Transmigration with QQ Farm
ch 448 - The Elders Were Happy; Assignment 8
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Transmigration with QQ Farm
Author :Die Lian Huahua Lian Rui
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ch 448 - The Elders Were Happy; Assignment 8

ch 448 - The Elders Were Happy; Assignment (8)

“Yes, guye, these cultivators went berserk after they heard our announcement. The alterations had already escalated into fighting. And, not only that, the events have turned fatal. In the last two hours, a few had already been killed,” said Zhang Shuiji with a bitter look on him.

It was obvious that this Mr. Zhang, sitting in front of them, was not apt to handle these cultivators. He had no other options than to come and seek help from his employers.

“What is your thought, Xiao Xiao? Should we have Old Man Ying take a walk outside?” suggested Mo Xuanzun.

“Guye….” A sound came from somewhere and, before long, the person appeared as well. It was Old Man Ying, who said in a dull voice, “I am not interested in these insignificant individuals!”

“Ho ho ho….” Chuckled Cheng Xiao Xiao. “Alright, Old Man Ying, no need to act all pitiful here. Why don’t you take 10 little white tigers and 10 little azure wolves with you? Take them out for a round then just let them surveil on themselves and you wouldn’t need to accompany them anymore. How’s that sound?”

“Alright, no problem!” Hearing that he didn’t need to babysit, he accepted the assignment right away.

Cheng Xiao Xiao walked into the courtyard and, with a wave of her hand, 10 large tigers and 10 azure wolves appeared out of thin air. Mr. Zhang was stunned and the viciousness from the beasts made his knees buckled.

Old Man Ying released his ride as well. It was the fiery lion that Cheng Xiao Xiao had used before. The lion arrived like a ruler and Old Man Ying mounted him with no hesitation.

Cheng Xiao Xiao had already given these sacred beasts orders to go on patrol. If they saw any fights, kill them all first, ask questions later.



The appearance of the sacred beast patrol team let out thunderous roars that resonated within the entire city limit and stunning every one.

The public quickly learned about the reason these sacred beasts were patrolling the city – they were sent by the House of Count Zhongyuan to keep the orders on the streets. Anyone found engaging in fights would be annihilated by these sacred beasts.

No exceptions! Not even for martial kings or above!

That had finally quelled the cultivators and nobody else was picking fights anymore.

From that point forward, these scared beasts strolled the streets slowly just like humans. At the beginning, the general public would be frightened and ran away. After a while, they realized that these sacred beasts would not harm any innocence, just the ones that were causing troubles.

One time a kid around the age of 4-5 who didn’t even know how to be afraid even tried to tug at the white tiger’s tail. The white tiger just stood there and let him tugged on his tail without getting annoyed. That had amazed everyone.

Some more courageous folks had also walked up to try and touch it; none of the curious ones were injured. As for the ones that had evil intentions, none of them ended well.

As time went on, the public had gotten used to these sacred beasts being among them. Of course, some were still afraid of these beasts, but at least there were no more panics.

The next day!

In the plaza in front of the newly built Count Zhongyuan’s residence, an arena was built. Many cultivators had arrived at the crack of dawn, ready to participate in this event.

Everybody wanted to be one of the top 7. In addition to the awards, they could also get a small title. These were all pretty attractive to an everyday cultivator.

As the sun started to rise, more and more cultivators gathered around the arena.

At around 9 AM, finally someone showed up!

Hosting the event this time were Old Man Ying and Elder. As the two Cheng’s elder would be running the even, the Province magistrate Zhang Shuiji also attended the event, but only as an audience. He did not have the authority to handle matters related to this event.

Cheng Xiao Xiao and Mo Xuanzun entered the dimension and watched the arena from a roof somewhere. They did not plan on showing up at the event today, but just to see how many candidates showed up.
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