Transmigration with QQ Farm
ch 447 - The Elders Were Happy; Assignment 7
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Transmigration with QQ Farm
Author :Die Lian Huahua Lian Rui
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ch 447 - The Elders Were Happy; Assignment 7

ch 447 - The Elders Were Happy; Assignment (7)

Elder didn’t know what to think of that one and said, “Guye, we are just looking to hire a few guards, do we really need to set up an arena?”

“Well, think about it,” smiled Mo Xuanzun as he turned to the one next to him and asked, “Xiao Xiao, how many are we looking to recruit this time?”

“At least 200!” said Cheng Xiao Xiao as she asked the one next to her, “Elder, do you think that will be sufficient?”

“200 people is not a lot but, if we can really find 200 quality guards, that’s not bad either. I worry that we might not even be able to find 200 of them,” said Elder in a low voice.

“That will depend on how many found our resources at Sacred Land Zhongyuan attractive. If I have to guess, we can easily recruit 200 new folks!” smiled Mo Xuanzun full of confident.

Thinking of what others thought about Sacred Land Zhongyuan recently, Elder couldn’t help but nodded. He then asked, “Guye, how did you come up with the idea of an arena?”

“Ho ho ho….” Chuckled Mo Xuanzun.

“Elder, of the ones that we will be recruiting, we are going to need a few captains and vice captains, right? So we will announce that the top three individuals during the event will receive a prize and also be assigned to one of these roles. I trust these will make it quite attractive!”

“That is a great idea, guye!” Elder beamed and immediately agreed with that suggestion. “Through an arena, we can not only see how strong and skillful they are but, when it comes down to it, we could also see one’s true nature. We will take those that are good, otherwise, no matter how strong they are, we won’t take them!”

Hearing Elder’s words, Cheng Xiao Xiao smiled and said, “Elder, you won’t need to worry about that. As long as they join the Cheng’s, they will only have one character, which is to be very loyal to us. As for the rest, as long as they have a shred of humanity in them, we can take them.”

“Miss, you mean….”

“Elder, I can’t elaborate more here, but you will see when you return to home. Just trust me for now!”


Two hours later.

Another new topic was flying all over town – Count Zhongyuan would be recruiting for guards starting tomorrow!

In the format of an arena!

Anyone who’d want to become a guard at Count Zhongyuan were eligible to compete!

Ages between 15 - 60. Cultivators between the level of martial scholars to martial monarch. Anyone above martial king could apply to be an elder of Count Zhangyuan’s residence. Both males and females were welcome!

Count Zhongyuan’s residence would be responsible for all cultivation resources for those who joined them. The only condition was forever loyalty; betrayals would be punishable by death.

There were also three different categories of prizes for the competition.

The first category. The #1 winner would become the captain of the recruited guards. Special prize would include a mystical beast as ride, mystical water, and three mystical herbs!

Second category would be awarded to #2 and #3 winners, who would become vice captains. Special prize would include mystical water and three mystical herbs!

The third category would be awarded to #4 ~ #7, who would be made team leads. Special prize would include three mystical herbs!

Not only would one become a guard, the prizes tempted countless cultivators. When the news was announced, it made a lot of waves, the entire Qing’an Province was unsettled.

Once the news got out, countless cultivators rushed toward Qing’an Province as well. Everybody wanted to participate in this event.

As much ruckus as it has caused, Cheng Xiao Xiao and her likes didn’t care much about it. At her current level, she needn’t worry about any other skillful martial artist.

After leaving for a couple of hours, Elder returned with the province magistrate.

“Elder, did something happen?” Seeing the solemn look on Elder, Cheng Xiao Xiao was a bit surprised and she looked toward the middle-age chubby man next to him.

“Miss, guye.”

Elder cupped his hands and introduced the man, “Miss, guye, this one is the Qing’an Province’s province magistrate, Mr. Zhang. He will be helping us with managing the event!”

“Greetings, Miss. Greetings, guye.” As a direct report to the Cheng’s, Zhang Shuiji dare not to be disrespect toward the two of them.

“Ah, it’s Mr. Zhang. Please, have a seat!” said Mo Xuanzun. Cheng Xiao Xiao merely nodded at him.

After the two of them were seated, Mo Xuanzun gave them a look and said, “Was there riots outside?”
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