Throne of Magical Arcana
908 Gradual Movemen
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Throne of Magical Arcana
Author :Cuttlefish That Loves Diving
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908 Gradual Movemen

Inside the pope's library in the Holy City…

"Your Holiness, there's a piece of secret intelligence from the north." A red robe delivered the confidential file sent by the transmission circle in reverence.

Pope Gregory took over the letter and opened it, reading it carefully. The red robe, on the other hand, waited for his instruction, ready to dispatch His Holiness' order to all the parishes.

"Maltimus has secretly controlled a city in the Schachran Empire that is closed to the northwest of the Dark Mountain Range. He's planning to arrive through blood sacrifice." The pope appeared rather shocked. It was obvious that he did not expect that the Lord of Hell could have done so much right under his nose. It seemed that years of victories and the chaos at the edge of the Dark Mountain Range had blinded the clerics.

If Aradeline hadn't been murdered for accidentally discovering the conspiracy of hiding sorcerers and devils, which forced the dozen parishes in the north to investigate with full strength, he probably wouldn't have known anything until the Lord of Hell arrived.

Slightly riled, he picked up the platinum staff and rose abruptly before he announced, "Summon Ivan and Gwent to Godfrey City to the northwest of the Dark Mountain Range. I shall purge the polluted land myself."

He did not go there alone recklessly. After all, his enemy was a demigod. If he defeated Maltimus with a high price, it was possible that the stealthy Silver Moon would arrive from the sky. So, he summoned two saints to Godfrey City. One of them was a top legend, and the other was close to the peak of legendary. In such a way, there wouldn't be any problem.

"Understood, Your Holiness." The red robe began to draft the order.

Thinking for a moment, Gregory nodded. "In the meantime, compliment Felix for his remarkable investigation, which will offset his punishment for letting Aradeline be killed."

"As you wish," the red robe said respectfully.

After leaving his seal on the order, Gregory stepped into the transmission circle, planning to destroy the Lord of Hell's hope before his arrival.


An hour later, in the high sky of Godfrey City…

Gregory looked down below grimly without saying anything.

Ivan, who had golden hair, scratched his rising nose and said solemnly, "We're still late."

The city down below had been entirely enshrouded in blood. Painful and yet somewhat charming screams were bursting out. In the middle of the blood, corpses were floating up and down. It was most dreadful.

At the center of the city, a hideous gate, which was engraved with the skulls of countless devils and humans, was disappearing. The intense stink of sulfur was rising.

Gregory sniffed. "It's not late. At least, Maltimus hasn't got out of here yet."

His greatest concern was that Maltimus would escape and instigate trouble everywhere instead of fighting him upon arrival. With the guy's strength as a demigod and his cunningness, the "country of faith" under the God of Truth would be mired in continual trouble, and the sorcerers, dark creatures, and heretical churches that hadn't been wiped out yet would have a chance to catch their breath.

If a demigod was determined to run whenever he sensed something wrong, it would be quite tricky even though the pope had God's Arrival.

After saying that, he raised his right hand without any hesitation. Raising the platinum staff high, he said solemnly, "The Almighty God of Truth, you are one, and everyone.

"You are the moment, and forever.

"You are the creator, and master."

Streaks of holy light burst out from his body and flowed on the surface, making him dazzlingly sacred.

In the meantime, the magnificent, solemn, divine, and transcendental vibe descended from unknown heights and completely covered the city.

Inside the city, a fuzzy shadow that had a pair of goat horns appeared. Releasing the horrible air of evil and corruption, it tried to get away from the locking of God's Arrival.

Behind the creature, the nine-floored hell appeared in turns. The Bronze Castle, the Burning Metropolis, and the Silent Plain seemed real.

In all the cities nearby, the believers knelt and prayed, feeling touched. There were indescribable warmth and peace around them.

"You are one, and everyone.

"You are the moment, and forever."

The prayer came to the sky of Godfrey City, hollow, vast, and shocking.

In the sky, the projection of Mountain Paradise showed up. The angels and the holy spirits all prayed, and hymns were echoing nonstop.

Gregory slightly narrowed his eyes and waved his platinum staff gravely.

From the seventh floor of Mountain Paradise, infinite light broke out and gathered into an ocean of holy light, drowning Godfrey City.


Miserable screams came from inside the city. The enormous evil figure quickly collapsed.

Everything was soon over. The whole city disappeared from the surface of the planet.

Gregory's face was pale, and his right hand was shivering beyond his control, but his voice was still rather steady. "Compliment Felix again. His intelligence is invaluable."

It would've been a major disaster if he were slightly late.

"As you command, Your Holiness," Ivan and Gwent said at the same time.

Gregory nodded his head. "Alright, return to the Holy City with me."

From what he could see, the Silver Moon probably wouldn't take any action.

At this moment, Ivan asked concernedly, "Your Holiness, should we postpone the Highest Conference of the Church next month until next year?"

"No, let's stick to our schedule." Gregory reviewed himself and felt that he was still in good shape. So, he was unwilling to show other people that he was weak. After all, he had rested for enough years, and he did not use God's Arrival twice in a row.

"Alright, Your Holiness." Ivan drew a cross on his chest and prayed in a low voice, "Only Truth lives forever."


"Oliver has redefined the four elements and included gravity in them. Then, what are elements really? They require strict definitions. I believe that there is a myriad of elements in this world. For example, it's impossible that gold, silver, and sulfur are the same element. They do not have many experimental similarities." Hathaway was never afraid to reveal her poor verbal skills during arcana discussions. Her silver eyes were full of excitement.

Douglas nodded. "That's a great idea. I feel that I'm enlightened."

Before he finished his sentence, Fernando walked in gloomily and said, "The Lord of Hell has been blown back to hell by the pope."

"What happened?" Douglas asked, frowning.

Fernando described the intelligence he received in great detail. In the end, he concluded, "I thought that he had a great scheme. So, it was nothing more than a secret arrival, which hadn't really been kept a secret at all. He was discovered by the Church in advance and enjoyed a 'God's Arrival'. What an idiot."

"Do you really think the Lord of Hell is an idiot?" Douglas showed unusual excitement.

Fernando thought for a moment but had to admit it. "He's not an idiot, so…"

He paused, because he thought of something critical.

Other people might be unaware that the Lord of Hell had been planning a major scheme since decades ago, but Fernando knew it very well!

"Therefore, the fact that he is blown back to hell by God's Arrival means that the real big scheme is upcoming. Otherwise, he wouldn't have come in person to distract the pope's attention with his heavy wounds as a price. Our opportunity will come in half a year at most." Douglas stood up abruptly as his excitement was replaced by calmness.

Fernando nodded and agreed with Douglas' deduction. Hathaway also rose and said with mixed feelings, "I'll go inform my grandpa."

The Sword of Truth was almost four hundred years old, and he had suffered heavy wounds in the fierce battles in the past when he always led the charge valiantly. He was now teetering at the end of his life. Also, ten years ago, a legendary ritual did not really succeed, and his longevity was only extended by thirty years. So, if there was still not an opportunity, the Congress of Magic probably would lose the firm ally who had been disappointed by the Church.

As a king, Hoffenberg could not tolerate the restraints on nobles right now.

"This opportunity comes a bit early. None of you has become a legend yet. We are still relatively weak," Douglas said with mixed feelings. After the Congress was established, Fernando and Hathaway revealed brilliant talents, and so did Oliver who joined later than them. They all showed the potentials of being a legend. In other organizations that were in partnership with them, thanks to the Congress of Magic's dissemination of knowledge, Vicente, Erica, Owen, Thomas, Terrie, and many other people were also making remarkable progress. They were regarded as future legends, but the time was still too short for the new-generation legends to be born.

"Hu. In any case, now that the opportunity has come, we cannot evade it." Even a man as carefree as Fernando sighed. If they failed again, it would be barely possible for them to rise again.

"Thankfully, both Congus and Amanata are legends now. Together with the Lord of Frigidity, the Eye of Curse, and me, we are at least as good as the nobles in Holm." Douglas smiled and comforted them.

Fernando chuckled. "You are a monster who can unleash the power of the peak even though you are only on level three. It's a pity that it will take some more time before you really reach the peak."

"There are as many unknowns in this world as there are stars. For an arcanist, there is never a peak," Douglas replied subtly.

Hathaway suddenly interjected, "I've reestablished the Will of Elements."

"Huh?" Fernando looked at her in confusion, wondering why she reestablished the Will of Elements. Was she considering withdrawing from the Congress?

"In the future, when the Congress starts to merge other organizations instead of uniting with them, the Will of Elements will be an example." Hathaway had considered it for a long time and therefore said rather fluently.

Fernando's lips twitched. "It's really visionary of you…"

However, it's certainly not a bad thing to have great hopes.

"Let's not get ahead of ourselves but be fully prepared and seize this opportunity!" Douglas took a breath and clenched his right hand subconsciously.

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