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From the profundity of Mo Tian Yun's eyes, a hint of fulfilment and schadenfreude showed up. Clearly, Mo Tian Ji interrupting Mo Xing Chen's speech had enraged some of the older folks.

He stood unobtrusively for some time and discreetly sat down. His face still kept up with a quiet look. However, the coldness in his eyes developed substantially.

Mo Tian Ji needed to exit but he was stressed that there would be nobody to encourage his younger brother in the event that he got eliminated. After contemplating, he sat down.

"The clan has chosen… " Mo Xing Chen looked at Mo Tian Ji with a blameful look and stated, "To start with, quit giving Mo Qing Wu development assets. From today forward, she would regard as a common supporter."

"Second, Mo Qing Wu's entitlement to acquire the title of Lofty Red Dust will be renounced. Another remarkable female taught in the family will be acquired this title."

"Third, Mo Qing Wu's situation as a center follower of the clan will be denied. Her guardian will be evacuated."

"Fourth, Mo Qing Wu's inward court benefit will be repudiated. From today forward, she is to move out of the internal court."

"Fifth, repudiate her current advantages. The group will now treat her in an unexpected way."

"6th, repudiate… "

"… "

With every declaration, Mo Tian Ji's face developed redder until the point that it turned out to be totally pale. His two hands shaped tight clench hands; he didn't see that his nails had delved profoundly into his palms.

Mo Qing Wu stayed remaining there with her head down. She kept on looking the saber at her chest apparently not hearing anything that what is said. For a youthful youngster like her, such a treatment was in fact exceptionally savage.

Every declaration from her father was the same as thunder detonating in her mind! She felt woozy as though the entire world had left from her!

"Father!" Mo Tian Ji couldn't control himself and stand up, "I have something imperative to report!"

As a thoughtful individual, Mo Tian Ji knew extremely well what results his activity would have, yet right now, for his sister, he chose to go out on a limb once.

Just, he didn't know and didn't know that his activity would be great or terrible or whether it could cause more prominent wounds for his younger brother. He had deliberately weighted this issue and chose it would be ideally left inferred. In any case, he had altered his opinion! On the off chance that he didn't talk up right now, his father would close his declaration, and his younger brother would be done! Her entire life would be damned!

While he was unverifiable, and this was unsafe, Mo Tian Ji battled back!

"What is so imperative?" At this moment, Mo Xing Chen snapped as he remained before everybody. While his voice was desolate, it made Mo Tian Ji feel upbeat.

This was his father giving him a solitary possibility!

In the event that the older folks were to open their mouths, everybody would have assaulted him and there would be no way for him to talk.

"Have you seen… the thing that is in Xiao Wu's arms?" Mo Tian Ji gritted his teeth as he made the last assurance to talk up.

He had initially needed to keep this saber a mystery and let his younger brother keep it to secure herself. Be that as it may, at this time, this saber was Mo Qing Wu's most noteworthy favorable position.

For whatever length of time that the family esteemed this saber, his younger brother's position would not be so awful! In any event, it would give her a superior circumstance! Holding some great treatment…

In any case, it was not sure that she would have the capacity to keep the saber! Mo Tian Ji thought to himself, "In the direst outcome imaginable, I will take the heat from that saber for my younger brother any day! "

"This saber?" Mo Xing Chen asked suspiciously.

"Truly! This saber is a blessing from Xiao Wu's hero!" Mo Tian Ji said gravely, "This saber is an antiquated fortune and an uncommon perfect work of art! Besides, it additionally has the name 'Longing for a Delicate Move Saber'! The way that it winds up Xiao Wu is paradise's will!"

Mo Tian Ji did not state it straightforwardly, but rather the minute he talked those words, everybody comprehended his significance: This is an old fortune with Mo Qing Wu's name cut on it. This is a fortuitous event, yet it is likewise paradise's favoring!

How could a man with paradise's favoring turn out to be impaired?

Right now, everybody's eyes laid on Mo Qing Wu!

Nonetheless, Mo Qing Wu lifted her head and took a gander at Mo Tian Ji. She couldn't trust: For what reason did second brother educate them regarding this saber? Don't you realize that this saber is the main thing I could keep…

"Xiao Wu, let me see your saber." After Mo Tian Ji spoke, Mo Qing Wu stayed tranquil and just remained there. So Mo Xing Chen really wanted to talk up.

Mo Qing Wu was currently in a clamorous perspective; nothing was genuine to her. Her father who had constantly adored her all of a sudden turned into an outsider. The older folks who ordinarily adored her were presently going about as though they didn't know her. Indeed, even her dear second brother did not set out to take a gander at her. In addition, he even disclosed to them her greatest mystery…

Given her age, regardless she didn't realize that if everything was taken from her as her father reported, her situation in the group would tumble from the crest to the base. She would be even lower than a mistress!

With respect to the words after, she didn't hear them. She had totally smashed as of now. While the body was still there, she was not able to think, unfit to act…

"Younger brother, give me the saber… " Mo Tian Ji strolled before her. He stooped down and said delicately, "Let father see it."

At that point, he promptly connected his hand to get the saber Mo Qing Wu was holding. When he connected his hand, his palm was immediately absorbed perspiration. This saber was what his younger brother cherished most, and it was additionally her most prominent expectation right now.

Without this saber close by, how can she pass? In any case, this was at present the best path!

Feeling that somebody was going to take her saber, Mo Qing Wu unwittingly fixed her grasp. She hollered uproariously, "Don't take my saber! Try not to take my saber!"

After she shouted, her eyes were loaded with tears. Two floods of tears kept running down her white cheeks and tumbled to the ground.

With a hurting heart, Mo Tian Ji stated, "Younger brother, I am not taking your saber; father just needs to see it."

Mo Qing Wu grasped onto Longing for a Delicate Move Saber. Her eyes were loaded with fear, "Don't take my saber… Brother Chu Yang offered this to me… "

"Xiao Wu!" Mo Xing Chen shouted, "Offer it to me!"

Mo Qing Wu felt her entire body went numb, and the saber fell into Mo Xing Chen's hand. The minute the saber contacted his hand, Mo Xing Chen was instantly stunned! The saber was near as light as nothingness!

"My saber… " Mo Qing Wu shouted out. She took a gander at her unfilled turns in fear, and tears did not stop to tumble down.

Directly after, Mo Xing Chen hauled the saber out of its casing!

The whole incredible corridor was loaded with a red sparkle. Inside the red shine was twinkling starlight!

The few dozen individuals in the colossal lobby at the same time held up.

"Great saber!"

Just taking a gander at that blinding red shine was sufficient to realize that this saber was an exceptional fortune!

They couldn't trust that somebody would give such a saber to a little innocent young lady to play with. At this moment, an idea ascended in the psyches of the greater part of the clan's individuals: Could this individual be a blockhead?

"Stars, this saber is light?" The voice of an old man made Mo Tian Ji tremble somewhat. His two eyes were stuck to the saber that was emanating a blinding brilliance!

This present man's name was Mo Wu Xin. He was one of the older folks in the Mo clan and furthermore one of the Head level bosses!

"Truly, the entire saber measures close to four ounces!" Mo Xing Chen held the saber without appearing to be even the slightest bit influenced.

"Close to four ounces." Mo Wu Xin took in a full breath and quickly stated, "Let me see."

At that point, Mo Wu Xin precisely stroked the saber. His withered face all of a sudden turned brutally red as he murmured, "This is certainly Red Cloud Steel! With Star Press too."

"No! No!" Mo Wu Xin instantly glared and precisely checked. At that point, he was stunned and he said, "This is definitely Red Cloud Steel! With Star Iron as well."

He thoughtlessly waved his hand, and a sword of one of the group's military specialists remaining outside flew toward him.

At that point, he held the saber in one hand with the sharp edge confronting upward. The other hand held the sword high noticeable all around and dropped it.

Before everybody, the long saber tenderly dropped down on the saber edge. With a delicate clank sound, the sword was cut into two pieces and tumbled to the ground.

The colossal lobby instantly ended up quieted! Everybody's look was settled toward the saber!

A sword of one of the clan's leaders, how might it not be great? But then it was openly cut like it was a square of tofu. It didn't make a boisterous sound as it was cut into two!

There was even a sheath! How sharp was this saber?

In the greater part of the Nine Heavens, no such magnificent weapon had shown up previously. This was an extremely valuable fortune!

Tenderly tilting the saber-sharp edge, Mo Wu Xin mumbled, "Longing for a delicate move, who needs natural acclaim and fortune… (1) This saber is certainly past natural popularity and fortune… "

"Xing Chen, this saber is distinct the best fortune in the Nine Heavens!" Mo Wu Xin affectionately took a gander at the saber; he couldn't stand to release it, "Such a saber going to our tribe is destiny! We should… secure it!"

At that point, he set the saber back into its sheath and reluctantly gave it over to Mo Xing Chen.

"This saber was given to younger brother by her friend in need." Mo Tian Ji took a full breath and stated, "This guardian angel said that the saber just has a place with younger brother."

"Younger brother is the genuine proprietor of this saber!" Mo Tian Ji said sternly.

Everybody comprehended his importance.

This saber had a place with Mo Qing Wu. It was given to her by a promoter of the tribe. It just had a place with Mo Qing Wu and nobody else.

"Nobody is permitted to let out the way that this saber is at the Mo tribe!" Mo Wu Xin's eyes flashed as they cleared over everybody.

Everybody all the while gestured with their eyes burning! They all comprehended what such a saber implied! The valuable saber had come back to its casing, yet the astounding scene from prior was forever carved in everybody's psyche!

"Just have a place with Xiao Wu?" Mo Xing Chen glared. Such a valuable saber in the hands of a young lady with no future, how inefficient was that?

"Second brother, would it be able to be that you need to utilize this saber to debilitate the tribe?" Mo Tian Yun took a gander at the saber with flame bursting in his eyes, "Second brother, you went excessively far."

(1)This is referring to the engravings on the saber.

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