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"Awooh!" Ji Mo jumped up in exhilaration and ran all around the yard. "Hahaha! Oh heaven, oh great earth, my life's dream finally came through! Wow, this is simply amazing…"

"Don't be too happy just yet!" Chu yang's face became stern. Upon hearing Chu Yang's voice, Ji Mo instantly became as mute as a clam. With a pleasing smile on his face, he coaxed Chu Yang and tried desperately to simmer his anger. "Big brother, what order do you have for me? Rest assured, if you tell me to scale a mountain of blades, I would definitely not defy your orders. If you tell me to go east, I would definitely not go west. If you want me to beat Gu Du Xing up, I would definitely not torture Luo Ke Di!"

Right after he said those sentences, people around threw him glances.

"Do you want a long or short sword? I only have one of each." Chu Yang asked assertively. The moment those words came out of Chu Yang's mouth, Luo Ke Di immediately jumped up and shouted next to him, "Big brother, I would like a short sword! "

Luo Ke Di's martial art was of the agile type so the long sword would not have been apt for him given his dexterity. He had been wanting a short sword for a very long time.

"Go to hell! Why would I give you a sword? Did you breakthrough?" Ji Mo questioned him angrily. He pondered on it for a long time before muttering under his breath, "I want the long sword…"

Luo Ke Di let out a sigh of relief as his eyes beamed with a touch of gratitude.

"Are you sure?" Chu Yang asked seriously.

"Sure!" Ji Mo nodded profusely.

Ji Mo was unlike Luo Ke Di. Ji Mo's Ji clan martial techniques could make use of both the long swords and short swords. The short and long swords have their own advantages and disadvantages. However, when it comes to surprising their enemy, the short swords were more convenient as they can be an element of surprise.

However, now that he knew Luo Ke Di fancied the short sword more than the long one, he decided to leave the short sword for him for the sake of brotherhood.

"Good!" Chu Yang said in admiration towards the sacrifice Ji Mo made for his brother. He knew that Ji Mo really wanted the short sword and was very proud of Ji Mo for making a move like this.

That word, "brotherhood", had slowly begun to engrave deeply in the hearts of these Middle Threw Heavens young masters.

"Alright, I will agree to your terms. The swords are with GuDu Xing. Just tell Gu Du Xing to pass it to you when you see him." Chu Yang was glad that they manage to come to an agreement.

Ji Mo's mouth twitches in dismay when he realized that he was blindsided. He recalled that he had to kiss up to Chu Yang earlier and had even talked about beating up Gu Du Xing just for the sword. Now, he had seen karma in the blink of an eye!

He turned to look in Gu Du Xing's direction with a grimace look on his face. What he saw was second brother's cold face with his mouth curled up in a sneer. He sinisterly looked at Ji Mo saying " Oh Ji Mo, you want the short sword?"

Ji Mo's mouth dropped as he realized the trap he fell in.

"Second elder brother...dearest second elder brother and my savior…" Ji Mo frantically ran in front of Gu Du Xing and seized the golden opportunity to do some flattery.

Gu Du Xing turned up and looked towards the sky arrogantly.

Ji Mo whizzed in front of Gu Du Xing's face, "Second elder brother please…"

Gu Du Xing turned again and looked at the sky once again.

Ji Mo jumped around in frustration and was perspiring profusely.

"Ahhh ouch, my neck hurts." Gu Du Xing twisted his neck and forth making cracking sounds.

"Second elder brother, let… let me massage it for you…" Ji Mo said as he reached out to massage Gu Du Xing with a flattering expression on his face.

"Ahhh, my shoulders ache very much too…" Gu Du Xing sighed pretentiously.

Ji Mo remained patient and said, " Second elder brother, let me massage your shoulders for you."

"This arm feels really uncomfortable… My lower lumbar too. I am really getting old." Gu Du Xing sighed pretentiously again.

He was testing Ji Mo's patience and Ji Mo was already on the verge of bursting out in anger.

"My legs hurt too…"

"Let me massage for you, sir…"

"Don't forget my lower lumbar, I am getting old" Gu Du Xing let out a heavy sigh pretentiously.

Ji Mo was at his limit, Gu Du Xing was pushing his luck. Ji Mo worked from top to bottom and beads of perspiration were already forming on his forehead. He was soaked with perspiration but he had no choice but to succumb to Gu Du Xing's wants.

"Alright! Since you are so persistent and obedient, I shall…"Gu Du Xing intentionally took his time with his words as he wanted to see how Ji Mo reacted.

Ji Mo listened attentively and replied, "Don't worry second elder brother, I will abide by your orders from now on and will not defy them regardless of the adversities I might face."

"This is all your own doing, Things would have been fine but you just had to find trouble for yourself. You even had to go to the extent of begging me. How pathetic!" Gu Du Xing said spitefully.

"Yes, yes! I am shameless, it is all my fault!" Ji Mo replied with a tinge of sadness in his voice amidst the anger he was dealing with. He had no one to blame but himself for his own words and needless to say, he had to face the grave consequences alone.

"Alright fine!" Gu Du Xing was also losing his patience and he did not want to deal with Ji Mo anymore. Not wanting to tease and bother him anymore, he returned with a long sword after leaving for a short while. "Here you go, this is yours." Gu Du Xing tossed the sword in hand lightly over to Ji Mo.

"Hey don't let it fall!" Ji Mo leaped forward to catch the sword. His eyes lit up with awe and beamed with a smile spread across his face.

."Wow… My sword…" Ji Mo clutched the sword tightly and for a moment, he forgot the pain he had to go through just to retrieve his sword back. He proudly drew the sword out and seemed like the happiest man on earth. Luo Ke Di and Rui Bu Tong stared at the sword in envy as they had never owned something so precious in their entire lives.

"Hahaha…" Ji Mo suddenly looked up at the sky and laughed insanely. A sinister aura was felt as Ji Mo said, "Gu Du Xing! Second Elder Brother Gu! Come over here! Use your Black Dragon Sword! You junior brother wants to have a match with you!"

The other four were astounded. Their eyes widened in disbelief and their mouths gaped open as they look at the shameless punk with countless blue veins surfacing on his forehead.

"Muahahaha, dog aunt! Dog aunt! (1)" Ji Mo looked up at the heavens arrogantly and swore without a care in the world. As he felt as if he was in seventh heaven, the profanities that he spewed were very crude and unrespectful.

Gu Du Xing could not hold his rage back any longer and he yelled, " Let's beat this unrespectful dog up!"

Charging forward, the three people simultaneously rushed up fought fiercely without holding back. They ignored the long sword in Ji Mo's hand as they proceed to beat Ji Mo to the ground with a mix of heavy punches and relentless kicks.

Ji Mo was caught completely off guard and his body was immediately flattened on the ground within seconds. Gu Du Xing was grabbed on to his neck with two legs firmly while restraining his elbows and slammed him to the ground. Following that were punches that fell like rain on to Ji Mo's face and body.

Rui Bu Tong was enjoying this feat of revenge as he sat on Ji Mo's back and constantly slammed Ji Mo down with his butt. As for Luo Ke Di, he sat on Ji Mo's voluptuous and juicy butt. He grabbed Ji Mo's helpless thighs like eagle capturing its prey. He then proceeded to pinch him on both of his thighs without mercy.

"No, no! Please forgive me, I won't taunt and challenge all of you anymore, please!" Ji Mo's face was buried so deep in the snow that they could barely understand what he said. All they heard were some muffled sounds begging for mercy. His two legs continued to kick and twitch in pain.

After what seemed like an eternity for Ji Mo, Chu Yang yelled for everyone to stop from afar. Chu Yang was trying his best to hold back his laughter as he pulled Ji Mo out of the snow. By this time, Ji Mo was already as flatten like a piece of pancake. Ji Mo felt so humiliated that he screamed angrily and wanted to fight back as soon as he was pulled out of the snow.

"Okay, that's enough, stop it. We have more important matters at hand. I need all the information on that person in blue that we just ran into." Chu Yang's demeanor became stern and somber. "What do you think his rank is?"

"Hmm, I guess definitely Emperor level but possibly higher!" When it came down to serious matters, the four stopped playing a fool and immediately became serious. Luo Ke Di pondered a little and replied, "Hmm, you are right." Gu Du Xing recovered from his cold composure and said, "Let's not forget how strange this person acted. He exposed himself just like that, and then just left. Don't you think it's very fishy? What exactly was his purpose?"

Gu Du Xing immediately turned to look at Chu Yang after finishing his sentence. He knew that the person in blue sent them flying away because he wanted to speak to Chu Yang in private. In other words, Chu Yang definitely knew what that person's purpose was.

Chu Yang suddenly seemed slightly gloomy.

All of them could feel a kind of sadness in Chu Yang. They could not help but looked at each other and decided to leave him to his own devices.

"Are there such martial experts in your clans at the current moment?" Chu Yang asked.

"No, there aren't!" Gu Du Xing answered straightaway.

If the Gu clan had an Emperor level master, their position in Middle Three Heavens would have been completely strengthened. Gu Miao Ling's guardedness would have been ignorable.

"Ji clan only has two elders, probably not too different from the stranger in blue. However, they are definitely not as scary as him." Ji Mo said reluctantly." Well honestly, that is a secret."

" Luo clan also has two, but they are no match for the stranger." Luo Ke Di answered fluidly. He winked a few times and said cheekily, "That is also a secret."

Gu Du Xing and Chu Yang turn to look at each other. They both already knew about the Gu clan's situation.

It is no surprise that the Gu clan reacted so aggressively when Gu Miao Ling stole the herbal medicines. As it turned out, the state of the Gu clan was truly not ideal.

Both the Ji and Luo clans had Emperor level masters! It could be inferred that the other clans like Hei Mo or Mo clans were also not too far off. They definitely also concealed some secret Emperor level masters.

There was no other explanation for why they were unable to maintain the balance of power. They were all in the rank of super clans, but the Gu clan's highest level was only a ninth-grade King level! While that was only a short and small step from the Emperor level, this step was said to be of equal standards of a thousand mountains and ten thousand rivers. Needless to say, this gap was truly too great.

"In that case, is it safe to say that the person in blue was not from Middle Three Heavens?" Chu Yang asked contemplatively.

"That's right. If that person came from the Middle Three Heavens, he would have caused a big commotion a long time ago. He would not have been able to keep his anonymity for so long." The four nodded in agreement simultaneously. If such a person appeared in Middle Three Heavens, given their information network, they would not have been able to ignore it at all! All four of them were sure of this conclusion they came to.

"Then he must have been from Upper Three Heavens!" Upon hearing that, Chu yang had a sudden epiphany. He lifted his head up and quietly looked at the snow that was floating in the air. However, his mind already drifted to a peculiar and unknown place.

Upper Three Heavens… My ancestors and creators…were they from Upper Three Heavens? Chu Yang was suddenly livid with anger! " All of you live in Upper Three Heavens and you tossed me down to Lower Three Heavens? Emperor level master? Huh! There is an abundance of resources in the Upper Three Heavens and they still could not find me in Lower Three Heavens? That is ridiculous! Why was there not even a little bit of news in seventeen years?" Chu Yang muttered quietly under his breath.

Seeing something unusual with Chu Yang, Gu Du Xing and the others did not dare to say another word.

After a long while, Ji Mo broke the awkward silence by sticking his head out and said with a smile, "In a short while, I am going back home." He paused and laughed hesitantly, not knowing if what he did was apt for the current tensed atmosphere. He scratched his head in embarrassment and continued, "My birthday is on the ninth of the twelfth month. (2)"

"Oh…" Luo Ke Di said helpfully, "I see."

(1) It's Ji Mo's gift for gibberish.

(2) Ji Mo is basing his birthday on the lunar calendar.

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