The travels of a Nymphomaniac
37 Two huge problematic breasts. Part1
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The travels of a Nymphomaniac
Author :Bricker
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37 Two huge problematic breasts. Part1

In this middle of the mâtiné that the sun has seen fit to gratify with its presence, every city-dweller living in Domat has stopped his activities to mingle with the crowd along the pavements of this medium-sized town, situated at the foot of the Velezes.

Glued shoulder-to-shoulder, the common citizens who are not fortunate enough to be able to participate in the big event, observe with a certain fascination the numerous carriages that follow one another along the main street. There are red, black and even white ones and although all these sublime carriages are different, they all go to the same place.

In the city's cathedral, which was once erected in honour of the god of all things, beautiful dresses and luxurious costumes of rare elegance blend together to form a refreshingly colourful picture.

Observing all these important people, some of whom came from afar to celebrate the event, the archbishop of the region is pleased to be the one who today, as the representative of the gods, will be the one to leave his mark on the history of the Kingdom.

From what little he has heard, the young woman who is being honoured on this great day seems to be greatly appreciated by these rich and noble gentlemen. A little naively, the man of the church thinks that probably, the young miss must participate in an association for charitable purposes and having a lot to do, he leaves the joyful assembly where the men have gathered to talk about various exploits, certainly related to hunting.

A little too tight in his dark blue suit, the most prominent man of the day shakes hands one after the other. Smiling excessively at those he appreciates as much as at those he would like to see swinging at the end of a rope, he seems to be in the best of moods. (Appearance first, heart second, hypocrisy is the first weapon of the nobles of this world.) Having always relied on his father's words, he sticks his mouth against the cheek of a young redheaded woman, longing to put his hands around her neck and squeeze it until she stops breathing.

"I'm glad you could come, my lovely cousin. How is my aunt?"

In a small annex of the cathedral, the atmosphere is not so light. Two pretty, juvenile-looking young women are running around, trying to solve any last-minute problems that arise.

The two little maids, who since they have been working for Rhea can usually breathe at last, are under pressure at the moment.

The little blonde tries to make Rhea's two breasts fit into the dress with the very revealing cleavage, but it's hopeless. No sooner does she let go of the fabric, than these big mountains that seem to want to exhibit themself, spring up over the dress and as usual, she laments in her heart, offer themselves for all to see.

The little blonde is annoyed to think that this dress, which is worth more than two thousand pieces of gold, was made by a great couturier who, unfortunately, relied on the measurements given by the Baron to design it.

The little brunette comes running back to the room with two cloths in which she has inserted two vegetable cushions of absorbent foam, which after much research she has managed to find in a shop near here. She doesn't waste a second and without apologizing, she introduces her hand into Rhea's bodice, who now manages to hide these two huge problematic breasts with a simple pin.

The beautiful young blonde woman, a little apathetic, feeling the back of a hand vigorously caressing her nipple, suddenly comes back to life.

A moment asleep ago, suddenly hungry, she grabs the little brunette by the waist and places her lips against hers. Feeling that the pretty little maid is trying to run away, Rhea tightens her thin waist more firmly and she forces her to sit on her lap.

Not much encumbered by this featherweight, while her vicious hand immediately enters the bodice of the pretty brown maid and starts to knead an adorable little breast so soft that her excitement rises even more between her thighs, her tongue pushes away the nasty little lips that resist her, then she makes her way between her teeth.

Considering that she has really done her best to resist, the little brunette abandons herself at this pleasant moment. Without letting go of the precious tissues, her two legs come around Rhea's waist. Feeling her heart filled with love, she passes her arms around her mistress' neck and she slightly tilts her head to join her tongue more easily to that of her miss.

(Slap) "Stop your nonsense, we have to find a solution quickly so that the missus doesn't stain her wedding dress."

The little blonde maid separates the two leeches who as always, started to caress each other intimately, then a little helpless, she looks at Rhea's breasts. When she notices the two yellowish halos in the centre of her bodice which clearly stand out from the rest of the immaculately white dress, she sighs for a long time.

Perhaps it's because every evening, as soon as the master leaves, they join her in bed and each one lies on one of her shoulders to suck her nipples for a long time, that their miss produces so much milk? It is also possible that it is the fault of the milking machine that is so often connected to the delicious udders of their miss? This is likely, given that her mammary glands are now secreting large amounts of milk all the time. Having a strong desire to stick her mouth around one of Rhea's nipples and to press on her breast to quench her sudden thirst, the little blonde maid, quickly turns her eyes away from the two gigantic breasts who drool in the dress.

On a normal afternoon, she and her girlfriend would be more than happy to lie on their miss' thighs.

Usually, comfortably installed, their so pretty miss tilts her back slightly and she offers each of them one of her huge breasts that each of them takes in their little hands. Both of them hold firmly this beautiful breast which overflows from their hands and to speed up the milking, they knead it gently. Vigorously suckling the little nipple that grows very soon in their mouth and quickly becomes long enough for them to masturbate it without too much trouble, when the milk spurts out at the bottom of their throat and that during this time, their miss lovingly caresses their clitoris in need of affection, the two little maids are delighted to be able to relieve their miss of her too frequent milk rushes.

The little blonde who smells her pussy letting out a bit of cyprine that comes to stain the floor, is sorry. Today, as sad as it may be, sucking the delicious nipples of their miss or milking her patiently is out of the question. However, after a new look towards those huge breasts she loves so much, that she can't control, the little blonde maid has to face the facts: if nobody milks her miss, those two huge, problematic breasts, are gonna be spraying milk all over the place again.

"Miss, take off your dress, I'll quickly clean it and I'll take the opportunity to sew the little vegetable cushions inside. Anna, we have no choice. Try and find a bucket, then after, pull our miss's udders as soon as you can."

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    《The travels of a Nymphomaniac》