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A Great Sword Master that has been pushed to this point by a lack of gold and silver, and yet he has not resorted to stealing or robbing… Chu Yang could not help but to praise this man's perseverance, though he disagreed with his approach to life.

"Gu… Du Xing is it?" Chu Yang smiled lightly and put on a puzzled look. He then pointed at the four weapons which were hanging on the wall, "Why don't you check out the weapons that I have and see how they compare with yours?"

Chu Yang got to his feet and took a long sword as well as a great saber from the wall. He placed them in front of Gu Du Xing.

Gu Du Xing was taken aback and his face displayed a look of disdain. He inspected the weapons and said, "These sabers and swords of yours look brand new and have never been used before. It is readily apparent that they have been forged recently. Their scabbards are made of regular metal, even though they shine with light and appear expensive. They're not worth much."

This guy was extremely straightforward.

"Such weapons are typically mass produced. They're alright for killing a chicken, and at best you could use it to fool people who don't know better…" As he spoke, Gu Du Xing reached out for the long sword. He was indeed a true Great Sword Master, for he did not even turn to look at the saber. The moment the sword was in his hand, Gu Du Xing made an "oh" sound. The look of disdain was instantly wiped off his face and replaced with great marvel.

"This sword, there's something wrong with this sword…" Gu Du Xing mumbled as his heart skipped a beat. This sword was even heavier than his own sword!

Chu Yang snickered, stood up and entered the back room. He thought, "This guy must be hungry, I should probably prepare something for him to eat. Chu Yang was one hundred percent assured with leaving his weapons alone with Gu Du Xing. If he could not even trust someone who would not steal even when faced with starvation and would opt to pawn his beloved sword, then there really must have been no one else in the world he could trust.

He would not be surprised if Diwu Qing Rou were to steal his sword, but if Gu Du Xing committed such a crime… then wouldn't that be a joke?

As he carried the food back into the main room, he noticed that Gu Du Xing was sitting at the table, still gazing at the blade and maintaining his shocked facial expression. He appeared to be unconcerned about the food that Chu Yang had carried out despite his hunger. All he did was stare at the sword in his hand and murmured to himself, "How could this be possible? How could this sword that has not been watered and nourished with blood be this sharp?"

"Is there such a thing as impossible?" Chu Yang grabbed a thick iron bar in one hand and grabbed the sword that Gu Du Xing held in his other hand. He then shaved the iron bar as if peeling the skin off an apple.

"Ting", with a soft metal sound, a thin piece was shaved off the thick iron bar. Gu Du Xing perceptive eyes allowed him to deduce that Chu Yang's hands had not used much power.

Merely relying on the sword's own sharpness!

"Ting", another piece.

"Ting… Ting…"

A patch of iron shavings shone on the ground as the thick iron bar was shaved down by half its original size.

Gu Du Xing felt like his mind was collapsing.

He had many issues in his life such as family problems and had snuck out. In a hurry, he had an oversight and had forgotten to bring along money. He pawned off most of the items he had carried along the way.

He did not wear jewelry since he was not a woman. All he had were a jade pendant and a few concealed weapons made of precious metals.

However, Gu Du Xing was completely annoyed by the owners of pawn shops time and again. They were out to cheat his money and claimed that his jade pendant was a 'crappy jade' while his precious metals were 'crappy metals'...

Could there even be 'crappy' materials for such precious items?

Gu Du Xing was determined to not enter any other pawn shop though he had been starving for two days. This was because he knew what kind of treasure his Black Dragon was. He was afraid that he would be unable to restrain himself and whip out his sword to murder someone if those idiots called it a 'crappy sword'!

He indefinitely found his way here after hearing about the rumor that the 'Heavenly Armament Pavilion' had scared a man to insanity.

He felt relieved after seeing the three words 'Heavenly Armament Pavilion'.

Heavenly Armament Pavilion… Wasn't his Black Dragon a heavenly armament?

There were absolutely no other words that could compare to his Black Dragon, besides the two words 'heavenly armament'!

Even the words 'heavenly armament' was not sufficient to describe it!

This was because Black Dragon actually had a spirit within!

Thus, Gu Du Xing had already made up his mind when he walked in. He would earn the money as quickly as he could to redeem Black Dragon back so long as the other party accepted his offer.

Of course, he would only be reassured if there was a prerequisite that the boss of Heavenly Armament Pavilion had to cherish his Black Dragon!

How would he have known that a place that he so casually entered would actually have such a treasure of a sword! The legendary 'cut iron as if it were mud'... Did I really just witness it?

Gu Du Xing pinched his thigh in secrecy and determined that he was not in a dream. In a flash, he suddenly became infuriated!

He was fuming!

"You actually put this sword up here with the intention to sell it to those vulgar animals?" Gu Du Xing rose to his feet hastily. He looked up and stared fiercely at Chu Yang.

The rumbling in his belly was roaring and his mouth was growling at the same time. He was infinitely furious!

"Er?" Chu Yang blinked his eye several times.

"You! This is blasphemy! This is a crime! This is an insult to these divine weapons!" Gu Du Xing yelled. His heart was close to exploding with rage as he saw the surprised expression on Chu Yang's face.

Only a superior swordsman can obtain such a divine sword! The common folk does not deserve it at all!

Had it not been told that treasured swords were gifts to heroes and pearls were gifts to beauties? How could typical human beings deserve to own any of these divine weapons?

The name 'heavenly armament' most definitely fit the description perfectly!

"I will not allow this!" Gu Du Xing jumped up and his eyes were sharp, "I will never allow this!"

Chu Yang was dazed. He looked at the man in front of him, whose stomach made growls of hunger and was on the verge of starvation. He was moving about hysterically in his shop and appeared to be overly-enthusiastic. He actually forbade him to sell his own items… This was too much, wasn't it?

"Umm, buddy, it appears that this store belongs to me." Chu Yang was astonished.

Gu Du Xing froze for a moment. All of a sudden, he said oppressively, "What is yours? It's not alright even if it's yours!"

Chu Yang was at a loss for words. It appeared that this idiot had been possessed by a sword, hence his quick advancements. This was no ordinary addiction, it was an extreme obsession.

"This… this… this, this is a sword that's so rare to even see once in a lifetime!" Gu Du Xing's entire body, inclusive of his eyes and face seemed to give off a frantic vibe, "This is... This is a perfect sword… This is a suitable killing tool! How refreshing would it be to pierce a person's heart or cut a person's head off using such a sword? It's already delightful to just have the thought!"

As he spoke, he closed his eyes while making sword-like gestures with his hands. He mimicked the sounds of a sword at the same time. "Ka! Ka! This is a real sword! This is what the sword's fate should be!"

Chu Yang was astonished. He instantly considered this madman to be in the same ranks as mental patients. It was unbelievable that such people actually existed.

Gu Du Xing was so excited that it seemed as if he was having a fit. He unsheathed the great saber on the table with a loud clang. His convulsion became more aggressive as he glared at the saber's shine. He was on the brink of a severe seizure. "This great saber… This great saber is a scarcely seen treasure…"

He jumped to the wall. He withdrew both the short sword and small saber from their scabbards with a smooth sound.

"This must be the dream of all the martial artists in the world!" Gu Du Xing was deeply affected. All at once, he gave Chu Yang a cold stare, "You you you… you actually intend to sell these blades?! You actually intend to sell the dreams of the world's martial artists?!"

He stared and approached Chu Yang step by step. His facial muscles were cramping, his eyes were bulging out like a frog's and instantaneously narrowed, with his lips shivering, he roared, "Are you still human?!"

Chu Yang was utterly confused!

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