The travels of a Nymphomaniac
29 A fascinating show. Part3
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The travels of a Nymphomaniac
Author :Bricker
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29 A fascinating show. Part3

The Baron, very happy, observes the magnificent creature that is now his and friendly, he puts his hand on his friend's shoulder.

"My, friend, as soon as our little play session is over, I shall ask you to leave my castle, for from tonight I shall begin to subdue this young beauty of strong character. I can assure you that in less than five days she will not be able to act without asking my permission and will spend her time begging me to give her my sex. Well, now it's time to milk my new wife."

On hearing these words, the present wife of the Baron, who does not have the title of Baroness, sighs. She has been preparing for this moment for a long time and although she is not really delighted to be in second place, she cannot deny that this beautiful young girl is adorable.

Still shocked by his friend's words, which are nothing more and nothing less than an invitation to leave his house once the evening is over, the Viscount finds it very difficult to calm the anger that rises inside him.

The Baron doesn't care much about the little worries of these two people and when he hears the little (click), produced by the metal overpressure rings that have just taken their final position and are now compressing the base of Rhea's nipples, he screams towards the little brown maid.

"Quickly, bring the suction cups."

Rhea feels the base of her nipples compressed to excess, so she lowers her head again. Discovering the rings that crush the base of her nipples until they shrink by two thirds but whose end which does not cease to grow, her mouth which opens to call for help, tenses up when a current of wellbeing that she had never yet experienced, spreads in her breasts which have more than doubled in size.

The sensation she feels is so good. Much more intense than when she lets go of her long cyprin jets. Even better than when a big sex violently stuffs her continuously and comes to stick against her uterus to spit it semen deep inside her.

Rhea, who feels an enormous pressure going up inside the two gigantic breasts that she finds hard to realize belong to her, suddenly throws her head back and screams with pleasure.

Under the violent pressure exerted by the rising liquid and helped by the metal overpressure rings that compress the base of her nipples, under the Viscount's amazed eyes, the two long udders straighten.

While he can observe that Rhea's body is so tense that the longas can no longer make its way inside her, after a violent jolt that makes the udders twitch under pressure, they release a powerful jet of milk that never stops coming out of the end of her slightly open nipples.

"You idiot girl, do you want to waste that drink I like so much? Don't be useless this time, and see to it that the suction cups are properly prepared so that I can quickly place them on the large udders of my so beautiful young wife.

In any case my dear Viscount, I say it again and I insist on this point: This pussy is a prodigy of nature. I can assure you I've seen all talls and varieties in this room and yet never before have I seen one that juiced as much as hers. Um, I do believe I'm a very lucky man. Yes, very lucky indeed."

Proud enough that the beautiful one with the miraculous vagina is now his, the baron caresses one of Rhea's breasts and smiles mockingly in the direction of his old friend.

Devastated to have to give in this young woman with the perfect body to this man who today annoys his more and more, the viscount sighs. He looks once again at the beautiful young woman he wanted to marry and thinks of his old wife who today must have died in some accident.

Uncomfortable in her little short black dress soaked by sticky juice regularly offered to her by the beautiful young woman attached, which as now when she is on her knees, reveals her little bushy croup, the pretty young blond maid decides that it's no longer time for failed to the penetration of the alongas and that it's more than time to force her way into this very narrow vagina.

"Excuse me, Miss, but I must quickly you put it in the bottom or my master will punish me. Clench your teeth if you feel the need because your vagina is really so small that you will certainly feel your insides tear away."

The words are barely uttered when the blond Maid, whose left hand had previously been placed under the base of the alongas, pushes the metal object with all her might into Rhea's narrow vagina.

The still abundant juice flowing over the enormous metal tube, which vibrates and twists in all directions, does not make the task easy for the young maid, whose right hand is constantly slipping along the enormous metal tube.

To the sound of Rhea's screams, where pain and pleasure caused by the alongas she forcibly inserts into her, merge, and its two swollen nipples that constantly contract to eject large amounts of milk, tear the eardrums of the young maid.

Refusing to give up for fear of being inflicted blows often too violent for her frail body to endure them and although the beautiful face of this miss subjecting to the torture of this enormous object that tears her vagina, makes her sad she clenches her teeth, holds the alongas as much as she can and continues to push the object into the drooling little pussy that opens slowly under the continuous, pressure she exerts.

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    《The travels of a Nymphomaniac》