The travels of a Nymphomaniac
42 Drowning in an ocean of nectar. Part1
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The travels of a Nymphomaniac
Author :Bricker
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42 Drowning in an ocean of nectar. Part1

On the first evening, completely exhausted after spending their day getting their cock sucked by the magnificent Baroness, the small army set up camp in a meadow on the edge of the forest less than twenty miles from their starting point.

On a calm night, bathed in total darkness by thick clouds that come to mask the moons, a group of individuals dressed in black discreetly approaches.

Now close to the three soldiers guarding a large blue tent canvas adorned with the royal coat of arms, without a sound, three of them raise their bows, while another produces a slight light that illuminates the nearby surroundings.

(Shii) Three arrows, which tear the air, pierce the skulls of the three soldiers, who immediately fall to the ground.

Under the large royal tent canvas, a tall blond girl pulls two long swords out of the void. Placed in front of two pretty sleeping girls, she smiles, thinking that a little exercise other than being ravaged by cocks won't be so bad after all.

Almost excited at the idea of butchering those who had the bad idea of killing two of her lovers, who again tonight have so deliciously sucked her udders, the beautiful bung slips her tongue languorously along her lips.

Footsteps come closer to the entrance of the tent, the beautiful blonde feels her babydoll soaking wet at her crotch.

The fabric of the tent cloth is quickly pulled to the side, the young woman disappears from her position to materialize a few feet away, but just as she is about to decapitate the intruder, she drops her swords and delivers a series of resounding slaps to the young idiot monk who smiles stupidly at her.

Escorted with her agreement to a mansion whose pitiful state can make one think it is a ruin that the idiot monk squats with these suspicious people, sitting in what must have been a huge dining room, Rhea and her little maids face about sixty men and women, dressed in leather armor and patched rags.

"Miss, who are those suspicious-looking people whose terrible foot odor disturbs my sense of smell?"

To reassure her adorable little brown maid who clung to her arm, Rhea directs her hand between her almost juvenile thighs. Slowly, she slides her index finger along her tender labia majora and hearing her pretty Anna's breathing become faster, the tall young woman, happy to have been able to make the pretty maid forget her fear, puts a little kiss on her forehead.

"I don't know, but I know a little about the monk with the stupid expression. After I sucked his cock and took his virginity, that idiot sold me to that Viscount Lassale."

The little blonde maid nods her head. "Isn't it a good thing that this young man sold you to Viscount Lassale? You are now a noble lady whom the king desires at his side. Think of it miss, without this despicable act, we would never have had the chance to meet. But miss, even if this young man doesn't look very clever, aren't you ashamed of taking a monk's virginity and thus corrupting a man devoted to God?"

In fact, it's because of the boy's beauty and his monk status that Rhea wanted his dick in her pussy so badly. Despite everything, admitting it would be a bit like admitting that her mind is completely perverted. Her index finger gradually sinking into the soft, tight pussy of cute little Anna whose discreet moans attract the attention of all those who observe them silently, Rhea sighs.

"At that moment, I didn't know he was a monk. The deceiver had made me believe that he was just a simple farm boy."

Rhea is a little moved when her little Anna unfolds her middle finger and tries to slide it between her labia majora soaked with her cyprin which forms a small puddle on the old wooden chair. Not being able to do so herself, her big doe eyes begging for it go towards the face of her mistress who daily offers her enormous breasts to feed her so generously.

"More, my pretty miss. Comfort my poor, frightened little cunt to which fear has made her hungry. My so pretty miss, please, you must comfort that traumatized little pussy by sticking more fingers inside."

Faced with this plea from the person her heart beats for, Rhea grabs the chin of her little brown maid. Plunging her eyes into those of the pretty girl who becomes very excited by the finger that quickly goes in and out of her young vagina, she opens her little mouth to welcome the so delicious tongue of her mistress.

Facing the two girls whose tongues mix outside their mouths and the little pussy in which three of the blonde beauty's fingers sink deep, the leader of this group of rural bandits, whose eyes linger particularly on the huge breasts partially visible of the beautiful, enters into a deep meditation.

"See, I told you, she's a slut."

The words that come out of this idiot monk's mouth are not so false, for after this idiot offered him the contract to kidnap this beautiful young woman, the bandit leader investigated the so-called, (Velezes bitch.)

A follower of bondage, an expert sucker, a nymphomaniac whose mouth can empty men's balls like a bucket can draw all the water from a small stream, and so much more...

Of course he had heard the rumour that the young Baroness's tiny nipples could become real udders if necessary, but knowing that nobles tend to extol the qualities of their wives, he could only believe the story when his own scouts who followed the army, told him how her two little maids masturbated what looked more like two sublime udders than two common nipples.

Weighing the pros and cons. The trouble he would be in if he kidnapped the woman the King wanted, but remembering that in the cellar of this mansion there was a small room that the nobles who lived here had built to play with each other and to train their slaves, his decision was quickly made.

Between the rationality of his brain and his dick that could not soften when he thought about that tall blonde with long legs and giant tits that he saw on her wedding day, playing with her body and fucking her like a savage, was well worth all the risks involved.

"Yes, monk, you had not lied to us, and luckily it seems that her two pretty little maids are also bitches who love cock. Enough chitchat. My men, go lock the idiot monk in the pigsty and go to the basement to stuffing those three bitches' asses nastily."

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    《The travels of a Nymphomaniac》