The travels of a Nymphomaniac
38 Two huge problematic breasts. Part2
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The travels of a Nymphomaniac
Author :Bricker
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38 Two huge problematic breasts. Part2

Finally allowed to get rid of this dress that compresses her breasts, Rhea gets up from her armchair for a moment and doesn't waste any time to remove this uncomfortable garment whose length is still less than that of her warrior outfit. More comfortable with her thighs in the air than enclosed in a fabric that deprives them of oxygen, she doesn't hold a grudge against the Baron, who, each time she goes out to socialize or after signing a contract, makes her make clothes that even the less shy of whores would be ashamed to wear.

Naked, standing in the middle of the room and agreeing with own her analysis, Rhea nods her head.

Between cleavages of all kinds, all more than provocative, or those dresses that leave her pussy partially visible, she has even shown her huge tits to the sight of a assembly of ten people, directly after taking off her coat. Once again, she didn't blame the pervert, because that evening she sucked six men with big cocks who then fucked her together through all the holes and covered her several times with their thick and so masculine sperm.

Remembering this beautiful evening, Rhea feels the desire to be penetrated here and now rising inside her.

Rhea, whose body is constantly coated with aphrodisiac products and creams, is still not able to think properly. From a jug of water on her bedside to the slightest sweet that she swallows out of greediness, every food she ingests contains products intended to make her a sex-hungry slut, who cannot live without being penetrated for less than ten consecutive minutes.

Unconscious of this fact but enjoying luxury, laziness, the many men who fuck her and play with her body every day, although she knows that today she is going to get married, the nymphomaniac addicted to aphrodisiacs is actually very satisfied with her current life.

The Baron never ceases to make her discover new pleasures, he treats her very well, offers her magnificent jewels, invites many men, some of them only to see her get fucked by their oversized cocks and despite the fact that she doesn't ignore the fact that many of them pay to fuck her, in front of these crazy sums that are exchanged to hang her by her nipples or simply milk her, Rhea is quite proud of herself.

Between these evenings where she's just a hole into which her husband introduces ever bigger and bigger objects, the gang-bangs he secretly organizes for the pleasure of seeing her covered with sperm, the luxury items he keeps offering her and the novelties he keeps offering her, it doesn't matter if it's a marriage or not, as long as this man can satisfy all her material desires and her thirst for sex that knows no limits, in return, Rhea will generously offer his her body.

"I'll be right back, my miss. Above all, if someone knocks, don't open."

When the little brown maid runs looking for a bucket, Rhea sits down and slumps in her armchair.

Tenderly, she lifts and caresses her two big breasts, which she knows are largely what makes her so popular with men. While her eyes are closed, she gently kneads these huge breasts in her hands as she sometimes feels the urge, she holds her left one in her two hands, raises it and lowers her head until her tongue can reach her small nipple hardened by the influx of milk.

Her left hand serving as a support for this very heavy mass of flesh, between two small strokes of her tongue, she pulls and releases very quickly her small nipple which is already lengthening.

When stimulated by her continuous massage, her nipple reaches the impressive length of 1.5 inches, she wedges it between her teeth thanks to her piercing and she begins to suck her breast.

Ignoring her other breast, Rhea puts her feet on the chair and spreads her thighs wide apart. Her free hand goes down along her body until she feels her small hole left vulnerable by her large lips which now spread very easily.

Rhea, who likes to be penetrated by cocks and big objects, doesn't waste her time and she pushes hard to insert three of her fingers directly inside her pussy which burns her so much she has an irrepressible hungry for sex.

Her three fingers penetrate instantaneously her little pussy and although it's a bit painful, as soon as they come to lodge inside her, Rhea's body trembles and she pushes a long moaning. As soon as she goes back and forth in her little wet hole, she is already taken by a violent orgasm, she squeezes her teeth around her long nipple and she bends with pleasure when a powerful jet of piss is ejected from her little pussy which palpitates frantically.

Rhea observes her thighs soaked with her own urine and she takes her fingers out of her intimacy to shake her arm which was also caught in the flood.

Seeing the deplorable state of the armchair, she doesn't doubt for a moment that Anna and Maria will reproach her again, but more concerned about milking herself, she continues to masturbate her long nipple from which a few drops of milk escape.

Rhea, who feels the pressure rising in her breast, wedges the end of her nipple between her teeth and masturbates her base more and more quickly.

The pressure rises again a notch, a little electricity seems to make the inside of her huge breast vibrate, then when she squeezes her teeth a little more and crushes the end of her big nipple a little more, the first spurt of milk is projected at the bottom of her throat.

To get the most out of the pleasure of milking, Rhea stops biting her nipple. Putting her lips around her udder like a suction cup, always masturbating it, she sucks the milk expelled by her oversized nipple.

"But, my miss? What kind of nonsense are you doing now? You'll soon be a Baroness. Has anyone ever seen a Baroness milk herself?"

Rhea looks at the adorable depressed face of her little brown maid holding a big bucket in her little right hand and not wanting to make it harder for her, she reluctantly lets go of her nipple.

"Anna, can you answer a question?"

The cute little brown maid approaches her lovely miss, but seeing the state of the chair and wanting to avoid the breast that sprays milk everywhere, she decides to take a detour and put her bucket down in front of the one in the corner of the room.

"Yes, of course my miss, which one?"

Rhea who looks with envy at the beautiful little ass of the pretty brunette who bends down to put her bucket down, tries to calm down, but too excited by the little bushy pussy revealed to her by the dress that is much too short, she walks towards the cute little thing.

Arriving just behind the young maid who for one reason or another still hasn't straightened up and moves her little ass from right to left, Rhea directs her hand between her thighs. Seeing no rebellion when she draws the soft line of her maid's little pussy, Rhea spreads it slightly apart to have easier access to her clitoris.

"Has anyone ever seen a maid milking her Baroness's huge tits over a bucket?"

A cute little laugh reaches Rhea's ears, after which a little hand comes to rest on hers. The hand guides her to the entrance of her vagina and when the little brunette whose eyes are full of expectation turns towards her and that she tiptoes over to put a kiss on her mouth, her middle finger crosses the entrance of her maid's vagina which tightens for a moment.

"Miss, please me with your tongue. I like it when my miss penetrates me with her tongue."

"No, no, and no! Not the tongue, not the fingers, and why is this chair in such a state? Decidedly, you are rutting animals. I can't be away for more than two minutes that you are already penetrating your fingers into each other's intimacy. Miss, come here! It's about time someone pulled your udders, so for now, no more fondling with Anna."

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    《The travels of a Nymphomaniac》