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"Yes... yes, I would humbly follow young master’s instructions..." the middle-aged man nodded in a manner which resembled the sight of a chick pecking rice grains, while each and every one of the people standing behind him had a deathly pale look spread across their faces; the look in their clearly reflected that they had been scared out of their wits.

"Very well, furthermore . . . whether we use a fish to tow a boat, or a bird to pull a cart . . . this is not something you . . . or your master can control; understood?" Young Master Yu said with a smile.

"Understood! Boom . . ." The middle-aged man complied repeatedly; but since he was extremely nervous, he ended up saying ‘boom’ instead of ‘understood’. (1)

"Well, go then." Young Master Yu whisked his sleeves and a strong wind suddenly flew out. And the boat anchored on the opposite side immediately retreated like an arrow.

It retreated so fast that it caused the people to lose their balance one by one, even though they had been previously standing steadily atop the bows of their boats. As a result, they couldn’t stop themselves from losing balance and falling into the water since they were already scared witless.

Those boats had quickly receded in a split second. They had simply vanished like a ghost and that too within the blink of an eye; perhaps this speed had already created a record in Lotus Lake.

They had come here to threaten, but fled away cowardly after losing their courage in its entirety.

Young Master Yu smiled as he turned around and looked towards Chu Yang while spreading out his hand, "See, that’s how you settle a dispute."

Chu Yang shook his head as he heaved a sigh.

[This man's method of resolving an issue is very simple; . . . thoroughly bullying someone into subjugation! A slap on the face: ‘is that okay’? Yet another slap on the face: ‘is that okay now?’]

If someone gets beaten up again, and again, without being able to fight back . . . would they dare to retaliate?

"Your approach was quite fierce yet straightforward." Chu Yang replied in an unfeigned manner.

"Such people ought to be dealt in this way." Young Master Yu softly stated as he smiled insipidly, "Who has the time to deal with their nonsense? Do you want to reason with them? No? Then don’t waste time and just slap them in the face. If they still remain unconvinced, then slap them again! Remember, if you wait until there is a need to reason with someone . . . you will have already fallen into a disadvantageous position by then."

He crossed his hands behind his back as he continued with a smile, "You mustn’t indulge into reasoning with your opponents when their strength is more than your anticipation. These people can only be regarded as fools for trying to reason with me."

Chu Yang smiled as he said, "Indeed, you shouldn’t try to reason with a stronger opponent because that will only add to your bully’s pleasure."

"Ha ha . . . correct. That is absolutely correct." Young Master Yu laughed heartily without any restraint.

"If that is the case . . . wouldn’t it be right to say that there’s no need for ‘reasoning’ to exist in this world? After all . . . what’s the use of it anyway?" Chu Yang asked.

"This is the reason why I also think that it’s useless." Young Master Yu replied calmly, "In fact, I would say that reasoning is only applicable on ordinary people. After reaching a certain level of power and influence, you can simply disregard the very use of reasoning and even trod upon it if you wish to. The reason why you currently think that ‘reasoning’ is so useful is probably inherent in the fact that you still haven’t gone beyond the scope of ordinary people . . . wait until you arrive in the Upper Three Heavens; you will automatically understand what I am talking about . . ."

A mocking smile surfaced on Young Master Yu’s face. He continued to smile like this for a moment, and then finally said, " . . . sometimes ‘reasoning’ . . . is considered even inferior to bullshit!

"Ha . . ." Young Master Yu’s body floated up-into the sky and suddenly blurred. Chu Yang had barely blinked, only to see him standing at the shore. A fine and delicate voice suddenly sounded right next to his ears; in fact, it sounded just like the buzzing sound of a flying mosquito, "We don’t owe you anymore. Come seek me if you need your own status. You will find me at that place."

By then, Young Master Yu had already disappeared from the shore, and was nowhere to be seen.

Chu Yang smiled wryly as he shook his head.

Only then Chu Yang realized that the opposite party no longer owed him; on the contrary, now he owed the opposite party. Chu Yang had heard the words spoken by Young Master Yu; but it had borne a completely different result on him, when compared others hearing the same words.

As the last sentence stated: 'In the Upper Three Heavens, reasoning is considered even inferior to bullshit' . . . this sentence immediately made him realize: [Strength is given supremacy in the Upper Three Heavens. It’s a world that runs on the law of the jungle where the strong prey on the weak.]

The tale of the Nine Heavens might seem like a fable to others; Chu Yang however, couldn’t help but harbor a special feeling about it!

He still hadn’t recovered from the shock imparted by the legend of the Nine Tribulations Sword.

He shook his head once again, and then sat down on the boat as the Nine Tribulations Sword’s tip came out in a surreptitious manner; causing a ‘itching’ sensation in Chu Yang’s fingertips. Then, it abruptly jumped out and landed onto the white-crystal table since it didn’t feel anyone’s presence on the outside, besides Chu Yang’s.

In an instant, the white-crystal table, as well as the chair, had turned into a pile of dust; even the teapot was gone . . .

Then, the Sword’s tip went back inside Chu Yang’s body with a whizzing sound. As soon as it had returned, the world’s purest form of spirit energy suddenly rushed out of his Dantian. He instantly felt a warm and comfortable feeling spreading throughout his body; this feeling was similar to immersing oneself in a hot spring during winter season . . .

The spirit energy became even more nimble after a moment. The remnants of medicinal efficacies in Chu Yang’s meridians, which had originally been suppressed by the Sword Spirit, were also enticed into circulation . . .

The medicinal efficacies and spirit energy together formed a mighty current which immediately circulated through his meridians before finally attacking the barrier of Revered Sword Level’s second grade!

The barrier collapsed with a loud boom. Chu Yang felt as if his body had become light as a feather, and would fly-up any time now; his entire body was brimming with strength all of a sudden.

"Revered Sword Second Grade!" Chu Yang suddenly thought as he continued being seated motionlessly. However, at this time, a big hole suddenly appeared beneath him and the lake water began to flood inside the boat. Soon after, Chu Yang’s body silently disappeared in the water . . .

Chu Yang appeared similar to a big fish as his figure darted several feet deep into the water; and downwards like an arrow.

Meanwhile, the Sword’s tip and the Sword’s edge were jumping with joy and excitement within his Dantian.

That urgent summoning call coming from underwater had also become quite distinct by now.

Chu Yang finally reached the bottom of the lake as he followed that wonderful feeling, but only to find a big hole in the ground. It was giving off a spooky feeling, and it was fairly hard to determine its real depth.

Chu Yang didn’t hesitate in taking out a big chunk of black steel, weighing hundreds of Kgs, from the Nine Tribulations Space. He then hugged it close to his bosom, and dived in headlong.

Chu Yang had started becoming anxious that he might not be able to dive deeper into the lake; the underwater buoyancy had been increasing rapidly, and he was afraid that it may ultimately repel him upward. However, he wouldn’t need to worry about it as long as he was holding on to a chunk of black steel.

It got really dark in front of his eyes after diving for a while. In fact, it was already so dark around him that he was unable to see his own hands.

The source of that wonderful feeling was also getting closer; both, the Sword’s edge and the Sword’s tip, were already protruding from his fingers, and were issuing sonorous cries similar to that of clanging metals.

Finally, Chu Yang felt like he had already dived 1000 feet below the lake’s base. His feet finally stepped onto a stretch of slippery land, which was completely covered with mud. Meanwhile, a feeble light suddenly spread out and filled this underwater abyss with colors, thereby making it look extremely gorgeous. Yet, it still retained its strangeness.

Chu Yang opened his eyes wide and could clearly feel his heart beating wildly. He slowly walked towards the source of light. He felt as if he was walking on cotton while hugging that chunk of black steel close to his bosom; though he actually couldn’t feel its weight at the moment.

The combined weight of him and that chunk of black steel was about 250-300 Kgs, which had already been offset by the buoyancy of water.

. . . The closer he got to that light; the denser it became . . .

Chu Yang was vigilant of his surroundings. He was advancing cautiously . . . one step at a time. [Who knows what’s lurking in such a deep-underwater location which seem like it hasn’t been visited by anyone in tens of thousands of years?]

Chu Yang wouldn’t find it strange if someone were to tell him that a Sword Emperor had lost his life in this place after completely losing his mind!

This underwater world was really full of dangers . . .

He could already feel the glare falling upon his own face as he was slowly neared the source of the light. Suddenly, he felt something hard underneath his feet, as if he had stepped on a piece of stone.

[There is a silt deposition of dozens of feet right beside the stone. However, this stone seems to have remained untouched even after tens of thousands of years of passage. Shouldn’t there be a deposition of silt upon it too?!]

Chu Yang composed himself, and then finally took a step forward to have a better look.

He finally saw the source of the light!

There was a stone wall in front of him with a fist-sized pearl embedded in the middle. This pearl was releasing a feeble and milky white light . . .

"This is a fine pearl!" Chu Yang exclaimed in admiration within his heart. [This pearl is certainly not ordinary! To be able to glow so brightly in this pitch-black underwater territory for such a long time . . . if it’s not a treasured item . . . then what is it?]

The Nine Tribulations Sword’s tip sent out a reply in response to the ‘summoning’ call that had sounded from behind this stone wall.

[Such clarity!]

Chu Yang took two steps forward, and was about to carefully examine the stone wall when he suddenly sensed something on his side. It seemed as if a small whirlpool had appeared next to him. He immediately took a step back, and then turned his head around to take a look.

He suddenly saw rays of dazzling light about 50-60 feet to the left side of his body; it was similar to looking at two big lanterns appearing at once!

The surroundings were instantly illuminated by this sudden burst of light.

Chu Yang turned his head to have a good look, only to find himself completely surrounded from all sides by a large group of densely packed . . .

Monster Snakes!

The size of these monster snakes could range from as thick as a bucket, to as thin as a finger. However, each of them had a grotesque looking triangular head with an unusual-looking horn sticking out of it.

Moreover, each and every one of them had fierce-looking eyes.

Chu Yang nearly choked on his own saliva as looked in the direction of that dazzling light again, only to find it moving slightly; he had finally gotten to see this light’s true colors!

[They are the eyes of a monster snake in reality!]

These two eyes were as big as Chu Yang's head. The thickness of that snake’s body . . . was comparable to that of a house! And it was almost . . . 200 feet long!

Chu Yang held his breath: [This . . . what kind of monster is this!]

That huge snake’s body suddenly swaying from side to side, while Chu Yang was still observing that monster. Its huge body silently swam forward and coiled around that stone wall; masking the entire wall as well as the pearl. And now, its eyes were vigilantly looking towards Chu Yang.

"F*ck . . . " Chu Yang cursed in his heart as he prevented himself from almost getting knocked against the wall.

[Nine Tribulations Sword’s third fragment is hidden behind this stone wall, but this huge snake is blocking my way. It is clearly guarding the third fragment of Nine Tribulations Sword! Moreover, this colossus monster also has millions of its offspring gathered here . . . how do I obtain the fragment? ]

[I had never encountered such a monster back when I had visited this place to take the third fragment in my previous life. In fact, the fragment wasn’t even hidden this deep under-water. What is going on?]

A lone person just stood motionlessly, while being surrounded by countless snakes.

A long while passed, and suddenly that huge snake shook its head in anger since Chu Yang still hadn’t left yet. Immediately, countless monster snakes fluttered their tails to rush towards him at a lightning-fast speed.

Chu Yang was instantaneously pushed into a state of alarm. A long sword appeared in the water and was brandished almost instantly; thereby invoking a screen made out of sword, right in front of him!

A burst of blood-curdling screeches resounded, seemingly belonging to those snakes which had been killed by Chu Yang’s sword. The water before Chu Yang’s eyes immediately turned green after being dyed by the green blood of those snakes. This obviously hindered his line of sight completely!

This attack had been successful thanks to the experience he had gained from his underwater sword practice, or else it wouldn’t have been this effective.

His sword had been brandished at a great speed, and countless monster snakes were chopped off as a result; but still, more and more rushed towards him at a faster speed.

The huge snake finally lost its cool, and suddenly roared fiercely. It swung its body once, then opened its big mouth; initiating a tyrannical suction all of a sudden!

懂(dǒng) means to understand; 咚(dōng) means boom (of a drum). These to variations are used in the raws to describe the man’s precariously stunned mental state.

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