The travels of a Nymphomaniac
40 Collective milking on the grass. Part1
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The travels of a Nymphomaniac
Author :Bricker
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40 Collective milking on the grass. Part1

On the side of a small road surrounded by beet fields, the person in charge of the two hundred men their King has requisitioned for one and only young Baroness, observes the three pretty girls who are acting crazy on their blanket spread out on the grass.

Like Colonel Karven, more than sixty glances belonging to the soldiers are directed towards the little blanket, and this does not please the very tall brown man whose extremely broad and muscular shoulders prevent him from entering the common carriages, so he turns back and shouts on the lazy men who are supposed to be watching the surroundings.

Not being a simple soldier himself, he thought that taking advantage of his position as an officer to go and see how His Majesty's guest was doing would not be wrong. Without further ado, considering that it was only his duty to inquire about the well-being of the blonde beauty so eagerly awaited by His King, he's heading to the little blanket on which three pretty girls share small red berries by bringing them to each other's mouths.

A little embarrassed by this sensual sight, when he arrives in front of the yellow blanket lying in the grass, his face, more scarlet than red, betrays his discomfort.

"Isn't that Colonel Karven, Anna?"

"Yes, I believe it is the handsome Colonel Karven. Have you seen my Miss, the Colonel is honoring us with his presence."

"Hmm, I'd like to see him without his armor, that handsome, muscular Colonel. Please, Colonel, sit down with us. Precisely, we needed a fourth person to bear fruit in each other's mouths."

The sun has been playing hide-and-seek with the clouds for more than an hour, and yet when he sits facing the three girls, the Colonel gets hot flashes.

Although the man, whose righteousness cannot be questioned does his utmost to remove his eyes from a place he has no right to spy on, the crossed legs of the young girls as they pull up their extremely short dresses reveal their little pussies. Involuntary witness of the labia majora wide-open, allow him to see very clearly inside their very humid intimacy, the Colonel feels his heart is about to implode.

The two adorable maids, whose juvenile little thighs make him feel more virile than ever as a man, are the trigger for a malaise that grows in his lower belly. The Colonel tries to resist the sight of the three magnificent clitoris, but when his eyes go up to find the two gigantic breasts that the very thin garment only partially covers, an explosion of joy occurs in his underwear.

Very uncomfortable, when the powerful spurts of semen create a halo on her sky-blue pants, it gets even worse, when his thick liquid runs down and sticks to the hair on his thighs. A little panicked, he resolves to escape before the three beauties detect the trace or smell emanating from his crotch.

"I, uh... I just came to inquire about Miss Rhea's well-being. To tell the truth, it would be very embarrassing if my soldiers saw me playing with such lovely creatures of god as you ladies."

The Colonel leans on his fist to stand up, when, blocking his momentum, a small hand rests tenderly on his cheek. More uncomfortable than ever, but above all having to ensure the safety and well-being of this sublime blonde to whom His King seems to hold dear, the trembling body, the Colonel, looks up at the little blonde maid who seems to be expecting something from him.

"Wait a minute Colonel. The departure is about to ring and if you don't help us, Anna and I will have a hard time helping our miss. So, would it be possible for you to help us to relieve our pretty miss?"

The word "relieve" forces the Colonel to swallow his spit loudly, but as required by his role as private escort, as he nods, the cute little brown maid speaks up.

"Here's the problem, Colonel. As you can see, our hands and fingers are small. Our strength is also very limited, so it sometimes takes us a long time to relieve our miss. However, with your powerful hands and manly fingers, we are certain that milking our mistress' udders will be extremely fast. I can understand your astonishment, but don't worry, we will explain how to play with our miss beautiful breasts and relieve her of her delicious, over-abundant milk."

"Colonel, as soon as I saw you, I wanted your big fingers to press my nipples. That you were sucking my breasts avidly. That as a powerful, manly man, you'd pull out your big cock to devastate my vicious cunt and fuck me like the last of the bitches..."

"Miss, enough of this carpenter words."

"Like me, Colonel, pull her udders vigorously, then don't be afraid to squeeze her tips with force. Isn't it wonderful to play with breasts larger than your head? Colonel, look at the expression on my Miss's face. Observe those few drops of milk produced by my Miss's udders which are dripping on your fingers. Do you understand how much my pretty miss enjoys being milked by your powerful fingers? Maria, now that the colonel has learned how to handle our Miss's udders, let us help him by massaging her breasts and giving her extremities little lickings to stimulate them further."

They only left her husband's castle for the past two hours, and he's already pulling on the huge udders of this beautiful young Baroness to milk her? But what does he do and what would His King say if he found out? Unaware that all his men are watching from afar, very jealously, their superior milking the beauty whose monstrous breasts make them all hard, the Colonel whose cock is again at attention, crushes the end of the long udders, very conscientiously.

His thumbs and forefingers moving slowly along the soft udders of the beautiful girl who has passed her fingers between her thighs to insert four of them in her pussy that drips on the blanket.

The Colonel who is now pinching the tip of Rhea's udders observes with excitement the two little hands that each hold one of the gigantic breasts with their two hands while gently massaging them. Fascinated by the vision of the two adorable maids playing kittens by giving small blows of tongues on these ends from where more and more milk flows, his cock hardens even more and lifts the fabric of his pants.

"Miss, judging by the visible bump on the Colonel Handsome's Pants, I think you should milk too, hum, which seems to be a huge sex."

Rhea, who gave in to the regular pleasure of being milked, opens her eyes when cute little Anna makes her this proposal that she certainly can't refuse.

Immediately, she escapes from the hands of the three people busy milking her and turns around to open the pants of the handsome man made of muscles. With the three buttons open, a monster of a size she had never seen before jumps out of the soiled garment and hits her chin. Rhea gently runs her finger along this huge cock, the width of which must be devastating to ill-prepared little pussies and she takes out her little tongue to taste the pungent smelling liquid that sticks to her finger.

"The Colonel isn't a very clean man as far as I can smell and see, but don't worry, I'll do my best to properly clean this splendid cock with my mouth."


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    《The travels of a Nymphomaniac》