The travels of a Nymphomaniac
45 The bitch and the beast. Part2
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The travels of a Nymphomaniac
Author :Bricker
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45 The bitch and the beast. Part2

Warning: The following chapters will be a bit harder.

... ... ...

The chief of the bandits quietly followed Rhea's footsteps. Holding back his laughter at the sight of the hungry mouth of the beautiful girl caressing the long rod without probably knowing what she was really touching, he couldn't wait to see her being threaded by this monstruous cock that in a few moments, will destroy her young vagina of horny slut.

Leaning against a wooden pillar, the voyeur also kept an eye on the beast whose breathing quickened as these little human hands viciously walked along his slime glans of anticipation.

With his big cock erect in his hand, his joy could not have been greater when suddenly, overexcited by the tiny fingers who lingered on the tip of his glans, the beast extended his hand and grabbed the human with the enormous breasts spitting milk.

Her two arms, held in a colossal hand that hangs her several feet off the ground, Rhea forgets all defence. Not that if she wanted to, she would be unable to free herself from the powerful hand that imprisons her, but, the boiling liquid that, taken by surprise, she spread all over her face when she was lifted from the ground intoxicates her so much, that drunk by this powerful pre-ejaculatory liquid, Rhea, who runs her tongue around her lips, feels no desire for it.

Takes by a spasm caused by too intense pleasure when two enormous fingers grab her breasts, then crush them completely provoking a jet of milk of several feet, Rhea feels her heart beating in her pussy. Too eager for the gigantic cock to destroy her, the beautiful blonde shakes her delicate hips with the hope that this beast will understand her call.

Thinking she's going crazy, literally pissing hot milk, she screams with pleasure every time the beast puts pressure on her monstrously breast.

If her center of gravity doesn't deceive her, the beast lowers a little the height at which he lifts her, but still carried away by this indescribable pleasure of feeling her whole breast so crushed that it completely deforms, now subjected to the powerful beast that plays with her, Rhea pays little attention to it.

Between two spurts of milk, under her rutting slut scream that implores the beast to fuck her, Rhea feels a huge thing that completely spreads her long legs. The boiling and slimy thing goes up along her thighs to come and land against her dripping young vagina.

If a moment ago, part of her was blaming herself for not having sucked the tip of the colossal cock, she completely forgets this sad episode when she feels the inordinate glans sticking against her labia majora. The giant dick following the soft line of her small vagina, Rhea, arches back. Coming before time of receiving this cock deep inside her, a stream of urine comes to greet the sex of the grunting beast who adjusts the little pussy of the human woman to position her correctly on the tip of his extremely tense colossus.

Berserk, observing the drops of urine flowing along his dick, the beast who feels by instinct that the human woman desires copulation as much as he does, lets go of her arms. One of his gigantic hands comes to rest on the enormous breasts of the little creature. For a better grip, he squeezes her long udders between his fingers after placing her against his powerful bust, his other hand grabs his titanic cock.

The human woman's pussy is more than slimy. Her wet hole is continuously overflowing with tantalizingly cyprine whose female odor drives him crazy, but considering the small size of the creature, the beast decides to prepare the tiny hole to receive his 26 inch wide cock.

With his hand, the beast slowly manipulates his enormous drooling glans along the human woman's small pussy. Gently for him but brutally for her, his extremity that tries to get between the labia majora of this human female with huge breasts, moves against the entrance of the wet little pussy.

Encouraged by the human female's pleas in the form of a howl of pleasure and who waves her ass, the beast begins to force his way into the hairless little pussy.

Frustrated when his 5.9 foot cock fails to penetrate this too small hot hole, the beast, crushes the little thing's breasts and shows his annoyance by uttering an angry howl that sweeps across the surrounding plains.

This hole is too small for his dick to tear it without further preparation. Realizing this, the beast drops his gigantic cock. His hand now free, his powerful index finger caresses the soft little labia majora that seems to want to suck his finger, but wanting to release his sperm into the belly of the little human woman as quickly as possible, he detaches himself from its slimy walls and without further ado, he vigorously pushes his gigantic finger towards the inside of the lower belly of the little thing that serves the teeth.

Completely caught unawares and penetrated by this huge finger that heats up the walls of her little pussy, Rhea can't breathe anymore. With tears in her eyes, the rag that prevents her from seeing quickly becomes soaked with the tears of the beautiful girl whose teeth are clenched because of the pain she is now feeling.

Faster and faster. More and more violently. Deeper and deeper. Without giving her the slightest respite, the finger of the beast devastates her little pussy which, to welcome this colossal guest, produces more cyprine than ever.


With each push of his finger in the little pussy, a jet of compressed cyprine waters the muscular arm of the beast which, feeling the small hole widening very quickly, is more and more excited.


His grunts mixed with the sensual moans of pleasure of the sublime Rhea, are a fascinating music for the chief of the bandits who observes this incredible scene.

The rutting beast, who never stops drooling on his bitch's head, now pushes his middle finger into her little pussy from which very abundant jets of cyprine are continuously propelled.

As before, when a second finger forcibly enters between her labia majora dripping with juice, the perverse man sees the beautiful blonde clenching her teeth.

When, in order to properly prepare his partner for mating, the two fingers of the beast reach the entrance of the beautiful's vagina and slowly move apart to widen her already extremely dilated hole, the bandit leader's cannot take their eyes off this spectacle that he will probably never see again.

For a while, while liters of cyprin flow on the ground, while brutally massaging her breasts, the beast maintains this position which slowly dilates the little human woman's vagina. Penetrating the vagina much wider again, probably estimating that his sex slave is ready, the chief of the bandits, watches the beast grasping his oversized cock, shaking it contentedly, then after a beastly howl, the monster tries to push it into the hole of Rhea whose drool falls on her nipples swollen with milk and more exciting than ever.

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    《The travels of a Nymphomaniac》