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"You mean this is Diwu Qing Rou’s trap?" Wu Qian Qian asked in a shocked manner, "So, he plans to instigate a decisive battle among 8 million people with this trap?"

"Do you think a person like Diwu Qing Rou will retreat that easily?" Chu Yang solemnly replied with a question.

Wu Qian Qian remained silently and didn’t speak further.

The battle cries were getting louder and louder outside. There was so much chaos out there that if seemed as if the sky itself would collapse any moment.

"What will Diwu Qing Rou do if we don’t pursue?" Wu Qian Qian asked.

"Diwu Qing Rou will genuinely retreat if we don’t pursue, got it? So, this is a golden opportunity want to defeat Diwu Qing Rou if we really wish to do so!" Chu Yang smiled wryly, "That’s because… it might be possible to get Diwu Qing Rou if you strike while he’s pulling his army back. However, there’s an equal probability of getting killed instead!

"And... Diwu Qing Rou wouldn’t mind waiting for a long period of time to recuperate if we don’t pursue him. In fact, he might even wait for 2-3 years… or even 8-10 years." Chu Yang smiled bitterly. He didn’t have any other expression to show… besides a bitter smile.

Perhaps… Diwu Qing Rou had no intention to delay. The fact was that he couldn’t afford to delay for long. The destiny of the Nine Tribulations was unfolding. So, how could he possibly afford to drag this "world domination expedition" for 8 to 10 years? This was unthinkable!

The sound of footsteps came from outside, and a person said, "Reporting to the Minister. There’s a letter for you from the Supreme Commander." Wu Qian Qian went out to receive the letter. Then, she came back in, and gave it to Chu Yang.

Chu Yang opened it to have a look at it, and couldn’t help but smile wryly, "Tie Long Cheng has sent a letter asking whether we should chase after the Great Zhao Army after their retreat." Wu Qian Qian’s complexion changed. They were discussing this critical issue just now. But, they hadn’t expected to receive a letter from Tie Long Cheng about the same.

[It seems like we all have sensed something about this war, but are still unsure what it really is… And, our guess is probably correct...]

"What do you think?" Wu Qian Qian asked. In fact, there was no need to ask that because Chu Yang’s approach was fairly discernible from his speculation.

Chu Yang carefully read the letter, and discretely pondered in his heart. Then, he finally said, "I think... we shouldn’t take the risk."

Just then, a sudden and stern shout was heard outside the Chu Yang’s tent, "Stop him!"

Afterwards, earth-shattering shouts began to resound outside the tent. And, these loud shouts sounded continuously without a break. Sad and shrill cries also rang out, "Hurry up! Quickly call the generals! It’s an assassin!"

[So, there was an expert hidden among this wave of cavalry soldiers who’ve arrived to attack us?] Chu Yang was somewhat surprised in his heart, [Diwu Qing Rou’s plan is being implemented quite successfully. So, why did he send an assassin?]

Wu Kuang Yun’s voice fiercely exploded into a clamor and resounded, "Where is that son of a bitch!? Eat my saber!"

A loud ‘bang’ was heard. Then, Wu Kuang Yun’s strange scream was heard. And, it was followed by the loud sound of a heavy object falling to the ground.

Chu Yang thought of something. Then, he took big strides to rush out. He uncovered the tent’s flap, and saw a person in black clothes 50-60 feet away. This person was wearing a black mask, and was cutting across the crowd of soldiers towards Chu Yang.

However, he was walking calmly. In fact, he seemed to have a carefree and confident attitude. He didn’t appear the least bit angry or agitated. The guards who had surrounded him to attack him… were falling one after another. He was being besieged by hundreds of people… yet he was handling it skillfully… and with ease!

It seemed as if he was talking a stroll in the garden in spite the fact that he was being besieged by hundreds of people at once.

Chu Yang’s pupils shrank.

[This man is by no means Jing Meng Hun!]

[And, this man isn’t here to kill!]

[It seems that person has diverged from the armed forces that were sent by Diwu Qing Rou to perform a surprise raid!]

[However, this person has the ability to leave whenever he feels like. In fact, even a million soldiers won’t be able to stop him!]

Chu Yang’s eyes flashed brightly.

"Stop!" Chu Yang shouted at the guards, "Let him come!"

The bodyguards heard this and stopped. In fact, Cheng Zi Ang and Cheng Yu Tong simultaneously jumped up to relay the order. They were both panting. The people stepped aside, and opened a path between Chu Yang and that man in black.

The man in black raised his head, and his eyes looked at the sinister mask of Chu Yang from afar. He couldn’t stop himself from revealing a trace of radiance in his eyes.

"Sir, it seems you have come from far away. And, I presume you haven’t come here to fight, right?" Chu Yang spoke with a faint smile, "How about we go inside and have a chat?"

The man in black didn’t say anything. He just boldly stepped towards Chu Yang.

He managed to cover a distance of 50-60 feet in just a step or two, and instantly arrived in front of Chu Yang.

"Please come in," Chu Yang stretched out his hand to make a welcoming gesture.

The man in black fearlessly entered the tent.

"Everybody — scram," Chu Yang ordered. Then, he closed the tent’s flap. He didn’t even wait for their reply.

He turned his head, and saw that the black-clothed man had already occupied the guest-seat with elegance; Chu Yang couldn’t help but smile gently.

"Qian Qian, make some tea for our guest." Chu Yang smiled and said, "Use my best tea leaves." And then, he went and slowly sat down in the host’s seat that was placed in front of the man in black. A strong radiance of curiosity flashed in his eyes.

Wu Qian Qian immediately complied. She looked at the man in black with some suspicion and fear. Then, she turned around to make tea.

"Minister Chu is very skilled and bold," that man in black gently praised him with a smile.

"I don’t deserve your praise." Chu Yang modestly shook his head and said, "This Chu is nothing compared to the Prime Minister… who has managed to make his way through thousands of men and horses… unhindered."

[Prime Minister?!]

Wu Qian Qian was serving tea at this moment. However, her hands began to tremble and teapot nearly fell to the ground. [This man in black is a Prime Minister? Prime Minister of what…?]

"Minister Chu has a very sharp vision." The man in black laughed softly. He then took off his hood, and revealed his lean face. An astonished look appeared in Wu Qian Qian’s eyes when she realized the identity of the man who was seated in front of her!

The teapot in her hand fell on the table. Fortunately, she had almost put it down… otherwise it would’ve shattered. Wu Qian Qian’s beautiful eyes opened wide in a daze. And, there was a look of disbelief on her face.

The man before her had lean facial features, and a fair complexion. His eyes looked gentle. He had long eyebrows… like those of a phoenix. Three wisps of beard were hanging down to his chest. He gave off a kind of spotless feeling. It was as if he would be calm and composed even if he were to come out from a sea of blood or a mountain of corpses. He possessed a natural grace, and an indifferent gentleness.

It was Diwu Qing Rou!

He was the man who had dominated the entire Great Zhao. The man – who was famous throughout the Lower Three Heavens for being a peerless genius as well as an ambitious and ruthless character – the likes of whom hadn’t appeared in the last 6 thousand years. And, this man had surprisingly appeared in the tent of his mortal enemy — King of Hell Chu — while the two nations were engaged in a chaotic war!

Wu Qian Qian felt as if her small head had already short circuited due to shock. In fact, she was totally speechless. So, she just poured tea like a machine…

Her heartbeats calmed down… but, only after a long time had passed.

"This is..." Diwu Qing Rou looked at Wu Qian Qian and asked.

"I can’t believe that Prime Minister doesn’t know who she is." Chu Yang smiled gently and replied.

Diwu Qing Rou smiled. Then, he reached for the cup and took a sip. He then said in praising tone, "Nice tea! Who could have thought that a hell demon was capable of brewing such a nice tea? King of Hell Chu, you are quite lucky."

"I am still lacking in comparison to the Prime Minister who holds the wind and cloud in his hand, and looks down on the entire world," Chu Yang revealed a reserved smile.

A trace of bitterness and astringency appeared on Diwu Qing Rou’s face. He sighed softly and said, "In that case, the wise King of Hell Chu must be able to guess the purpose of my visit, correct?"

Chu Yang solemnly smiled, "I only know this much that Prime Minister isn’t here to assassinate me."

"Oh?" Diwu Qing Rou doubtfully interjected.

"As for the real purpose of your visit — I truly have no idea." Chu Yang chuckled, "But, it doesn’t matter. You will certainly state the reason since you have come here."

Diwu Qing Rou smiled in a relaxed manner, "Why do you think that I won’t kill you?"

"Prime Minister, ever since you have arrived in the Lower Three Heavens – you have started at the bottom, and risen step by step to the top. You may have used plots and tricks to achieve your goal… and even caused the annihilation of millions of soldiers. In fact, you even brought about the change of regime in a nation..." Chu Yang calmly continued, "But… Prime Minister, you have never killed a person with your own hands in the last 25 years!"

He raised his head to look at Diwu Qing Rou, and smiled softly, "However, you had presumably come across the biggest setback of your life that time in the Great Zhao. That is why you had to make an exception for this Chu."

Diwu Qing Rou smiled. He brought the teacup close, and looked at the green tea in the cup. Then, he calmly said, "Correct. Personally killing people is the behavior of the military men. If I – Diwu Qing Rou –have had to kill every single person with my own hands… then I wouldn’t have achieved this position!"

He smiled proudly and said, "The blood spatters in a range of 5 steps when a military person kills people. A hundred or even thousand people may die at his hands, and the corpses of his victims may cover the entire ground. But, he would still need to pay with his life at some point. However, the tactical murder is incredible since you can create a mountain of corpses or spread the flames of war in thousands of miles with just the movement of your lips. And, you can make the lives of common people hell if you wish to.

"Such a grand difference can’t be left untapped!" Diwu Qing Rou silently smiled.

"But, this isn’t the real reason why Prime Minister never kills with his own hands, am I right?" Chu Yang put on a smile of amusement and raised objection.

These two individuals were mortal enemies, and hence shared great enmity. And, both of them were playing the role of the main strategist for their respective nations in this war that would determine the fate of the ordinary people of this world. And today… these two had surprisingly come together to chat like old friends.

Wu Qian Qian found this scene extremely incredible!

However, Chu Yang had gone on a mental journey at this moment. His thoughts had wandered off far-far away. And, he wasn’t trying to guess the reason why Diwu Qing Rou had come… because as he just spoken… Diwu Qing Rou would tell anyway… even if he didn’t ask. However, Diwu Qing Rou’s words had reminded Chu Yang of someone else…

Moreover, Diwu Qing Rou’s views were almost identical to those of that man…!

And, that man was Mo Tian Ji!

These two men could kill others decisively. And, their wisdom went off the charts. But, they both advocated the use of tricks and strategies over brute force! The only difference was that... Mo Tian Ji’s hands were reeking of blood even though both of them were cruel, merciless and crafty. However, Diwu Qing Rou’s hands were still clean on the contrary… even though the number of people – who had died in the Lower Three Heavens because of Diwu Qing Rou – had perhaps surpassed tens of millions...

The two armies were fighting and killing outside, while their supreme leaders were sitting here in peace. The strange contrast of this situation had numbed Wu Qian Qian’s entire body.

"If Prime Minister has something to say… he may please speak frankly." Chu Yang picked up the teapot, and poured tea for the Diwu Qing Rou as he solemnly said.

"Ha-ha... Minister Chu doesn’t know the origins of me – Diwu Qing Rou, right?" Diwu Qing Rou smiled. Chu Yang quietly nodded and said, "I would like to hear the details."

Chu Yang knew that it was going to be a long talk as soon as Diwu Qing Rou made that remark. And, he could feel that all his doubts would be answered by Diwu Qing Rou in person.

Chu Yang didn’t know why Diwu Qing Rou would wish to do that, but he chose to listen attentively since he believed that there must be a good reason behind this.

Diwu Qing Rou sighed softly as a pondering expression appeared on his face. It seemed as if he was slowly sinking into a long recollection, "My surname is Diwu, and given name is Qing Rou. I come from one of the nine super clans of the Upper Thee Heavens, the Zhuge Clan…"

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