The travels of a Nymphomaniac
31 Torrent of Lust. Part1
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The travels of a Nymphomaniac
Author :Bricker
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31 Torrent of Lust. Part1

After this evening that had exhausted her, Rhea slept more than thirty hours in a row. Seeing neither the first day nor the first night coming, she woke up only on the second day to discover a world in which, still today, she abandons herself with the greatest pleasure.

Getting up only to wash, cuddled and spoon-fed by the two adorable little maids who who, to help her fall asleep, each willingly offers her one of their large nipples, she lets herself be carried away by the current and the program prepared for her, by the Baron, who, every night when he comes to sees her, doesn't fail to tell her how happy he is to have found such a wonderful woman.

At the dawn of the fifth day, the guards on duty in the garden smile and tap the shoulders of their two lucky comrades, for whom the time has come to begin their new assignment. Each in turn,they're doing this favor to the Baron and speaking honestly, all would like to be permanently assigned to this post, but although it is a pity, the nobleman seems to like to share the mission between each of his men.


Half amorphous, lying on a large bed covered with soft silk sheets, Rhea slowly licks the glans that a hand places in front of her lips. To tell the truth, she doesn't know who owns the cock that is held out to her, just as she doesn't know who is the man who pulls her tits out of her little babydoll, but she doesn't care.

Her body constantly stimulated by a strange cream that the two young maids regularly spread on her private parts, she unable to calm down. Added to that the vibrating piercings implanted in her nipples and clitoris that could drive her crazy, she asks only one thing: that someone take care of her holes who demand to be stuffed.

Despite the fact that the sun is barely up. Although she is still very confused and exhausted, Rhea grasps the medium size sex between her fingers. Totally ignoring the person who is voraciously eating one of her breast and massaging the other between her big fingers, she wraps her mouth around the man's glans and starts to turn her tongue around.

Having a cock in her mouth all the time, she wonders how many liters of sperm she swallows in a day. This fleeting and ridiculous thought is quickly banished from her mind and she starts pumping the tip of that good cock that will certainly be the one that will provide her with a hearty breakfast.

Not finding her position very comfortable, Rhea removes her lips from the stem on which she leaves some of her saliva and in order to access the whole length of the cock that the man who, as if to signal her to suck it, shakes it vertically in front of her mouth, she adjusts her pillow and lifts her slightly heavy head.

Better positioned, Rhea moistens her lips, but as she prepares to suck the cock in front of her eyes, the other person present in the room spreads her thighs and without even preparing her, he penetrates her brutally.

Losing her bearings for a moment under the repeated blows of cock that come and go inside her at a regular rhythm, Rhea, who makes a cute little moan, opens her little mouth to welcome the sex that the other man, who has become very impatient to be sucked, and that makes it slide along her lips.

Swallowing the member of the stranger with the hoarse voice, Rhea's tongue slips under the impatient cock, then she comes to tickle its sides. Accompanying her blowjob thanks to her head that moves back and forth along the stem until her mouth is stopped by the man's balls, that her hand palpates delicately, she traps this sex in her throat for a few moments and quickly redirects his glans towards her lips.

On a whim, Rhea, who likes to feel a man's glans at the entrance of her mouth, stays that way for a long time. With the help of her hand wank the good cock towards which blood afflutes, she pumps the glans which jumps between her teeth and quickly discharges a large quantity of cum inside her mouth.

As her position does not favour swallowing, when she tries to swallow the thick liquid that her mouth is full of, half of it escapes from the corner of her lip and runs down her cheek.

Cleaning oneself would be a minimum, however, between the man who's hell-bent on filling her pussy with his semen and the one who pinches her nose so that she can suck it again, Rhea waves her hand as a sign of abandonment. The little cleaning can wait, and for the moment, swallowing the sex a little slack again, Rhea gives herself the mission to give back her vigor to this half-dead soldier.

When the door opens behind the two soldiers who close the zipper of their trousers, the two young maids beg the next two soldiers to wait and they enter Rhea's room.

Seeing these dirty men who have had fun ejaculating on their miss' pretty face and beautiful breasts, they wish they could beat them, however, as the miss' day is just beginning, they hurry to wash her, so that she is clean to welcome her next guests.

When their miss woke up, they both thought that seven days of this intensive submission would be very long. Between the multiple sex toys that the Baron amuses himself every evening to insert into her little pussy, the very many men who stuff her all day long, and the two hours of daily milking, the two young maids feared for the young woman's mental health, however, apart from a little fatigue probably as much to do with the constant sexual practice as with the drugs she ingests unwittingly, not only is she doing very well, but it would even seem that she's wallowing down in this excess of lust.

"Take the pot of cream. I'll do her vagina and her anus, you take care to flaunt it on her nipples."

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    《The travels of a Nymphomaniac》