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Old Ma Third felt that his heart sank into an ice hole!

This teenager could actually realize that I was tracking him, and lure me to come here. He also seemed to be waiting calmly for me to fall into his trap!

He obviously looked very confident!

How is he a crippled person? How is he someone whose cultivation was abolished?

Chu Yang's eyes looked as sharp as a sword. With his hands clasped behind his back, he stood there like an emperor who had control of the entire world. His eyes looked cold and merciless as if he was making a heartless judgment over all the living creatures!

If he took a glance at the sky, he would definitely create a thunder!

He was obviously a rare Sovereign of swords! And at the very least… he was also a Sword Sovereign at the upper stages!

The most horrible thing was, even though Old Third Ma was a third stage Martial Monarch, he couldn't recognize the teenager's cultivation at all!

Old Third Ma's heart sank, and a strange thought occurred to him: Is this… a trap that Chu Feilong has carefully set up? Does he want to kill me?

When he was just about to talk, Chu Yang first started talking.

"I'm Chu Yang. You must know me, right?" Chu Yang took back the sharp sword aura in his eyes, and his eyes became as warm and gentle as spring water.

"Yes. I'm here to kill you!" Old Third Ma originally didn't want to say this, but for some reasons, he still emboldened himself to say it.

He became remorseful once this was said and wanted to slap himself: Why did I talk this way?

"I know you're coming," Chu Yang nodded, and said matter-of-factly, "You've come at the right time! I need a person to practice playing a sword with me! Your cultivation is considerably good. Not too high and not too low. You're very suitable for this task."

You've come at the right time, practice playing a sword with me!? …

What… is he saying?

He knew that I was coming? How did he know that?

At this moment, Old Third Ma became oddly unconfident. He had an impulse to run away.

At the next moment, his heart sank deeper.

Because this teenager with unknown cultivation had a strong sword aura that had inundated his entire body!

Chu Yang was standing in this stretch of sword aura.

Suddenly, without any warning, the sword that was at Old Third Ma's waist automatically ejected out of the sheath with a loud 'clang' sound! And it bent softly like a pilgrim.

Old Third Ma was taken aback!

Chu Yang didn't even pull out the sword, but the vibration of Chu Yang's energy had created the effect of having tens of thousands of swords encircling Old Third Ma's body. What's more, Chu Yang had made use of his own energy to impose himself as 'the King of all swords', causing a lifeless and unspiritual sword to behave as if it was worshipping him!

Old Third Ma retreated three steps, held on to the handle of the sword and pressed the sword back to his sheath. Then, he gazed grimly and heavily at Chu Yang, speaking with an extremely solemn voice, "Who are you exactly?"

At the previous moment when his sword was out of the sheath, Chu Yang had already seen the shape of the sword: It had a long body and a black and narrow blood slot. Three inches away from the blade of the sword was engraved with a dexterously written word: Ye!

Chu Yang's heart jerked: He's from the Ye clan!

Then, suddenly remembering those people that had attacked Chu Feiling and what Chu Feiling responded to them, Chu Yang thought of Chu Feilong.

"Who am I?" Chu Yang smiled and asked, "Didn't my second uncle tell you?"

Old Third Ma retreated and there was more certainty in his eyes, "Chu Feilong?!"

"There seemed to be a few from the Ye Clan… who had died… Erm, last time, in the Middle Three Heavens, what… is he called again? Ye Ranmo?" Chu Yang frowned and then extended his brows, saying, "This time, it's you!"

Old Third Ma's entire body became chilly.

Of course, he knew that Ye Ranmo and his few brothers had attacked Chu Feiling. This was instructed by Ye Wubo, and Old Third Ma had planned for this attack!

But Ye Moran and his brothers never returned ever since this attack. Their whereabouts had since become a mystery.

He never expected to know the truth here!

Sure enough, it was Chu Feilong's conspiracy!

"The Ye Clan is a very horrible clan!" Chu Yang smiled and said knowingly.

Old Third Ma was considering the significance behind Chu Yang's words when suddenly, with a flash, Chu Yang had already pulled out his sword. The sword aura rushed up to the sky, creating great turbulence in the atmosphere!

The sword had already arrived in front of Old Third Ma's throat!

It seemed that waves from the seas of blood had surged forth violently with the movement of the sword. Within the waves were the screams and howls of thousands of billions of aggrieved spirits!

Blood Under The Sword!

Ever since Chu Yang created these four sword techniques, it was only today that he brought their power into full play!

Old Third Ma let out a roar. Amidst his blank thoughts, he dodged and at the same time, pulled out his sword and began to strike back! …

After a moment of chaotic fighting, Old Third Ma let out a roar. Blood suddenly shot out of shoulders like a fountain. He dared not to manage his injuries at such a time. He even dared not to take a glance at it.

Old Third Ma put in his best efforts to stabilize his breathing pace while fixing his eyes on the terrifying teenager opposite him. Cold sweat started to drip down from his forehead into his eyes!

His eyes turned irritated by the sweat and he felt a sharp sting in his eyes, but he dared not to even blink his eyes.

Old Third Ma knew that if he blinked once now, he might not be able to blink again in his life.

With a somersault, Chu Yang's robes fluttered and he flew into midair. Suddenly, his eyes turned cold and merciless.

The sword, which was now red from blood, rose up again, carrying with it the cruelty and indifference of engulfing the world.

Then, the sword light shot up to the sky, as if a path of sword light was laid in midair!

The World Is Heartless!

Old Third Ma's pupil's widened. At this instant, he had completely lost his desire to defeat Chu Yang. The only thought was: Run away! If he couldn't run away, perhaps Thirteenth Master and his people would die under Chu Feilong's conspiracies…

With a shrill cry, his body flew up like a feather and he madly exercised his sword. As he defended himself from his opponent's attack, he tried to retreat!

That sword light rushed up towards Old Third Ma like a waterfall.

Old Third Ma was forced to land on the ground from midair, and he retreated as fast as he could. Two deep gullies appeared amidst the specks of dust in the sky.

With a flash of red light, Old Third Ma's shoulders suffered from another stab.

The same spot on his left shoulder suffered from two consecutive stabs! As his blood shot out of his shoulder, his bones were also made visible. His two cut muscles didn't shrink back and remained exposed hanging on his shoulder.

Old Third Ma's left shoulder was already paralyzed!

The pain was written all over Old Third Ma's face, and he hurriedly glanced around to look for a path through which he could escape.

His heart had already turned icy, and he had no courage left.

If I continue to stay here, I'm afraid I'll really die here!

As the specks of dust continued to stir in the midair ahead, a sharp sense of killing, which was much more powerful than that previously, hurled up to him. He heard a merciless voice, "Killing All Creations Is Not Enough!"

It was only now that his opponent unleashed his killer move!

Old Third Ma was terror-stricken!

He yelled desperately as he waved his sword in an insane manner. Instantly, the sword light had already formed a big, white lotus, and he violently pushed it off!

Abrupt Blossom of Sword Light Lotus!

Opposite him, a horrible sword aura dashed towards him. Amidst the heavy storm of dust, Old Third Ma miraculously saw the cold, merciless and cruel eyes of his opponent.

The sword light exploded towards him, and the lotus that Old Third Ma created from the sword light was suddenly torn apart!

Old Third Ma now had his wits completely frightened out. He let out a groaning howl and spread out defensive circles of sword light before him. Then, he rapidly retreated at a speed faster than that of light!

But the sword light opposite him came to suppress him like a mountain, and again it shattered the circles of sword light!

The sword light concentrated on the sword tip of Chu Yang's sword.

And the sword tip was pointing at his throat!

It was so acute that Old Third Ma couldn't defend himself against it!

He was utterly desperate and had no other idea of what to do, so he could only bite his tongue tip to spit out a mouthful of blood, and then condensed all his energy into his sword. The sword whirled like a whirlwind and brought up a curtain of light connecting the heaven and earth. Following which, Old Third Ma transformed his sword into a ray of sword light that shot up to the sky, and tossed the sword upwards!

Then, without any doubt, he desperately retreated and turned his body around, preparing to escape as fast as he could!

But before he turned around, he felt a sense of chilliness on his forehead!

After he turned around, he again felt chilliness on his left hand and right shoulder.

After he ran for 300 feet, he felt a sense of cool comfort behind his back! Then instantly, it had turned into a sense of warm comfort.

Next, he rolled along the mountain path, crying shrilly all the way, till he came across the small forest that he had originally come by. Only then did he feel pain on his back, chest, shoulders and forehead!

The energy within his body was rapidly vanishing.

A feeling of death flooded his mind.

At the last moment, Chu Yang had used a ray of sword light to strike Old Third Ma's forehead, driving a blood hole on it! When he turned back, two rays of sword light had hit his two elbows; When he rushed away by 300 feet, that sense of cool comfort actually came from a ray of sword light that Chu Yang had used to penetrate his back.

The blood within his body inundated into his internal organs, and this gave him a temporary sense of warm feeling. It was his last enjoyment before his death!

Old Third Ma's eyes had already turned blurry. He was already in despair, as he knew that he was surely going to die.

Even if all the Supreme Martial Artists in the world transferred all their cultivations to himself, he also had definitely no hope of living!

But he was not convinced! Not convinced to die under the calculation of the villain Chu Feilong. What's more, he had Thirteenth Master and his own brothers waiting for his message!

They were all in danger!

Even if he had to die, he would have to bring back his message!

He didn't even expect in his dream that this 'eighteen-year-old teenager' who had 'lost his cultivation' whom he had confronted this time around was such a terrifying figure!

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