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To all the boys I've loved before
Author :Soraya_Louis
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2 Chapter 2

Of all the people I could have bumped into it was Gen; Genevieve we used to be best friends, but post-middle school, for reasons having to do with her popularity and my lack thereof, we are now decidedly not.

Gen: Cute boots. Thank you so much for your


Me: They're vintage, but I got them on Etsy.

Chris: And they're amazing ! Not everybody can pull them of. Lara Jean can rock'em. But for you, cuz, well, let's just say that it's probably a good thing your playing it safe with those Uggs.

Christine, Chris

Gen' s cousin my best friend, my only friend, really.

Gen: You know what Chrissie, screw you, you

know my feet are always cold.

Peter: Hey babe.

Gen: Oh! Hi

Peter: How you doing?

Gen: I'm good. How are you?

Peter: Good.

Remember Peter the second non-recipient of one of my love letters. That's this Peter. Gen's Peter. Seventh grade my first real boy/girl party. Everyone knew that Peter and Gen, who at the time was still my BFF only wanted to kiss each other. But we kissed anyway.

Gen: So I was just complimenting Lara Jean on her government issued-boots. Come on I see someone we need to say hi to. Bye!

Peter: What... She stopped drinking caffine for some diet, I think she's withdrawal, so...

Me: Are you sure she just doent't have a chemical imbalance

Peter: Right...

Peter leaves akwardly

Me: Do you really think my boots are amazing ?

Chris: If you ask, it ruins the hole vibe. Be cool. Anyway, you think I'm gonna let my cousin talk trash about you ?

A few hours later, at the cafeteria

I coudn't find Chris I texted her and she replied that she had a subway craving so I decided to go and eat on the bleechers Josh was there.

Me: Umm is this seat taken ?

Josh: Yeah... Well, by you. I gotta ask did she tell you she was gonna do it ? Because I just figure you guys talk about everything, right. So....

Me: She didn't tell me about this.

Josh: We're still cool, right ? We can still talk and... you know, kick it ?

Me: Ugh, don't say ``kick it``. Yes, we are cool.

Josh: Good.

Me: Do you want a carrot ?

Josh: Give me a carrot.

I know what you're thinking, but we really were cool. However I felt about Josh... I would never do that to Margot.

I finished school and I have to drive both me and Kitty home.

Kitty: The middle school cafeteria is so ginormous. Alison wanted to sit next to me at lunch, but so did Brianna and so did Katy. I ended up rotating so everyone had time to sit next to me, you know ?

Me: Yeah, I can totally relate.

We got inside the car, tide are seatbealt's then Kitty put's on her helmet.

Me: Really ?

Kitty: Course.

I backed up and almost ran over someone. Guess who ?

To be continued....
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