The travels of a Nymphomaniac
30 A fascinating show. Last par
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The travels of a Nymphomaniac
Author :Bricker
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30 A fascinating show. Last par

Although he no longer wants this man, whom he considers a rival for the time being, to stay close to his new wife, the Baron, who is too proud of him, cannot help but put himself forward.

"Be honest with me, my friend, and dare to tell me this is not the most sublime show you have ever seen?"

Not knowing what to say or how to behave, the Viscount can only look at the magnificent scene before him with his exorbited eyes.

Already addicted to the vision of the enormous alongas which gradually sinks into Rhea's tiny pussy, which at this moment is so dilated that he could easily slide his muscular forearm into it, the Viscount regrets all the more to part with this slut with huge tits who knew how to make him cum without stopping.

The thin membranes of the labia majora of his vagina seem to slide so easily along the metal tube, that, both very angry, but also, eager to make this disproportionate thing enter himself into the depths of Rhea, the Viscount pushes the man close to him and takes two quick steps forward.

The Baron smiles as he reads his friend's despair on his face and and not worrying too much about having been pushed aside so abruptly, suffering a little so much his big stiff sex hasn't been emptied for too long, he takes the suction cups that his cute little assistant has cleverly prepared.

To make sure that the little brown maid has done her job properly, the Baron runs his fingers over the contour of each suction cup, then seeing no major problems, he places them so that his wife's long udders penetrates well into the centre of the pipe.

Offended that lost his beautiful Rhea, With a kick, the Viscount pushes the young blond maid to the ground without so much as batting an eye and is about to kneel down.

Once again, amazed by this enormous alongas always stuck in Rhea's vagina, who in addition to vibrating, twists in all directions and continues its ascent very slowly towards the entrance of her uterus, he remains standing, not knowing what to do.

Charmed by the drooling labia majora in constant contraction from which also flow a few drops of urine, which seem to lick the object that now makes Rhea cry with pleasure, the Viscount smiles distractedly and without noticing it, he carries his hand to his big sex erected towards the ceiling.

"You useless girl, ignore programs 1 and 2 and go straight to program 3."

Only when he hears this traitor, that the viscount is losing his temper, who had just returned.

Still furious, keeping in tune with the noisy milking machine that's starting to heat up, he gets down on his knees, grabs the alongas. Without thinking too much about where the object is inserted which, when he grasps it in his hand, makes his arm vibrate, using his warrior strength, he inserts it violently into the cunt of the pretty young woman whose body is suddenly shaken by a few spasms.

The object thicker than his forearm abruptly penetrates the young woman whose back is so arched backwards that it could break at any moment.

Accompanying a long stream of urine mixed with cyprin that flows down his arm, The wild cries of vicious slut, prisoner and submissive to his that resonate throughout the room, incites him to initiate a series of extremely fast and brutal comings and goings in Rhea's little pussy, whose juice is projected more than 13 feet in front of her and to her sides.

To the sound of sounds more like of a meat that you open in two with your knife and fork than that of a woman that you penetrate with your dick, the Viscount berserk, devastates the so pretty little Rhea who enjoys repeatedly and whose consciousness escapes little by little.

The milking machine slows down a bit. Its initially deafening noise only covered by Rhea's screams of pleasure, who cry so much her pleasure cannot be measured, is now only a discrete suction murmur sound.

Interpelled by the sudden change of atmosphere inside this room that has become damp, the Viscount who temporarily removed the object of Rhea's vagina to insert his forearm, looks up.

Can a woman produce that much milk?

The Viscount observes with great attention the two breasts of Rhea being sucked by the suction cups which contract and retract at a rapid rate.

A part of their white skin and their purple and swollen extremities sucked by the milking machine extend more than seven inches, until they penetrate the glass pipe and spit out an abundant white liquid, which slide down the pipe and disappears in a large hermetically sealed metal vat.

Captivated by the sight of this exceptional beauty whose the soaked, oversized udders and distorted in their length, do not stop producing milk for a moment, the Viscount wildly penetrates the alongas in her pussy overflowing with juice without even thinking about it.

His powerful arm pushes the alongas deep into the beautiful one who cries with happiness and spits when she wants to talk, until accidentally, he overtakes the preys of her uterus and penetrates it entirely.

In love with the enormous breasts of Rhea, now completely deformed by the suction cups that pull them forward, the Viscount forgets to carry out his violent back and forth in the lair of the beautiful one.

Stuck at the entrance to her uterus, the monstrous metalic object, which is lingering in her pussy and uterus, still vibrates so intensely and wiggles, sometimes from left to right, sometimes from front to back, deforming her small belly which seems about to open in order to let the object of pleasure come out of her body too small to welcome it.


Between this arm which ravaged her pussy but finally only used as a preparation so that she can receive without too much difficulty this thing which makes her lose her head and now this milking machine which excerting an intense suction on her big tits more sensitive than ever, she doesn't have the strength to fight anymore.

Feeling the alongas still squirming in the hollow of her belly and her distended breasts penetrating the cold glass pipe, her eyes close and her head falls forward.

"You useless girl, stop the milking machine immediately. Be convinced that I am certainly even more sorry than you my dear friend, but it would be dangerous for my pretty wife to continue this little initiation."

Rhea lost consciousness three times, and considering that this Viscount is too much, the Baron decides it's time to put an end to their little evening of socializing.

"Well my friend, this evening of socializing was most enjoyable but my young wife is exhausted so it's time for my ex-wife to walk you to the door. I look forward to seeing you again. Bye."

The young woman is only half conscious when she sees the Viscount accompanied by the Baron's wife leave the room. Too tired, she does not react much when the Baron approaches her and feels two small pricks on her nipples and one on her clitoris.

"If I want Rhea to be submissive to me, not for a moment, my new wife must have her pussy free. Take some longas of small models and stuff her continuously. On my side, I'll send you some help to take care of her. Untie her and take her upstairs to my wife's room. Now it will be hers. "

Half asleep when the Baron pronounces these words, it is only when she wakes up that Rhea tastes the wonderful world offered to her by the one who is determined to make her his wife

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    《The travels of a Nymphomaniac》