The travels of a Nymphomaniac
43 Drowning in an ocean of nectar. Part2
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The travels of a Nymphomaniac
Author :Bricker
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43 Drowning in an ocean of nectar. Part2


Too inspired, I can only continue this novel.

... ... ...

Coming from the small room in the basement, the laughter of the vulgar men resounds to the outside of the partially ruined mansion. Everyone applauds the participants in the game they name among themselves, (The first who squirts, loses.)

With Rhea in the centre, her two little maids on her sides, and three men behind them, the spectators take bets on who will be the one fill a pussy with his sperm.

Cocks in hand, some of the spectators, not very patient, move forward and also wanting to be part of the game, the rascals stick their cocks in the mouths of the girls whose pussies, which have been receiving dicks for almost three hours, keep letting a complex mixture, composed of cyprine and sperm, flow.

Listening to the adorable moans of pleasure from the three pretty girls who are constantly having their wombs painted and watching his men having a great evening, the chief of the bandits, smilles. Reveling in the sight of the two enormous tits that he can handle without even palpate them, he pulls on the little rope that he has tied to the milk-swollen nipples of the blonde beauty.

When his rope is tightened under his strength, still as fascinated by the two monstrous breasts that swing back and forth of the bitch with a face covered in semen, masses of masses of flesh stop their wide movements. Very excited to be the new master of such beauty with such a body, by his will alone, seeing the two giant breasts stretch forward, the chief of the bandits gives a new small blow on his rope.

As an expert himself and for comparison, the bandit leader is clear. He, who has tested the three little pussies, can draw this conclusion. Admittedly, forcing his big limb into the two minuscule holes of the maids caused him a rapid rise in sperm, however, once he put his dick in the bottom of their uterus, the initial surprise had passed, the pleasure was finally not so great.

Small asses, small thighs, small tits, these eighteen-year-old girls have everything small. According to his experience, they must belong to one of those western tribes where women don't age until they are forty.

As he watches the little maids struggling to suck the six cocks that his men have just stuck in front of their lips, he recalls that this kind of women/teenagers were very fashionable when he was just a virgin.

The nobles, rich merchants and bourgeois went so far as spend all their savings to acquire these little immature beauties.

At that time, those sweet little pussies that squeezed their dicks, so much that the weakest among the men, spat their sperm as soon as they crossed the labia majora of this pretty girls. These overpriced slaves was part of the obligatory luxury products that every rich man had to possess.

Suddenly, his face darkens as he thought of the one who took his virginity from him. His father introduced her to him as the daughter of a friend. He was only 15 years old at the time, and when he saw this beautiful teenage girl with her ass waddling around, his heart immediately wavered.

A little shy and unsure of himself, the first time he lowered her panties, he inserted two fingers into her slimy pussy, yet he didn't dare penetrate her and finally, one evening, while everyone was asleep, he stuffed her ass in the stable. His cock having tasted the warm and humid female entrails, the next morning he rushed to her room, threw the teenage girl's blankets away and dryly, he penetrated her narrow vagina.

It wasn't glorious, for before he even got half of his sex between the beautiful girl's thighs, he felt his mind empty, fell backwards and propelled streams of sperm into her blankets.

For the young boy, life was sweet. Every day, until his balls turned blue, he was constantly fucking the teenage girl, and then he fell in love with her ass, her pussy and her mouth, which kept emptying his little seed bags. But this happiness came to an abrupt end when, by chance, he learned that his father had tricked him.

He had done it for his own good. So that he could grow up, but he felt cheated by the little bitch. That day, under the pretext of stuffing her pussy under a tree, he took his little whore by her little hand, brought her near the pond, and drowned her.

With a heavy heart, he watched for a long time the 35-year-old woman floating in the water. Distraught, it was a teenager, sad, alone and with his cock harder than ever, who walked away from this pond to which he never returned again.

To stop thinking about this incident that wounded his young heart, the leader of the bandits focuses his attention on the beautiful blonde who, despite the glans she's pumping, manages to scream with pleasure.

Contrary to those micro-girls he only half appreciates, when his big cock sticks into the slimy pussy of the tall blonde, he had the impression that his huge member was like being sucked into a bottomless hole. This delicious feeling, that this pussy, which was flooding him with jets of cyprine, was sucking his cock continuously, lasted when he started to file the walls of her young vagina. With great strokes of his loins, he inserted his colossus between the labia drooling majora of the young Baroness who screamed at each slap on the ass he gave her.

When he squeezed her two huge tits together to stick her big wet nipples together and grasp them with two fingers, the slut licked his fingers. Between going back and forth in that vagina neither too tight nor too wide and playing with the huge tits that they couldn't leave in peace, he ended up pulling out his cock and sent his long spurt of semen on the face of the beautiful one who, was still hungry, opened her mouth to collect the few drops that she could pick up with her little tongue.

"Come over here, bitch."

Seeing that the young woman with the gigantic tits that move back and forth too absorbed by the cock she sucks and the one she masturbates, doesn't respond to his order, the chief of the bandits, pulls his rope with force.

The rope tightens, the monstrous breasts of the beautiful one that are pulled forward are deformed until they stretch out by a third and they rise up.

Subjected to this pleasure of being dominated by a man and adept of bondage, Rhea, who observes her two big nipples crushed by the small rope, unconsciously obeys her new master whose enormous dick has managed to plunge into her uterus.

Spitting out the cock she was greedily sucking, her labia majora dripping incessantly on a ground soaked with her lustful juice slips slowly against the cock from which she is detaching herself, the young Baroness on her knees doesn't hesitate to advance like a dog to the giant limb that this dominator is waving to lure her between his thighs.

The leader of the bandits points his limb forward. Taking pleasure in seeing this blonde beauty giving him little lickings on the tip of the glans, but still frustrated when his eyes land on the two little maids who are enjoying themselves, he makes his decision.

"My men! File their pussies continuously. Use your fists, or use those strange objects placed on the shelves if you have to, but in two days time, when I'll taste those two little bitches again, I want to dive into larger holes that won't squeeze my big cock anymore. Starting tonight, you, my beautiful, will share the chef's bed. Follow me and I'll show you how a man must take care of a bitch like you."

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    《The travels of a Nymphomaniac》