The travels of a Nymphomaniac
33 Generous in the perversity.
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The travels of a Nymphomaniac
Author :Bricker
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33 Generous in the perversity.

Time passes quickly and already two weeks have passed since Rhea first entered this castle.

Escorted by two of the guards who, until a week ago, could come almost instantly when they penetrating her deep and so welcoming little pussy, Rhea rides the magnificent white horse that The Baron gave her this very morning.

Dressed in a short dress that exposes all her warm thighs and with a cleavage so provocative that the villagers paid to prune the branches slightly obstructing the road, discovering the small unveiled part of her two enormous breasts, feel their cock harden as soon as it appears, Rhea takes advantage of the fresh air to wake up a little.

Always subject to the urge to be penetrated by vigorous cocks that ravage her little pussy, the beautiful blonde who never wears panties, rubs her clitoris against the leather saddle, along which an abundant quantity of cyprine flows. The nectar, produced by her ever more abundant intimacy, accumulates along the lining of the leather saddle, before falling to the ground and leaving shameful traces of her passage in the yellow earth of this forest road.

"My miss, you knew you were not to leave the castle and yet I had to gallop all the way here to find you. It's time to get you ready. Have you forgotten that the master has to go to his quarterly reception with the notables and administrators of his field and he wants you at his side?"

Little motivated by this outing away from her playground where the Baron comes every night to make her scream with pleasure when he fills her vicious little pussy with very large objects and plays with her beautiful breasts, Rhea spits her tongue at her adorable little brown maid and runs away on her horse.

"I don't feel like it and I'm lazy, so if you want me to come and try on these clothes, catch me."

Has anyone ever seen a 20-year-old miss so temperamental? The little brown maid slaps her whip against the flanks of her horse to catch up with her miss, who too often behaves like a real little girl who's too spoiled.

Dozens of very short dresses, all of which have the particularity of exposing part of the breasts of the woman who will wear it, whose superior quality would provoke the jealousy of the majority of the noble women of the Kingdom, are hung on the right part of the wall of this immense room which was reconverted to become the personal dressing room of her miss.

Gold jewellery set with precious stones of all colours and all kinds of makeup in exaggerated quantities, displayed in showcases to her left. The shelves on the back wall are completely covered with sex toys, some of which have such strange shapes that she herself, who often plays with her miss and her girlfriend, doesn't know how her master can manage to introduce them into the young pussy of the beautiful Rhea.

Faced with this display of treasures that cost the Baron the trifle of more than five hundred thousand gold coins so that his future wife is always more beautiful and whose body is so hot that any man who sees her has to fight against his primary instincts not to attack her and fuck her like a beast, the little blonde maid shakes her head and she unhooks a tiny red dress from one of the coat hangers located near the door.

Before leaving the dressing room, her eyes go back to the jewellery displayed behind the glass windows. It is true that the Baron may be a pervert rarely seen in the Kingdom, but he is very generous with Rhea, however, this man is also a fine negotiator.

When two days ago, a renowned jeweller came to deliver all these jewels, the Baron arranged for him to come face to face with her miss dressed in a tiny, totally transparent babydoll. Seeing the man who could not take his eyes off the two enormous breasts, which since that she is subject to intensive milking are even bigger, the Baron offered him the opportunity to spend two hours in the company of his wife in exchange for a discount of ten thousand gold coins.

This jeweller, who is not a shy man, approached the tall blonde and without even worrying about the Baron's presence, he repeatedly lifted one of her supple but firm breasts whose consequent weight astounded him.

The young blonde maid did not find it surprising that the jeweler closed the door of her miss' room behind him. Neither was she surprised to hear her miss scream with pleasure during for a while, until the man came out and made this strange proposal to the Baron.

After tasting the narrow young cunt, which in his words pumped his cock so powerfully that it caused him to repaint her uterus no less than seven times, his next words were no more flowery.

He said he was delighted to have been able to pull on the monstrous tits of this beauty. He relaxed them so much, that he was able to hang them on the chains that came down from the ceiling and then inflicted a punishment on the bitch by whipping her two giant masses of flesh, deformed by the chains that always stretched them a little more towards the ceiling.

Having experienced it himself, the man licked his lips, describing very precisely how this cock-hungry bitch knew how to use her mouth and her little tongue to suck men's dicks. He was convinced that this expert in the art of blowjob would deserve to be recognized by all the highest noblemen in the capital.

When his more than positive evaluation ended, it was his turn to propose a deal to the Baron.

For the enormous sum of eighty thousand gold coins, the horny bitch would teach the art of sex to her shy eighteen-year-old son, who is still a virgin.

After a long negotiation between the two men, it was concluded that for one hundred thousand gold coins, under the instructions of her two young maids, the beautiful Rhea would take care to inculcate the way to destroy the holes of a slut in ten lessons.

In this patriarchal world, women are really not much. Luckily her pretty miss, is very happy to be this, uh, really not much.

After a sigh, the young blonde maid walks through the door that separates the dressing room from the magnificent room of Rhea whose ceiling is now covered with mirrors that allow the Baron and his rich guests who pay him to spend some time with his beautiful wife, to look at themselves when they fuck the young Rhea.

Very happy to make her miss even prettier, as she enters the room, the little blond maid freezes and clenches her teeth so as not to scream in anger.

"You two, you are really not possible. Anna, you should have just gone to get our miss, not to roll around with her in the grass. Now that it's like that, you're in charge of helping her clean herself while I milk her nipples. Come on, you obsessed little girl, our time is limited, so let's get started."

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    《The travels of a Nymphomaniac》