The travels of a Nymphomaniac
28 A fascinating show. Part2
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The travels of a Nymphomaniac
Author :Bricker
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28 A fascinating show. Part2

Although a bit reticent to remove his fingers from such beautiful breasts, the Baron, who according to him is the only one with the authority to hang the metal overpressure rings around the beautiful girl's swollen nipples, resolves to let go of the too long udders, that dangle slightly toward the ground.

His right hand grasps what might look like an open earring, which he approaches one of Rhea's nipples.

He puts the metal overpressure ring at the base of the big udder which from time to time expels a stream of milk to the ground, then he closes it around the extremity of the young woman in a trance.

Considering that the beautiful girl's nipples are originally small, the Baron is not too surprised that the ring doesn't tighten her udder, but he is not worried and already, after grabbing the second one, he performs the same operation as with the first one.

To be sure that the desired effect will be optimum, he simultaneously pushes both the metal overpressure rings to the extreme limit of the base of Rhea's nipples and considering that his little rings are well arranged, he presses a very small button on the side.

When she feels an incredible pressure exerted on her nipples, Rhea, whose pussy is being ravaged by the enormous metal object that tries to reach her belly, opens her beautiful blue eyes again.

Fighting against the fatigue that has taken over her entire body submitted to too much pleasure, she tilts her face forward.

The first thing she discerns when her eyes look down, is the baron's head, which is very close to hers.

Although she struggles not to come, feeling the long, hard object squirming in her pussy, she knows that if she lingers on the man staring at her with envy, she won't be able to observe what is really troubling her.

Rhea, whose drool continually drips from her mouth, clenches her teeth and continues to lower her head, until she sees with horror, her two adorable little nipples became two monstrous long udders, that hang down toward the ground.

As she sees the two little rings tightening very slowly around her nipples, Rhea is suddenly panic-stricken, but someone probably trying to calm her down, pushes his tongue into her mouth and puts his finger against her clitoris ready to explode.

The person kisses him tenderly. This tongue that plays with hers is so soft, so full of saliva, so refreshing for her mouth so dry from screaming too much.

Bringing a bit of softness to her vagina pounded by the metal device, the finger of the person who lovingly pinches her clitoris, makes her somewhat forget her anguish related to her indecent udders.

The mouth of his benefactor separates from hers, then she comes to whisper in her ear.

"Rest assured, sweetheart, I've got what it takes to return your nipples to their original lovely shape."

The Viscount is angrily watching his good friend so intimate with his wife.

Perhaps this old comrade has understood that his mood is not the best because already the Baron moves his face away from the young woman who has regained her calm and he turns towards him.

"My old friend, you must know that although I am only a modest Baron, I am fortunate enough to own a large estate that abounds in riches. Mithril and diamond mines, and my peasants have recently discovered an emerald one. Although it sounds pretentious to admit it, I must admit that I am a lucky man whose wealth has nothing to envy the greatest Dukes of our Kingdom.

If I'm talking to you about this right now, it's as much in the expectation that my metal overpressure rings are properly in place and because I know that you, on the other hand, are riddled with debts.

I won't use unnecessary words to come to my proposal. I am offering you the indecent sum of sixty-five thousand gold coins to give me your future wife. I easily conceive that to lose such a jewel won't be easy, but in addition to repaying your contractings, you'll be able to live in a certain opulence from now on."

More surprised than angry by this proposal to which he would never have expected, the Viscount remains for a moment speechless.

Thinking in spite of himself of this golden sum which seems almost unreal, he enters into a deep reflection. His military pay is not at all shiny and, as a nobleman, he must often socialise. These evenings of debauchery cost him real fortunes, fortunes that he does not possess.

He managed to maintain the west wing of his castle as well as the first floor of the east wing, however, the second and third floors of this same wing are now only ruins where rats, bats and birds cohabit in harmony.

As for his two magnificent carriages that he bought for the pomp , will he even be able to pay for them before his death?

To be noble to his advantages but the prestige linked to this rank expensive cost and unfortunately, to show oneself too much in front of others to restore one's family coat of arms, one ends up eating vegetable soup.

Sixty-five thousand gold coins... After paying off his debts and restoring his castle, it is true that he could live very comfortably.

The Viscount's gaze turns to the beautiful Rhea which today is no longer his possession. However, possession or name, however beautiful and hot she may be, this young woman is only a girl of the people over whom, as a nobleman, he has the right of life or death.

A little reluctantly, but knowing that he does so in the name of all the Lassale, when the Viscount's eyes regain their luminosity, he reaches out toward his friend.

"My friend, you'll be better able than me to draw the full potential from her hot body, so I wish you the most exciting days, because Rhea is yours."

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    《The travels of a Nymphomaniac》