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There was a long pause of silence before Wu Yun Liang began to laugh sadly and sigh, "I don't think I could have done that either!"

What right would you have to ask someone to do something while you yourself don't even do it?

"Regardless, you have already killed Shi Qian Shan and his space in the plan needs to be filled. There shall be no more arguments on this issue. I have made up my mind. You will be going in his stead. You will work hard for your future and in the process, help Beyond the Heavens Sect." Wu Yun Liang said after thinking for a while.

Chu Yang kept silent

If I choose to accept this tasking, I will essentially diverge from what I have done in my previous life. Moreover, I have to face a formidable foe - Diwu Qing Rou!

Chu Yang was now nothing but a simple Jiang Hu martial artist. To defeat a commander of large armies who was known for his skill and talent would be nearly impossible!

Chu Yang had originally planned to use the knowledge and experiences that he had gathered from his past life to live a prosperous life. However, at this point, he realised that his life would become unpredictable and filled with uncertainty!

Regardless of whether it was the danger or the enlightenment, with respect to his past life, it was both more than a hundred times more!

The change of major events and essentially the entire world was relying on the might of a single individual. There will be many dangerous situations and Chu Yang only has a single life. His life was about to become one which he was to confront destiny and change history, perhaps even altering fate!

Chu Yang simply could not afford to retreat!

For everything I love, Qing Wu, master and myself. I will destroy whatever destiny has planned for me. I will change it!

"I will go!" Chu Yang said with an extremely serious tone. His demeanor was extremely composed yet apprehensive of what was yet to come.

Wu Yun Liang relaxed slightly after Chu Yang agreed to go, "However, I have one condition."

"What condition? Speak! If the sect could do it, then it will be done. Even if you want this old man to bow in front of you… I will!" Wu Yun Liang said relaxing once again.

"I would like to enter the Seven Shades Congregation Grounds!" Chu Yang said with a stern look as he lifted his head and looked right into the eyes of Wu Yun Liang. "I do not want to compete for the title of top disciple nor the position of Sect Master. I would simply like to enhance my martial power if just a little. If you accede to my request, I shall go to Iron Cloud Nation!"

"Not a problem! I will let you in tomorrow!" Wu Yun Liang took two unhurried steps. His eyes suddenly flashed as the opportunity had presented itself.

Chu Yang was filled with excitement… Nine Tribulation Sword! You are almost mine!

Chu Yang knew that the key to inverting destiny and changing history was the Nine Tribulation Sword. It was his hidden ace and an absolute force that was in Chu Yang's hand!

"Once you embark on this mission, I shall erase every single trace of your time at Beyond the Heavens Sect. From that moment forth, you shall no longer be a disciple of Beyond the Heavens Sect. Despite the difficulty of this task and the dangers that you will face, I need you to accomplish this task alone. I can only supply you with thirty thousand taels and a good sword. With regards to items to support your cultivation, I shall give them to you in secret whenever you and I make contact."

Wu Yun Liang exhaled and said, "Our opponent is none other than Diwu Qing Rou. We cannot afford to be careless in anyway. Should Iron Cloud survive, Beyond the Heavens Sect shall rise and prosper. You can be a minister in Iron Cloud if that is your choice. However, do know that if you decide to return to the sect, we will welcome you with open arms!

"The sect's ranking competition is simply a ruse to attract attention from the outside. It is nothing but a simple tradition, not worth anything to you. I hope that no matter what happens, you will not forget the things that I have told you today."

Chu Yang nodded solemnly.

"Currently, Qian Qian is already at Iron Cloud Citadel. The others, ninth martial uncle, Xue Ye, and Mu Shang do not know you. I will tell Qian Qian what she needs to do."

"No, just let me talk to her." Chu Yang quickly rejecting his offer. If I am to change my identity then not letting anyone know is the best plan. To make it even flawless, after I change my identity, not even Wu Yun Liang should know.

Only then would it be absolutely safe!

With regards to the materials necessary for cultivation that Wu Yun Liang promised… I will wait and see how the situation plays out. I only need the first fragment of Nine Tribulation Sword. Once I have what I need, I wouldn't even need other cultivation materials!

Chu Yang finally clearly understood why Wu Qian Qian liked Shi Qian Shan in the previous life. It was simply because Shi Qian Shan took on this mission and spent time with Wu Qian Qian…

Either way, Chu Yang would have to make a trip to Iron Cloud Nation for the second fragment of the NIne Tribulation Sword. It was hidden in a secret location within the citadel of the Iron Cloud Nation.

In his previous life, Chu Yang travelled to the citadel of Iron Cloud after it had fallen. He was able to find it using the sense of the first sword fragment. He only managed to obtain the second fragment a year after he had gotten his hands on the first sword fragment. Furthermore, this allowed him to increase his cultivation rate by many times after had obtained it.

The Nine Tribulation Sword had extremely strict restrictions in terms of cultivation level. If an individual's cultivation was not high enough and had contact with the second sword fragment, he could suffer serious injuries.

It was the morning of the day after he had accepted the mission.

Meng Chao Ran stood in front of Purple Bamboo Forest and looked at the disciple that he has such high hope for. For the longest time, he did not say a word.

After a long period, Meng Chao Ran sighed, "Chu Yang, this time your chances of survival are extremely slim due to the amount of danger you will be exposed to! Furthermore, you will be in located in a region where you do not know anyone! You will only be able to rely on yourself for survival even in the most desperate of situations!"

He paused and looked at Chu Yang a while before saying, "You… did you think about this through?"

Chu Yang was about to answer when his master waved his arm to stop him, "You do not need to make your decision so quick. Please think about it carefully. Not even the Sect Master can force you to do the things you don't want to do. If you choose not to, I shall look for the sect master and tell him to find someone else instead!"

Chu Yang was deeply touched. He was at a critical point in his life where the decision that he makes would decide his future. Furthermore, Meng Chao Ran, who was always composed, lost control and shown how he felt.

"There are many things in life that we know we cannot do but still have to. Just as there are many things that we know we should avoid yet are inevitable. It was master who told me that we must have something in life to protect and care for." Chu Yang said sincerely, "This mission I am undertaking is because of the things I want to protect… I must do it!"

Meng Chao Ran was silent. After a while, he walked towards Chu Yang and patted him on his back. He lifted his arm, stopping it in mid-air for a while before slowly lowering his arm, straightening the hem of Chu Yang's shirt and smoothing out the wrinkles on it. He then took a few steps back and looked at Chu Yang for a brief moment. He let out a deep sigh as he turned away looking far away into the sky with folded arms.

"Master!" With a surge of warmth inside him, Chu Yang could not help but call out.

A long while later, Meng Chao Ran waved his sleeve, and spoke with a husky voice, "I will bring you… to Gathering Clouds Peak! To Seven Shades Congregation Grounds!" After saying so he started to march away without turning back.

Meng Chao Ran refused to turn around, afraid his disciple would discover his inner weakness.

He only had three disciples in his whole life. A few days ago, the first disciple betrayed him and died. Currently, the second disciple was about to embark on an uncertain journey, one which was bound to have many hidden dangers and difficulties!

How could this make any teacher feel reassured?


Both teacher and student moved towards the direction of Gathering Clouds Peak in silence. Meng Chao Ran in the front, Chu Yang in the back. Neither of them opening their mouths.

It was early in the morning and the winds chilled to the bone. The weather they felt that day was extremely bleak and it was as though they carried a burden as they knew that they would soon move in separate paths.

After a long moment, the mountain came into view and Chu Yang finally opened his mouth, "Master, Tan Tan, he… still doesn't know about this, I…"

"Don't worry. I will take really good care of him." Meng Chao Ran said coldly, "From now on, I will treat him like I would an only child. After all, if you die, I can only rely on Tan Tan to take care of me in my old age!"

Chu Yang held his tongue and did say anything else but as he heard this, he was completely reassured.

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