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Yue Lingxue heaved a deep and heavy sigh. "Lan Clan, I am truly filled with heartache."

Lan Qingtian stood in a stupor. Suddenly, he shivered throughout and laughed aloud. "All you insignificant nobodies of the Zhuge Clan, what do you say? You've lost, haven't you? Haha… I told you long ago, Elder Yue won't be injured. What do you say? Dumbfounded now, aren't you?"

After laughing heartily, he turned to Yue Lingxue. "Hurhur, Elder Yue is indeed safe and sound. I am truly relieved. Because the Zhuge Clan was intending to ambush Elder, I was afraid that something would happen to Elder, so I rushed all the way here and pretended to be in cahoots with the enemy. I can have peace of mind now! Haha, I should've known, Elder is so strong and powerful, why would he be beset by these thieves and rascals? They are not even worthy."

At the side, the men of the Zhuge Clan were stunned. When they heard what he said, they broke into angry cursing. "Lan Qingtian! F*ck your mother, can you still call yourself a human?! How can you be this shameless? Wasn't this attack started by you? Throwing dirt at us like that, do you still have a sense of shame?!"

Lan Qingtian sneered. "The Zhuge Clan's scheme is trying to drive a wedge between us. What more do you have to say now? If not for I, Lan Qingtian, who had seen through your scheme, aren't I going to be scammed to death by you this time? The Zhuge Clan is indeed intelligent, I am impressed!"

Everyone was dumbfounded.

This Lan Qingtian was truly shameless to a new level to be able to still say such things at this point.

He was still cursing earlier, but now that he saw that Yue Lingxue wasn't as heavily injured as he had imagined, he actually changed his attitude immediately?

Chu Yang was even more impressed now. He had thoroughly understood a particular saying — The mouth is made up of two flaps; no matter how you flapped, one could still argue with reason. The upper lip was the heavens and the lower lip earth.

Yue Lingxue said impassively, "I see, Qingtian, thank you for your good intentions. Now, do something for me."

Lan Qingtian said, "Please say it, Elder Yue. I will do anything you say."

Yue Lingxue said dispassionately, "Go, kill everyone from the Zhuge Clan! After you've killed them all, I'll speak with you again."

"Uhh… Understood." Dumbfounded, Lan Qingtian could only agree.

Chu Yang almost burst into laughter inwardly.

Yue Lingxue was certainly evil.

He seriously didn't know how the brain of this upright Yue Lingxue could have thought of such a ploy to set the two clans up and enjoy the harvest from the side. As long as the two clans fought, it was certain that both would suffer heavy losses!

When that time came, they could take advantage of the situation any way they wanted to!

Lan Qingtian's eyes swiveled. He said, "Elder Yue, this…"

"What, are you thinking of not following orders?" Feng Yurou drifted over from the back. Thirty feet in the air, she drifted over leisurely and slowly. As everyone was aware, the difficulty levels involved in traveling the same distance by leaping over in a flash or floating over slowly was undoubtedly a world of difference!

Lan Qingtian's pupils contracted. He could finally be sure — Moon Breeze was not injured at all!

He let out a holler. "My children! We'll kill these Zhuge Clan bastards trying to sow dissension among us first!"

Under his command, every man of the Lan Clan was dauntless and every one of them dived toward the Zhuge Clan ferociously.

The people of the Zhuge Clan were so furious that they were shaking. Their facial features contorted, they shouted, "Go! Kill this bunch of despicable and shameless Lan Clan people first!"

Both parties were like opposing mighty currents. They sprung into action at the same time, shouting and yelling non-stop. Their sabers and swords gleamed in the light as blood and flesh flew everywhere, the fight elevating intensely at once!

Lan Qingtian had no choice either. After saying so much in the beginning, he had already offended Yue Lingxue. He was also aware that this was Yue Lingxue setting the two clans on each other.

Yet he had to go on with it!

Because Yue Lingxue was already ready to kill. Even if the two clans didn't do anything, Yue Lingxue would still go on a killing spree! Only if he listened to him and eliminated the Zhuge Clan first, then beg for mercy, would he have a chance of survival!

And this was a very vague chance at that.

But no matter what, this was his only chance now.

The two clans fought intensely and bitterly.

Chu Yang and the others watched from the side, pointing and gesticulating as they commented on the battle.

Within two and a half minutes, there were already a good number of fatalities on each side.

Wu Juecheng said impatiently, "Since both of you have recovered, why not just quickly kill them off and be done with it? What's there to watch about this bunch of bastards fighting?"

Yue Lingxue smiled and said, "Just venting some frustrations. Now that they are about done, it's also time for us to act!"

Both husband and wife let out a laugh, their swords leaving their sheaths at the same time. With no warning whatsoever, they proceeded to deal devastating blows to everyone in the battle.

With complete disinterest, Chu Yang gave his orders and the snow sleighs continued to move along the main road. Moon Breeze's injuries had already largely recovered; getting rid of these people was no issue at all.

The result would still be the same whether they watched or not.

Just that within Chu Yang's heart, yet another wave of murderous intent toward the Nine Super Clans had blossomed.

Behind, Lan Qingtian's tragic scream rang out. "…Elder Yue, why are you…"

The tragic scream stopped abruptly.

Chu Yang and the others had already gone on for a few miles when Moon Breeze finally caught up. There wasn't even a speck of dust on their snowy white robes. Chu Yang asked with a smile, "Done? Do you feel a lot better now?"

Yue Lingxue laughed aloud. "Indeed, I do feel pretty carefree."

Chu Yang smiled and replied, "You're someone who's going to be the Dharma Supreme in the future. Being honest and upright is not a problem but you should be more careful and alert in everything you do. Just like in an imperial court — There are many loyal and honest officials but there are just as many villains and scoundrels. Knowing the ways of a scoundrel doesn't mean that you're one too… After all, one must always be vigilant against others."

Yue Lingxue nodded. "I will remember what you've said."

Feng Yurou smiled sweetly at the side.

In the past, perhaps no one would take Chu Yang seriously when he said this. They might even scoff at him. But his words now held a different weight — because he's the Nine Tribulations Sword Master!

Now that the current Dharma Supreme had made his opposing stance clear, Chu Yang would never condone his existence.

The entire journey was very peaceful. Regarding Lan Meixian, Moon Breeze made no mention and Chu Yang didn't wish to ask further.

Three days later, Feng Yurou finally asked, intentionally or otherwise, "Chu Yang, Meixian… is your mother's Teacher, you know?"

Her words caused a jolt to go through Chu Yang's heart.

"Then, is she dead or alive?" asked Chu Yang.

"She's probably still alive. I heard that it's Lan Qingtian who saved her and got people to escort her home. However, she's seriously injured and also poisoned, so… she probably doesn't have long to live."

Feng Yurou sighed. "In the past, she used to be a very innocent and adorable girl…"

Chu Yang was silent. He said, "People change."

At the side, Yue Lingxue was listening to the conversation. At this point, he heaved a long sigh. He didn't know why he was sighing either…

"Where are we going?" Feng Yurou changed the topic.

"Back to the south-east where my home is," said Chu Yang. "Even though the two of you have recovered more than half of your cultivation, your life force origin is still not recovered. Elder Wu Juecheng's injuries are very serious too and he needs a place to recuperate in peace. My Teacher's wife also needs a place to rest. Only when we've reached and the two of you settled there can my heart be at ease. Moreover, with you two there to take care of each other, nothing can go wrong. I won't need to worry about the Chu Clan's safety too."

He smiled and continued, "I will depart from there once more to continue on my journey to look for the fifth fragment of the Nine Tribulations Sword!"

Yue Lingxue replied, "Actually, you can leave now to search for the fifth fragment. With the two of us escorting everyone, are you still worried?"

Chu Yang smiled rather warmly. "I'm not but… I miss my mother."

Chu Yang's voice was very serene but both Yue Lingxue and Feng Yurou's hearts trembled for some reason. Chu Yang's sense of kinship toward his family was apparent from this sentence alone.

'I miss my mother'…

Just because of a reason like this, Chu Yang, the Nine Tribulations Sword Master, was willing to delay the search for the Nine Tribulations Sword just so he could go home to take a look.

Who could understand the feelings of a wandering child?

Feng Yurou was suddenly very envious of Chu Yang's mother.

Because she had such a son whose thoughts were with her.

Chu Yang quietly took out a bottle of Spiritual Spring Water from his bosom and passed it to the two of them. "This is Spiritual Spring Water. It can activate the vitality in one's body. It might be of use to the two of you… Right now, my Spiritual Spring Water has started to evolve into the Life Force Spring. When it has become Life Force Spring Water, it'll be able to resolve your… offspring issue."

Feng Yurou blushed but she happily received it. "Thank you very much, Chu Yang."

Chu Yang said profoundly, "My mother has given me all of her love and care. She was unhappy for several tens of years. It is not easy to be parents but it is also a joy. I can deeply understand your pain and also wish very much to help you attain your wish earlier."

Yue Lingxue and Feng Yurou nodded, their countenances serious.

When they left the south and started to head toward the east, a piece of news reached them — The Medicine Valley had been completely annihilated by an unknown force!

The entire Medicine Valley reduced to dust!

Completely gone from the Nine Heavens continent from now on!

This piece of news made everyone's hearts heavy and gloomy.

Just as they were about to reach the Black Blood Forest, Chu Yang brought out the jade tablet that Zi Xieqing had left behind. He circulated his energy and activated it. An imposing aura immediately emanated from it.

It was Zi Xieqing's aura.

It seemed as though that figure whose white robes fluttered in the air was still with him and smiling beautifully, occasionally joyful and occasionally coquettish.

There was a hint of sorrow in Chu Yang's heart. He wore the jade tablet and couldn't help but let out a long sigh.

Every time this happened, Mo Qingwu would be very quiet.

She only accompanied him quietly, not saying a single word. Those big round eyes of hers that looked as if they could talk would gaze at Chu Yang in concern.

They finally reached the Black Blood Forest!

The moment they went in, everyone was astounded.

Both sides of the path were filled with innumerous spirit beasts, including flying beasts. They lined up neatly on both sides from large to small in an organized manner with nothing out of place.

Cats and mice stood next to each other and wolves and rabbits lined up against each other, none invading the other one bit.

They stood as respectful as guards of honor, leaving a wide path for everyone to walk. There was reverence in every spirit beast's eyes.

"Oh my goodness… So adorable!" The moment they saw this, Mo Qingwu and Chu Le'er were so excited that they almost fainted. Both girls loved obedient little animals; now that they saw this impressive sight, they were practically overcome with joy. They ran to the roadside and stroked an animal and patted another, their faces full of bliss and delight.

All the Spirit Beasts were very dissatisfied with this fondling.

F*ck! Do you think we're your pets?

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