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The two old men were some distance away from Old Mistress Yang and didn't hear her. Their eyes were red from the fight, yet they were still punching and kicking violently at each other.

Old Master Chu had sharp eyes. He looked back while still engaging in his fight, and saw Chu Yang standing in front of Old Mistress Yang. Elated, he hurriedly said, "He's back, he's back…"

He was a little distracted by the surprise. Instantly, he was punched twice on his face by Yang Bao and felt dizzy. He was furious, "F**k your grandmother! My grandson is back, what are you still beating me for?"

Yang Bao was startled and said, "It's a good thing that my grandson is back. But you're my in-law, you can't f**k my grandmother!" And he raised his fists to punch Chu Xiongcheng again.

Chu Xiongcheng knew that he had scolded this wrongly. He didn't know how to argue back, and could only dodge. Yang Bao didn't give up on their fight and chased after Chu Xiongcheng.

Old Mistress Yang was so angry that she gasped for breath heavily. She shouted furiously, "Go up! Pull the two apart!"

Under her order, Chu Feiling and Yang Ruoxiong led hundreds of guards to rush up in unison ferociously and dragged them apart by their heads and ears. Old Master Yang still forced a kick as he struggled, while Old Master Chu also returned him a kick tit for tat.

Their bellies were struck at the same time. It was then they were pushed apart by each other. Exhausted, they lay panting heavily on the ground.

Old Mistress Yang was furious. She stood up and gesticulated her crutch while punishing them with a strong sense of righteousness, "Where are your manners? Where are your manners? Are both of you even in-laws? How could relatives behave like this in front of each other? Are both of you not ashamed? Both of your ages added up to almost 200, yet you're still fighting like kids! Bah! Today is a great day for visiting our grandson. If the two of you spoiled my spirits, I'd rip your skins apart one by one, alive!"

Old Master Chu criticized her, "You only said so when our grandson is back. Just now, not only you didn't say it, but you also clamored your husband to give me a harsh punishment… Such a black-hearted woman…"

Old Mistress Yang continued to scold, "Chu Xiongcheng, you're also wrong. No matter what, we're your guests. Is this the way how a clan master welcomes his guests? We've traveled thousands of miles to come here, and now we're hungry. You actually bullied Old Yang first…"

Chu Xiongcheng was furious. He twitched his mouth and slanted his eyes, "I bullied Old Yang? You had no conscience at all when you said this. It's clear that your Yang clan started the fight first…"

Old Mistress Yang was raged, "If you have no wrongs, how could he beat you? He did so for your own good!"

Chu Xiongcheng collapsed on the spot.

Damn it, I haven't seen such a way of shielding for one's shortcoming… Motherf**ker, who asked me to not be your husband… But, fortunately, I'm not…

Old Mistress Yang landed a kick on Old Master Yang Bao's ass, and scolded, "It's so shameful of you! A mere Chu Xiongcheng could actually beat you into such a manner!"

Old Master Yang screamed in pain and jumped up. He cracked open his deeply swollen mouth, "I was joking with him…"

Aside, Chu Yang watched the ongoing show with twitched mouth and slanted eyes. His legs and belly also went spastic.

Damn it, the family on my mother's side is really a bunch of crackpot. Now, I finally understand where my nonsensical and rogue-like character came from. They were inherited from them… I can't be blamed for this…

Over the other side, Old Master Chu roared, "Clear up a room and receive our guests! Order the kitchen to butcher the pigs and goats, and prepare good wine!"

The two old men gazed at each other spitefully, and suddenly, the began to laugh in unison.

Old Master Yang Bao pointed at Chu Xiongcheng, "Look at yourself! You look like a bear, a wild bear…"

Chu Xiongcheng laughed, "Look at how stupid you look! You look like a roasted wild donkey!"

Everyone was confused about whether to laugh or cry.

Chu Yang looked at all these numbly and didn't pay attention to a macho who had come next to him. Suddenly, he felt a stretch of darkness in front of him, and an atmosphere of oppression overwhelmed him.

He looked up to see that the tall macho with a large built was in front of him and looking at him with his head lowered.

Chu Yang thought he was already not short. How could his height of 1.83 meters be considered short? But this macho was two and a half heads taller than him, and the body width was also twice of his own.

As he stood there, Chu Yang felt that even the heaven and earth had all lost their colors.

The macho Yang Ruoxiong extended his bear-like palm and patted on Chu Yang's shoulder, laughing, "Chu Yang? I'm your uncle Yang Ruoxiong! Hey, what has happened to you?"

It turned out that Yang Ruoxiong's pat had caused Chu Yang to slam his ass onto the ground. Chu Yang hadn't yet recovered his cultivation. How could he withstand against such a pat by this Mighty-Spirit God?

Yang Ruoxiong extended his hand and grabbed Chu Yang's hair till his two feets were lifted up from the ground. Then, Yang Ruoxiong inspected Chu Yang carefully and said with suspicion, "Why do you look like a bean sprout? And you fell just with a little pat? Your body is really not sturdy…"

Chu Yang was still left lifted up like a brine fish. The other hand of Yang Ruoxiong twisted Chu Yang's face towards him, and he murmured, "You really look good. You look just like me when I was young. It's said that a nephew should be beaten if he doesn't look like his uncle… Nephew, give me a smile…"

The poor Chu Yang was suffocated and his face had turned purple. He couldn't even talk from his current position. How could he even smile…

And he could only say angrily in his heart: Luckily I'm not like you… If I was… it'd definitely be difficult to find a wife in my entire life… Only that you have such a wonderful name, Yang Ruoxiong… Who is so smart to know that you're like a bear 1 just when you were born…

Yang Ruolan's angry and shocking voice began to ring, "Yang Ruoxiong, let go of my son!" And she rushed forth like a female tiger.

Yang Ruoxiong hurriedly let go of Chu Yang, and habitually gave him another pat on his shoulder, "You're too feeble. You shall practice with me in the future. Hey… Why did you fall down again…"

It turned out the pat had once again slammed Chu Yang's ass onto the ground. With a 'flop', Chu Yang landed his ass solidly onto the ground, and his face was all pale…

Yang Ruolan rushed forward furiously, slapped her brother to one side, and raged, "Your nephew's body is weak, and his meridians were locked. Now he had no martial power at all. You… you… you… Do you want to kill him?"

Yang Ruoxiong stroked his scalp and laughed hollowly, "Oh I see, no wonder this kid looks like a bean sprout…" Being ashamed, he wanted to slip away. Suddenly, he regained his consciousness, and shouted furiously, "Who locked my nephew's meridians? Who has such big courage, is it Chu Xiongcheng that old bastard?"

Yang Ruolan was ashamed and angry at the same time, and shouted, "Piss off to one side!"

Yang Ruoxiong had been afraid of his sister since young. He grumbled and tramped away.

'Many hands make work light.' Although the house of the Chu clan was wrecked, but with thousands of people, it was very quickly cleared up. Of course, the Guest Hall couldn't be used. Now that the weather was just nice, a banquet was opened up in the backyard.

The two old men returned to their own place to nurse their wounds, nourish their bodies, and settle the bruises and swollen areas on their faces. Then they put on their respective new robes, carried their pig-heads and swaggered to the banquet site.

Chu Yang then greeted his maternal grandfather, grandmother, uncles and aunts, and bowed to them like a snapping beetle. He received a lot of gifts. Particularly, Old Mistress Yang gave Chu Yang a sword, which was said to be able to cut iron as if it was dug into muds, while Old Master Yang gave Chu Yang a sparkling bright dagger, which was said to be an ancient divine weapon.

The entire Chu clan looked at the two gifts with envious eyes. They were really rare treasures…

Only Chu Feiling and Yang Ruolan smiled bitterly in their hearts.

The daggers and swords that they now owned were given to them by Chu Yang. They were a few times more powerful than those that Chu Yang had now received. These would definitely be things that Chu Yang could give away randomly. How could Chu Yang be fond of these two things?

By Chu Yang's judgment, he was naturally not fond of the sword and dagger. But this was the first time in his life, including his previous life, to receive something given by his blood relatives.

So, he was still quite excited. After thanking them politely, he played with them and could hardly bear to put them down. Even from his eyes, it could be seen that he was trying hard to suppress his unsettled emotions.

Yang Ruolan and Chu Feiling felt sour in their hearts as they looked at Chu Yang. After realizing why Chu Yang had behaved this way, a turmoil of emotions overwhelmed them, and both of them felt deeply guilty and remorseful.

What their son needed were not treasured daggers, swords or any sorts of divine weapon, but love. But as parents, they had only cared to be happy about their son's return and forgotten all of these…

"This sword is called 'Blowing Snow'. Legend has it that it's the sword that a Sword Monarch named Dongfang Weishu had owned a thousand years ago. It can tear apart whatever things it was targeted at without mistake, and is able to cut iron as if it's dug into muds," Old Mistress Yang squinted her eyes and said smilingly. She felt very much relieved as she saw that his grandson liked her gift very much.

"Grandma, thank you for your generous gift! I'll definitely make good use of the sword," Chu Yang said, touched by the gift. He knew that while this sword was no big deal to him, it was still a rare divine weapon within the Nine Heavens. It must not be easy for the Yang clan to attain such a sword.

"This dagger has a legendary name called 'Dagger of the Evil Dragon'. It's made with the singular horn of a tenth-grade spirit beast and is extremely sharp. In addition, it has inherent cold energy within it. Whoever that is cut by it will instantly have their blood veins frozen up and die eventually."

Yang Bao laughed, "I've always been frank and forthright, and like to punch people, especially the pleasure of having my fists beaten on other people's body. Just like the way I punched your paternal grandpa… Hahaha… So I don't like these kinds of small insidious weapons. But you look sly, so I brought it here."

Everyone was amazed by Yang Bao's speech.

Chu Yang was at a loss of whether to cry or to laugh. Is grandpa even giving this to me as a gift?

What does he mean by 'I look sly'? Besides, did you see me before? And you actually brought it here because 'I look sly'?

Chu Yang pinched his nose and received the gift. Within the Nine Tribulations Space, the sword spirit thought: This Dagger of the Evil Dragon still has some use. For the time being, you can use it to assassinate people. When your cultivation is mature enough, you can directly absorb the cold energy within it and transform it into the cold energy of the Seven Shades.

Chu Yang agreed.

In comparison, Chu Yang liked his uncle's gift best. Chu Ruoxiong directly gave him 500 purple crystals!

How practical!

… 'Ruoxiong' means 'like a bear' in Chinese

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