The travels of a Nymphomaniac
36 Adverse perverse contract terms. Part2
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The travels of a Nymphomaniac
Author :Bricker
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36 Adverse perverse contract terms. Part2


During the interview that was held at the Baron's request, concerning a private matter that could supposedly only be discussed in his presence, the old prefect was at first very surprised that a nobleman wanted to prostitute his wife.

The Baron assured him that it was in no way prostitution, but that in addition to calming the young nymphomaniac, it was simply a matter of matters relating to the country's affairs. The Baron then claimed that as a nobleman, it was his duty to render some service to his King, offering his wife's sexual services was only a matter of proof of allegiance. Services which the Baron specified that he would tariff, of course.

The old prefect, having long served as advisor to the King when he was young, knows more than anyone else that a woman with large breasts is the weak point of the one who rules this Kingdom, and when he saw again in his mind the gigantic masses of flesh of the blond beauty, the old prefect sighed.

As gifted in business that he may be, this Baron is a fool who ignores the rules that govern the capital. There is no doubt that if the King ever crosses the path of this sublime creature, married to this Baron or not, he will never return a woman with such a perfect body and who, moreover, possesses such an angel's face to a nobleman of low rank.

Faced with the man who was too proud of himself, who did not hesitate to praise his wife for money and thought he possessed enough cunning to mock the most powerful, the prefect thought that perhaps, giving the pretentious man a lesson in life and a substantial profit from it himself in passing, would not be so bad.


Passing his hand over the beautiful woman's soft thigh, before wandering his hand between her sweet wet labia majora from which escapes a sticky juice that the old man brings to his mouth before penetrating his index finger into the small vagina of the beautiful blonde who moans discreetly, the old man who felt that, in addition to the money he would get from this transaction, having the right to caress such a woman in front of the eyes of her future husband was a not inconsiderable bonus, adds his middle finger in the now-soaked entrance of the beauty who arches on her chair.

The old man that speeds up his comings and goings inside the little pussy that just pissed on his hand, understands very quickly that, in addition to being excessively beautiful, as the Baron said, this perverse is a real slut who only wants to be fucked.

Faced with this evidence, the old man forgets all his scruples. He clears his throat to attract the attention of his guests and turns his face towards the young woman sitting next to him. Being now in the center of attention, with his other hand he firmly grabs Rhea's left breast, then he releases this heavy mass of flesh from the thin red dress.

Already excited by the large nipple from which a small drop of white liquid flows, he holds back his mouth which only asks to suck it greedily and smiling towards the Baron, furious at the terms of the contract he has signed, the old Prefect forcefully releases the enormous right breast of the young woman. The prefect grabs the big nipple of the enormous breast, which bounces back and forth.

While forcefully kneading the big nipple, of which, before the envious eyes of the guests, the tip ejects streams of milk onto the table, the Prefect makes his announcement.

"Gentlemen, as a result of a contract, the terms of which I cannot reveal, which I have just signed with my old friend the Baron, every three days, at private parties to be held in various houses in the region, all the happy guests present will have the privilege of being able to fuck this beauty with enormous breasts until their balls are empty. I am therefore counting on you to pass on the information tomorrow. Be careful, be discreet, and don't forget to thank the Baron for his great generosity and sense of sharing."

After three evenings spent in the company of the one who is nicknamed among the rich and elite of the region, (the Velezes bitch), those who now know her well enough, act like an conductor for those who discover the bitch in heat towards whom three men are reaching out their dicks.

All are amazed to be able to observe the beautiful one they have heard so much about in action. The blonde beauty with oversized breasts, whose very long nipples rub against the marble tile floor every time the huge piece of smooth wood comes out of her pussy, sucks cock after cock and is able to swallow liters of sperm without ever looking full.

Some of the spectators waiting to take her pussy, ass or even her mouth, watch in amazement as one of the evening's conductors penetrates her with a round-ended piece of smooth wood nearly twenty inches long by ten inches in diameter.

While the labia majora, which suck the object and seem to literally refuse to let go of it stretch outwards to accompany it as it emerges from the extremely dilated vagina, the abundant juice secreted by her oversized pussy flows into a small basin that a second conductor has placed between the thighs of the beauty.

In front of her, an impatient man grabs her head, lift her chin up, and guides her lips around his big dick that demands to be sucked, but very quickly, another cock comes to fill this small mouth from which all the sperm who up her throat and that the beauty is no longer able to swallow flows continuously from his thin pink lips.

Fulfilled with all these men, Rhea wraps her lips around the new cock that a man has just put between her teeth. Her hands masturbating the other two very nice cocks, her pussy destroyed by an object big enough to make her spend an entertaining evening, the confused young woman whose big nipples continuously spit milk who spurts on her thighs, couldn't dream of a more fulfilling life.

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    《The travels of a Nymphomaniac》