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This was the first battle of Chu Yang in the Upper Three Heavens!

Three moves!

With merely three moves, Old Third Ma, a third stage Martial Monarch, was defeated! Although there were other factors, there was really an utter transformation of Chu Yang's cultivation from before!

Third stage Martial Monarch was an insurmountable existence since Chu Yang was a martial practitioner! Even a Martial Emperor was a legend in the Lower Three Heavens. But now, a third stage Martial Monarch was defeated under his own hands.

Old Third Ma's figure vanished like a stream of light.

The flying dust slowly fell back onto the ground, revealing Chu Yang's figure. Seeing the direction from which Old Third Ma vanished from, Chu Yang heaved a long sigh of relief.

When the dust was settled, Chu Yang realized that his body was riddled with wounds and besmeared with blood. Chu Yang was so in pain that he took in a gasp of cold breath. He swallowed mouthfuls of Vitality Spring Water, and applied it on his wounds. He frowned every time he applied it.

"Martial Monarch is indeed exceptional!" Chu Yang sighed deeply and felt that the road ahead of him was getting more difficult. Although his own ability had promoted very quickly, he was still small and weak.

"I really don't know how many of such kind of experts did Chu Feilong invite this time around?" Chu Yang frowned and pondered deeply, "How can I capture all of them in one net?"

After thinking for a long time, he still had no clues at all. So, he could only slowly walk back as he thought along the way.

In the previous battle, although it looked easy for Chu Yang, he knew that he had a lot of advantages.

Along the way, he cleverly laid down the Ecstasy Fragrance, which had unconsciously affected Old Third Ma's mind. Although Old Third Ma had deep cultivation and thus highly resistant to such things, at least his mind wouldn't be as clear as before.

But this was only Chu Yang's first step. This was merely to make Old Third Ma's thoughts become more muddled.

Then, after a period of time when he felt that the effects of the Ecstasy Fragrance had already diminished, he created a Strength-Scattering Fog. As the name implies, it was a poisonous fog that could scatter away one's strength unknowingly. At the same time, the combination of Strength-Scattering Fog and Ecstasy Fragrance, which was the first combined poison, had extended the effects of the ordinary Strength-Scattering Powder.

This combined poison had unknowingly degraded Old Third Ma's Monarch-level cultivation by one stage!

After Old Third Ma entered the forest, Chu Yang laid down the Soul-Capturing Fog. It was the strongest kind of poisonous fog, and its role was to erode people' minds. But if it was used at the start, it would be easy to sense. So, there must be Ecstasy Fragrance which acted as the bedding.

The combination of Soul-Capturing Fog and Ecstasy Fragrance was the second combined poison, while that of Soul-Capturing Fog and Strength-Scattering Fog was the third combined poison!

While the combination of Ecstasy Fragrance, Strength-Scattering Fog and Soul-Capturing Fog was a unique super combined poison that hadn't revealed itself in the world ever since the first master of the Nine Tribulations Sword used it 80,000 years ago!

This evil martial technique that could kill people unknowingly was called 'Three Steps In A Kill'! Then, the first master of the Nine Tribulations Sword had never been deprived before as he used this technique!

Old Third Ma wasn't aware at all of this kind of miraculous killing technique which had been extinct in the Nine Heavens for 80 000 years, and he unknowingly walked into this trap. When Chu Yang truly started to fight with him, Old Third Ma's cultivation had already fallen to a first stage Martial Monarch, and he didn't even notice this!

His mind was muddled. How could he take notice of it?

Next, Chu Yang, who was originally 'a disabled person who was extremely weak', actually transformed his gaze into a sharp sword, and violently broke out his cultivation as a Martial Sovereign! Old Third Ma was caught off-guarded by this, causing damage to his eyesight.

Therefore, amidst the dust flying all over the sky, Chu Yang could see Old Third Ma clearly, but Old Third Ma couldn't see Chu Yang.

If Old Third Ma could see Chu Yang, he would definitely not be so flustered… Because for every move, it was Chu Yang who was injured. At the very least, he was injured by the tremor of Old Third Ma's tough martial techniques.

But he couldn't see! Due to his fear, he had the preconceived impression that Chu Yang wasn't injured! And Chu Yang's cultivation was far above his own cultivation!

And before that, under Chu Yang's Thousand Phantom Technique, he couldn't see Chu Yang's cultivation at all. That caused him to have another preconceived impression of Chu Yang's cultivation.

What he saw was a strong and unparalleled Sovereign of swords!

Such step-by-step insinuation gave him a feeling of 'awe' towards Chu Yang. Horror followed after. Then gradually, his courage was rubbed off him, and in the end, he could only escape.

And, a clear instinct that 'he had fallen into Chu Feilong's trap' was created! This was human nature: to evade one's own responsibility, and in times of incident, vent his anger onto others. Under the dual effects of Ecstasy Fragrance and Soul-Capturing Fog, fear, as well as the despicable side of human nature, was further ignited!

At this moment, Old Third Ma had completely no intention to put up a fight. That meant he was utterly defeated!

Otherwise, even if his cultivation was degraded by much, how would Old Third Ma be defeated so easily?

Delusions and plots of various aspects, as well as psychological battle and actual combat, were all full of schemes and intrigues! With the perfect conditions that spurred up all of these, in addition to the irresistible effects of the combined poisons, it would be a wonder if Old Third Ma wasn't defeated!

Ye Wubo calmly held on to the teacup and drank the tea slowly.

The six people in the room remained very quiet.

If Ye Wubo didn't open his mouth, the others also dared not to speak. This Thirteenth Master from the Ye clan was a notoriously brutal figure. Among the direct line of descent of the Ye clan, everyone had superior cultivation! Not only did they have high status, but their cultivations were also equally outstanding!

There was naturally a secret method in the Ye clan for improving cultivation.

Although this Thirteenth Master did not have a high status, his cultivation was close to a Martial Saint!

"Old Third Ma was already out for a day," Ye Wubo said lightly, "Even if he couldn't break into the Law Enforcement Hall, he should have completed the task by now. Perhaps that little brute had hidden himself in the Law Enforcement Hall?"

A middle-aged macho next to him smiled, saying, "Old Third Ma always like to play the game of mouse and cat. Perhaps he's fixing that little kid now."

Everyone laughed softly.

Chu Feilong felt that the heaviness in his heart reduced to some extent.

I'm still not satisfied if Chu Yang has to die like this, but… Humph, it's better for him to die than be alive. At least it'll save me from being tired after every time I see him…

The ghastly fire in Ye Wubo's eyes flickered, and he said lightly, "Old Third Ma doesn't have a good temper. This is why I always want him to be by my side, and seldom let him do a task himself; One knife is sufficient to kill a person; Although torturing people is more pleasuring… a lot of incidents occur at such a time period! So, you must remember, in dealing with a person you want to kill, no matter how abominable he is, if you can cut off his head, don't hesitate!"

Everyone nodded.

Ye Wubo smiled sinisterly and said, "If this person has died, it would be equally enjoyable to torture his family."

Chu Feilong couldn't bear himself from shuddering.

Suddenly, Ye Wubo frowned and moved his ears. The other five people in the room also halted at the same time. The atmosphere became increasingly tense.

"Someone is flying here at a high speed!" Ye Wubo frowned, "It looks like it's Old Third Ma, but Old Third Ma shouldn't be so impetuous and hasty… Have some accidents occur?"

Another elder with a goatee immediately stood up and said, "Let me go to have a look."

"He has come."

Just at the moment, a sharp voice drew in closer and closer. Then, someone banged into the restaurant and rushed into the room that the six people were in.

The six instantly changed color on his face.

"Thir… Thirteenth Master…" Old Third Ma appeared at the door, his body was full of blood. The moment the six people saw him, they were stunned!

His two elbows were gone, and there was a deep blood hole on his forehead. Blood, mixed with a milky white liquid from his brain, oozed out from the hole slowly. There was a small blood hole in front of his heart, which one could clearly recognize that it was protruded out by a sword tip. Then, there must be a big blood hole at his back, at the region behind his heart!

A stab through his forehead, and a stab through his heart!

With a glance, Ye Wubo had known that Old Third Ma was definitely going to die! He had supported himself to come here by burning his divine spirit. It was not easy!

He could die at any moment!

"Speak quickly!" Ye Wubo shouted.

Old Third Ma felt relieved once he saw the person he wanted to see, and instantly, he collapsed. That elder with a goatee immediately held Old Third Ma in his arms, and continuously transfer his cultivation into Old Third Ma's body. But he realized that Old Third Ma's meridians were completely blocked, and his energy couldn't enter Old Third Ma's body.

"There's no use," the goatee shook his head sadly.

Old Third Ma squeaked, fixed his eyes on Chu Feilong, and stuttered, "Thirteenth… Master, Chu… Chu… Chu Feilong… is a spy! That Chu… Chu… Chu Yang… is… a Sword… Sword… Emperor… I, I… I…"

He suddenly stopped saying, and fresh blood rushed out of his throat. Blood clots and internal organs flowed out from his mouth. He widened his eyes in vain. He wanted to say something, but couldn't say it out, and could only produce strange sounds from his throat.

With a flash of sword light, Old Third Ma's entire throat was chopped off!

Sword light rippled like an expanse of autumn water on Ye Wubo's hand. He had lay hands on Old Third Ma. With a clean strike on him, Ye Wubo had ended Old Third Ma's sufferings.

The faces of the other four people were ravaged with grief.

Ye Wubo, lowering his head, cast his sharp, ghastly red eyes on the sword in his hands, and fixed his look on the faint red blood on it. He suddenly sneered.

Chu Feilong was frightened out of his wits. He dropped to his knees, "Thirteenth Master! I I I… I'm wronged…"

"You're wronged?" Ye Wubo asked as he smiled faintly, and looked back on his sword before saying, "Old Third Ma exchanged this piece of news with his life. How can it be fake?"

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