delicious liquid, she remembers the goal she has to fulfil and not wishing to be punished, the young blond with little breasts, pushes harder on the alongas that twists between the beautiful's big labia majora and after a violent jolt, slightly crosses the entrance of Rhea's vagina.

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    《The travels of a Nymphomaniac》