The travels of a Nymphomaniac
34 A nourishing ride.
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The travels of a Nymphomaniac
Author :Bricker
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34 A nourishing ride.

Along a small country road on which only a few peasants whose carts are pulled by oxen usually travel, the sublime white carriage shakes a little the two very light little maids, who watch with the greatest attention their master and their miss who are sitting opposite them.

Their master, who is breathing faster and faster, stretches his neck backwards. His big, slightly hairy hands tenderly caress the very long and beautiful blond hair of their miss lying on the bench, who slowly lets his long and very big erect sex go up and down her mouth.

Their miss swallowing their master's big and long dick, sometimes lets some very disturbing guttural noises come out of her throat.

In front of the beautiful Rhea who under the pressure of the Baron's hand who holds her head to force her to keep his big cock stuck in her esophagus, fearing that their miss will end up suffocating, often the two young maids squeeze their short bicolor dresses, which when they sit down, reveal their little pussies to the Baron's eyes.

The man whose cock is warm in the mouth of his young and beautiful wife, excited by the two pretty little hairy pussies, with the help of his feet, makes the two cute little maids understand that spreading their thighs apart for his good pleasure would be very appropriate.

obeying to the orders and accustomed to traveling in the company of the Baron, the two young maids, raise their dresses. They both spread their thighs wide apart, and with the help of their two little hands, they open their labia majora wide to offer the sight of their little holes to their master who, in front of this charming sight, feels his cock become even more vigorous.

"Your Lordship, Baron, the Prefect's mansion is in sight."

When the coachman's voice disturbs the Baron, who has just bent down to insert his finger into the little hole in the pretty blond maid, the man sighs. Sometimes the time for the entertainment is just wrong, that's all.

"Stop the carriage! My wife and I must finish a conversation that cannot be put off."

The Baron directs his eyes at Rhea whose head he freed and who is now pumping his glans. Deciding that holding back any longer is no longer an option, he relaxes his body to let his sperm flow naturally to the tip of his cock.

Rhea resumes her delicious blowjob along the big cock that totally fills her mouth and manages to feed her so often, until the already huge cock gets slightly bigger, forcing her jaw to make a little cracking noise and after bumping into her palate, it spits out an incredible amount of sperm that she can barely contain between her lips.

Refusing that his wife is dirtying her beautiful coat made from the most beautiful snow fox fur as his trousers, the Baron lifts Rhea's chin to make it easier for her to taste his noble semen.

Parked in front of a magnificent manor house made of a smooth white stone typical of the region, the Baron turns his furious eyes towards the two little maids who are already trembling with fear.

"You two useless girls, forbidden to leave this carriage. You will wait here for your masters until they return. Is that understood?"

Seeing her little treasures so scared, Rhea, who was busy sticking her tongue in the back of her teeth to clean the few residues of the thick sperm stuck to it, gives a little slap on the Baron's hand.

"I already told you, Baron. No scaring my adorable little maids."

In front of the cute face of his pouting bride-to-be, the Baron lovingly puts a kiss on her forehead.

A little annoyed but not wanting to upset Rhea, he looks for the names of his two girls who are for him nothing more than assistants doubled by two slaves who only serve as holes to relieve his cock, when, faced with their little asses wiggling before his eyes, he can't hold back and lifts up their short dresses of maids, to penetrate them dryly.

"Lola, Maria!? You'll wait for us here, thank you."

The pervert suddenly has a thought and he has to check what state of mind his beauty is in. Button after button, he opens her long fox coat and in order to look at the top of Rhea's dress, he open it wide.

Believing that something is wrong, the Baron, who wants Rhea to be as hot as possible in the eyes of his collaborators, passes his hands through the sides of the corsage of the beautiful woman, who exposing more than half of her breasts.

To begin the operation that will give the desired effect, he starts with a vigorous massage of her gigantic breasts, which have almost doubled in size since that he's decided to take care of their himself.

So that these important men begin to get a hard-on the very moment Rhea will take off her coat, the Baron moves his hands to the centre of her breasts, which are made even softer thanks to the nourishing and stimulating cream with which they are massaged twelve times a day.

To excite the highly sensitive parts of Rhea, he rolls her two little nipples between his fingers and feeling that almost instantly her tiny pimples get bigger, harder and longer, the Baron who starts to pull on them, can already see the face of these men by discovering the so exciting body of the woman who is his.

The two little maids who, while watching the beginning of Rhea's milking and hearing their miss who is pushing out a sweet moans of contentment, give each other elbow strokes. The little blonde, braver than her girlfriend, although trembling with fear, makes it her duty to instruct her master on the dangers that his thoughtless action could cause.

"Master, if you insist too much on milking the miss now, she might stain her pretty new dress."

The girl is annoying, but he must admit that, however useless she is, she's right. Not wanting his wife to produce her precious nectar now, the Baron calms his ardor.

He withdraws his hands from the monstrous breasts of his future wife and seeing the enormous nipples that almost deform the neckline of the red dress, happy with his achievement, thinking of these unfortunate men. Very proud to be the happy owner of this sublime young woman whose body is unique, he smiles with pride.

The Baron is about to go down, but looking at the two gigantic breasts of Rhea, he can't help but think back to the idea he had this very morning.

The King is known to be a lover of big breasts and how much could he offer if he saw this beauty with her two enormous masses of flesh. How much could he offer if he rented her for a week? Lost in thought, the Baron saliva already in front of the countless potential gold coins he could earn by negotiating the rental of Rhea, with the prefect who is one of the close friends of this old fool of a King.

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    《The travels of a Nymphomaniac》