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The travels of a Nymphomaniac
Author :Bricker
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39 Interlude 2

In front of the Baron's castle, the old prefect can only laugh. Politely invited to ride in a sublime royal coach, the blonde beauty followed by two little maids, does not turn around when her husband, who is firmly held by three powerful knights, is driven in a small wagon for prisoners.

On the day of the wedding, sitting in the last seat in the first row on the left, watching the sublime long legs of the tall blonde woman standing in front of the altar, an old man smiled as he thought of the missive that in the middle of the night when the contract was concluded, he had sent via the transmission crystal to his old friend, Janius.

That night, remembering that after two or three minutes, in front of all his guests gathered for a good meal, his hand had reached inside the young pussy dripping with liquid, as he vigorously pulled on her udder to sprinkle the center of the table, the old man made a decision.

Inviting his guests to join him, he relished, watching all those young men who had lost all that made them civilized beings, stuffing her like brutal and dirty beasts on the floor of his dining room and on the table with the dishes which was breaking on the floor.

The slut came continually. Spraying her tasty juice into the bellies of men who, after fucking her too much, started fists that dilated her little pussy, and finally tried to put both hands in it.

Judging this barbaric practice to be incorrect, he, a man with certain limitations, put an end to these obscene games, sent everyone away and ran to his study to write a missive of the utmost importance.

[My dear Janius, it has been a long time since we have seen each other, but as you will understand by reading this short missive, that does not prevent me from thinking of your well-being....

... Only a few hours ago, at a local business dinner which is of little interest to you who lives in the capital and reigns over our vast kingdom, the local Baron came to me to propose a business which he wanted me to pass on to you. The fool is proud, greedy, perverted and full of himself, but he has recently married a woman so beautiful that no other in our magnificent Kingdom can compare to her...

When he told me the terms of the contract he wished to make with you, I was astonished that the business he was offering me concerns that young woman that any man in his right mind would have jealously protected, but a greedy fool will never be just a greedy fool. Will he? ...

I'll now come to what will inevitably interest you. For six million pieces of gold, the fool was planning to rent his wife to you for a week. The young woman in question has long blond hair and her big blue eyes managed to move my old cock which hadn't been able to stand up for six long years now. Very tall, her very long legs and thin toned thighs can make the cock of any healthy man stand up at the slightest glance. The beauty has a very fine waist and hips that she manages to use at best to titillate the soldiers in charge of her protection...

... Now here are her particularities that will only drive you mad with joy. After intensive training, the fool has managed to turn her originally very narrow vagina into a bottomless well into which even the largest objects can be inserted. This cock-hungry young woman is a real whore force-feeding with powerful aphrodisiacs who stretches her ass as soon as a dick is offered to her slutty eyes and could be fucked by a whole barracks of vigorous soldiers for seven days and seven nights...

...my friend, happy man. Know that if you wish this woman whose oversized breasts, with adjustable nipples that can be masturbated to make her milking easier or used as sex toys for those who enjoy bondage, is already yours...

...The night being already deep and my age not allowing me to stay up too late, these last words will be my conclusion...

...As the duration of a week and the money to be spent to obtain her is not an option, as your former counsellor, I can only consider the option of having the fool arrested for the act of treason as you deem appropriate...

Your friend, Jobias]

All night long, the pommel of his scepter glittered, but he only saw it when he left the bed of one of his big-breasted concubines. Discovering the contents of the immaterial letter that his old friend had sent him that night, Janius of Visgon, dived back into bed. Too excited to show some politeness, he lifted the tempting ass of the pretty girl still asleep, clung firmly to her breasts and immediately penetrated dryly, her young hairy pussy.

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    《The travels of a Nymphomaniac》