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Yang Ruolan was very miserable and in a deep dilemma. This spawn has come back for just a few days. Why is he so worried? How good my junior sister is! She even bore a son for you, and you still…

"Whose apprentice is your wife?" Yang Ruolan stared at her son.

"Ning Tianya," Chu Yang sighed.

"Who?" Yang Ruolan felt confused and did not react over: He doesn't seem to be famous…

"And Bu Liuqing," Chu Yang continued.

"Ning Tianya? Who is he? Why does this sound so familiar? Bu Liuqing? He's also…" As Yang Ruolan thought, she suddenly gave out a large cry, and widened her eyes, "Ning Tianya? Bu Liuqing!?"

"Hush! Speak softer." Chu Yang smiled bitterly.

Yang Ruolan sat straight on the chair. Her eyes looked blank, her body was stiff and her lips quivered. She asked softly and nervously, "They're the legendary Supreme Martial Artists?"

"Looks like they are the two of them." Chu Yang smiled bitterly. "In the Far North Wastelands, they saw my wife and saw her potential, so they wanted her to be their own apprentice. For this, both of them almost put up a big fight. Finally, both of them decided her to be their common apprentice…"

As if hearing an unbelievable fairy tale, her face started to change colors. After a long time, she even became breathless.

This was too shocking for her!

Her son's wife was actually the common apprentice of the two Supreme Martial Artist, Ning Tianya and Bu Liuqing, and both of them actually fought hard for this apprentice…

Such identity… was certainly tens of thousands of times more valuable than a princess of any country.

No wonder my son would say: We can't afford to talk out this marriage… We can't indeed afford this.

Yang Ruolan also heard that the two Supreme Martial Artists appeared once in the Far North Wastelands of the Middle Three Heavens. This corroborated with what Chu Yang had said, and instantly, Yang Ruolan believed Chu Yang's words.

My son has no reasons to cheat me…

But… What about Tiantian?

My poor junior sister… My poor grandson…

Yang Ruolan's heart was in a mess.

"Mother, what are you thinking?" Chu Yang asked as he saw Yang Ruolan's anxious face and mercurial expressions.

"No… Nothing…" Yang Ruolan sighed deeply and said, "Yang Yang, do you… you like… this girl?"

And she added, "I'm saying… this… girl… who's brought away by the two Supreme Martial Artists?"

Chu Yang nodded resolutely, "Mother, she's the woman I like the most in my life."

"Oh…" Yang Ruolan said with melancholy, "Then… Is it because of her that you didn't accept Wu Qianqian?"

Chu Yang was startled. He raised his eyebrows slightly and asked with suspicion, "Mother, how do you know about Wu Qianqian?"

Only then did Yang Ruolan realize that she had slipped her mouth, and forced a smile, "I heard about her before…"

Chu Yang let out an 'oh'. It looked like a response, yet it also looked like he was pondering about it. Yang Ruolan wanted to hide her intentions and dared not to speak about this any further. She switched the subject, "How does that… that girl look like?"

Chu Yang nodded heavily, "Unsurpassable and stunningly beautiful!"

Yang Ruolan relaxed her heart slightly and said, "How is her temper? Does she listen to you?"

Chu Yang patted on his chest, saying, "If I want her to go to the East, she won't dare to go to the West; If I want her to whack a dog, she will definitely not shout at a chicken!"

Yang Ruolan laughed and said, "How's her stature?"

Chu Yang fell into a reverie, "Big breast, big bottom, and fair…" Yes, I'm saying how Qingwu is going to look like when she grows up…

Yang Ruolan muttered, "Looks like she's fertile…"

Chu Yang was astounded.

After Old Master Yang Bao had brought his clan to the Chu clan, it appeared that like a dog in the manger, he had no intentions to leave in the meantime.

As such, the Chu clan became bustling. Every day, the yelling sounds of the two geezers could be heard. Out of the blue, they would start to fight. Then, the two of them would be sitting at the same table having meals together with badly battered faces. Then they would have toasts, get drunk and sleep… They led a rather comfortable life.

Chu Yang's life returned back to normal. He persisted in traveling between his clan and medical center every day and made the medical center his home.

The second day when Chu Yang returned to the medical center, he was tagged along by Chu Le'er.

Chu Le'er, who had been completely removed of her pain, had her body getting better day by day. In four or five days, it was obvious that she had changed. Her face became whiter and rosier, while her hair also turned brighter and softer. Her original yellowish and dry hair were no longer visible.

Her body also grew gradually. The only thing that kept the same was her nonchalant personality. She was just too calm and staid over everything.

She always had a gentle smile hanging at the corners of her mouth, and she walked quietly. She looked just like orchids that blossomed in deep valleys, pure, uncontaminated by the vexations of the outside world, and also strikingly beautiful.

Only in front of Chu Yang would she then become sprightly. After being by her mother's side for a few days, she started to tag along Chu Yang and turned into a small, free worker of Chu Yang's medical center.

Divine Doctor Chu's unsightly medical center was really not fit for this precious, jewel-like little girl. But Chu Le'er wasn't bothered about such matters. Even when she got busy, she still looked quiet and gentle.

Chu Yang arrived at the medical center on the second day's morning. When he saw Chu Feiyan, he was taken aback.

Chu Feiyan was limping, his face was badly battered, and he was clearing up the big mess in the medical center -- broken pieces of furniture were everywhere, and the few medicine cabinets were completely smashed up.

The little Chu Le'er who was behind Chu Yang could not help but scream aloud, "Fourth uncle, what has happened to you?"

Chu Yang was raged at once. Looking at the situation, somebody had come to wreak havoc on their medical center; and this was a kind of reprisal!

Otherwise, the medical center would not be like such.

"Fourth uncle, are you alright?" Chu Yang quickly went up.

Chu Feiyan sighed and his face was full of guilty, "Yang Yang, I'm really useless…"

"Why are you saying this at such a time," Chu Yang lowered his voice and said word for word, "Is it… people from the Xiao clan?"

Chu Feiyan nodded and said, "Should be the case." He sighed and said, "Although the other two clans also have experts that can defeat me, I recognize most of them. I can recognize them just by fighting with them. But I don't recognize these few people. Other than the Xiao clan, I can't think of who else they are."

Chu Yang agreed.

Chu Feiyan said, "They may come again tonight."

"Come again tonight?" Chu Yang frowned, "Are you sure?"

It turned out that at the night when Chu Yang returned back to the clan, Chu Feiyan had immediately gone to the Blood-Payers Hall to release the tasks, and he had used up all the purple crystals that Chu Yang passed him.

When he returned back, he discovered that Chu Yang was still not back. He felt uneasy to leave the medical center unguarded, so he stayed here these few days.

But in the midnight yesterday, with a banging sound, the door of the center was smashed open, and a few people with veils rushed in. Although Chu Feiyan was a fifth stage Martial Emperor, these five or six people were all ninth stage Martial Emperors! He couldn't guard against them, and so he was caught and beaten severely.

These few people knew Chu Feiyan's identity and dared not treat him too badly. They only bashed his face and compelled him to say the whereabouts of the purple crystals. But the purple crystals were already used up to release the task, how could Chu Feiyan have any more purple crystals with him? Besides, even if he had them, Chu Feiyan would rather not hand over the purple crystals. They were the hope for his nephew and niece, how could he give them away?

The few people were raged as they failed to attain the purple crystals. When they left, they said relentlessly: We'll give you one day to pass up the purple crystals. If you can't get them out tonight, you shall wait for you nephew to claim your corpse!!

Chu Feiyan was bruised all over his body. Although his nerves and bones weren't hurt, he rested for half a night. At dawn, he crawled up and wanted to go back home to seek assistance, but he couldn't make up his mind: It's a bit shameful for himself. When he was in a dilemma, Chu Yang had arrived.

Chu Yang was even more furious when he stepped into the backyard! Tens of his beloved purple bamboos were snapped! There was no ruins anywhere else. It looked like these people had left after they failed to find the purple crystals.

Chu Yang's face darkened and his brows knitted together. He said, "Fourth uncle, this matter is a bit not right. If the Xiao clan wanted to have the purple crystals, why would they drag for so much time? Why did they only take action after three days?"

Chu Feiyan flipped his eyes and said, "After three days… It's already very fast. If they came just after you treated their people's injuries and earned so many purple crystals from them… won't they be deliberately trying to stir up a war with our Chu clan? Although the Xiao clan is wealthy and powerful, we're also not considered easy to be tackled with. After three days of the buffer, most of the clans would have recovered their energy. If they take action at such a time, all the clans could be suspects. Even if the Xiao clan was suspected, the probability would be small. This was why they acted so boldly last night."

Chu Yang nodded and sank into deep thoughts, "I see."

His eyes gleamed and he said, "Fourth uncle, you shall now rest. I'll prepare them a huge present tonight."

Chu Feiyan said worriedly, "You? Is it alright for you alone?"

Chu Yang smiled darkly and said, "If I can't… then other people will also not succeed." He extended his hand into his chest-pocket and fished out a small bottle, which contained some milky-white spring water within it, "Fourth uncle, drink this. This is good for your injuries."

Chu Feiyan was knowledgeable. He screamed as he opened the bottle's lid, "Vitality Spring Water?! Where did you get such a good thing from?"

Chu Yang smiled, "Someone gave me in the past, and I'm still left with some."

Chu Feiyan took the bottle of water and instantly didn't bear to drink it. He said, "I only suffered from external injuries. I'm alright. You shall let my third brother drink this after he returns. He has always been on the run these few years… He has suffered from so much trouble, and is surely very exhausted."

Chu Yang said, "I've already prepared it for the third uncle."

Chu Feiyan then said wistfully, "I shall drink half of it, the other half shall go to your fourth aunt."

Chu Yang was raged, "She had also drunk it! Since I'm letting you drink it, you shall drink it! Why do you have so much nonsense?!"

Chu Feiyan flipped his eyelids, and set his mind to drink it.

Chu Yang told Chu Feiyan to return to the inner room to heal his wounds. Then, he briefly cleared up the storefront. Since the medicine cabinets were smashed, he directly threw them away.

Chu Yang instructed Chu Le'er to not run about and to guard the medical center carefully. Then, he changed his appearance and went out of the small gate in the backyard. In the blink of an eye, he had vanished…

Not long after, Chu Yang appeared in front of the Law Enforcement Hall in black robes. He put down his hoods to reveal his original face and said smilingly, "Is it alright for you to report to Commander Sha that Chu Yang wants to see him?"

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