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A shadow swept through the forest. With a lightning bolt under his feet, Xu Que moved like a silent and stealthy ghost. His icy gaze gleamed coldly as he charged toward a predetermined direction.

He had noticed from the start that they were being followed by a Heavenly Human; ever since they had stepped foot into the forest, he could sense its presence. Although the stalker had concealed himself and moved invisibly, he could not escape the detection of Xi Que's overwhelming Soul Strength.


Suddenly, Xu Que landed soundlessly on an ancient tree. Xu Que could see a figure hiding behind the ancient tree's trunk and appearing to sneak forward.

Xu Que laughed. "Yo, bro! Well, well, aren't you impatient. Didn't we agree that the battle would commence tomorrow? So why are you sneaking up on us already?"


The figure below was startled. Without lifting his head, the stalker flung out a magic art abruptly, its eerie blue flame tornadoed toward Xu Que like a poisonous snake!


The flame hit the ancient tree and immediately reduced it to a pile of ashes. Xu Que bounced deftly off the void and landed on the ground with ease. He blocked the way of the Heavenly Human and looked at him with a smile. "Ho,ho, isn't this Tian Zhan?"

It was none other than the Heavenly Human powerhouse who had been the first to appear previously – Tian Zhan!

When Xu Que left with Jiang Hongyan, Tian Zhan could not wipe Jiang Hongyan's peerless beauty from his mind. In the end, he gave in to his urges and followed them into the forest. He had never expected to be discovered so quickly, after concealing his aura and carefully following them at a distance.

However, Tian Zhan heaved a sigh of relief when he realized that Xu Que was the one who had found him. He calmed down instantly and couldn't help but form a mocking smile. "You have surprisingly decent detection skills, to have discovered my location. However, it's a pity that you dared to face me alone. I don't know if I should call you clever or stupid!" Tian Zhan shook his head as he commented coldly.

A cultivator at the fourth level of the Form Synthesis Stage dared to challenge him – a Crossing Calamity cultivator – alone? How was this any different from walking into his own grave? Did he genuinely believe that he would follow the rules and only make a move tomorrow?

Tian Zhan's mocking smile deepened at these thoughts.

Alas, Xu Que was also smiling. In fact, his smile was brighter than Tian Zhan's. Coupled with that thieving look on his face, Xu Que looked insufferably atrocious!

"He, he! The mantis stalks the cicada, unaware of the oriole behind. You assumed that you were following us, but I was the one who led you here!"

Pfft. "Foolish human, so what if you led me here? I'm afraid that you're still clueless about your plight, as you seem not to know who the oriole is!" Tian Zhan sneered.

To Tian Zhan, he was the oriole, the final victor, as he was the one with a higher cultivation stage.

"Who's the oriole? Good question! Judging from your wings, you are the only one worthy of the title of the oriole!" Xu Que's eyes narrowed as he laughed.

Tian Zhan was surprised for a second but then shook his head. He asked in a ridiculing tone, "If I'm the oriole, what are you then? The cicada or the mantis?"

"Me? I'm neither!" Xu Que shook his head and lifted his arm.


He clasped his fingers into a fist and shook the void with a muffled thud. Strands of powerful True Core Strength began to flow out, and a stream of dominating Taoist Connotation began to surround his fist.

Tian Zhan frowned slightly, seemingly noticing that Xu Que's strength might be more extraordinary than he had thought.

However, he didn't pay it much mind. After all, he was one of the highest cultivators at the Crossing Calamity Stage. When faced with a Form Synthesis cultivator who was one whole stage beneath him, he had nothing to be concerned about, no matter how extraordinary this opponent of his was!

That's the normal line of thought. The higher the cultivation stage, the more the cultivators realize the massive gap of prowess between each small level. Moreover, Xu Que was an entire level weaker than him!

"Why? Don't tell me that you want to be an Oriole too?" Tian Zhan snorted as rare interest filled his eyes. As if he was playing with a prey that was doomed to die by his hands, he ignored Xu Que's fist.

At Tian Zhan's words, Xu Que smiled and replied, "I don't want to be an Oriole! As my name says, the Exploding Heavens Faction's – Birdie Terminator!"


Once he had finished, Xu Que's figure blurred as he lightly pushed his weight off the ground and charged toward Tian Zhan like an arrow leaving its bow.

"You're courting death!" Tian Zhan bellowed as his face darkened; he spread the pair of white wings on his back.


A tornado engulfed his body instantly and brought him up to the skies. At the same time, an eerie blue flame left his hands, attacking Xu Que like a venomous blue snake.

"The one who is courting death is you!"

Xu Que laughed and ignored that blue flame. He continued to attack and delivered his blow!


The eerie blue flame dissipated into nothingness the moment it came into contact with Xu Que's fist. At the same time, Xu Que continued to dash toward Tian Zhan at the speed of lightning!

"What?" Tian Zhan paled as he hurriedly withdrew. However, it was too late. No matter how fast Tian Zhan was, he would never be more rapid than Xu Que.

Once Xu Que executed the move Three Thousand Volts Lightning, the patch of lightning bolts under his feet had cut through the skies. Following that, the void surrounding Xu Que suddenly twisted and rippled, and Xu Que's figure slowly became indiscernible.

"Eh? This is…." Tian Zhan stood dazedly when he saw that.


Before he could react, the void behind him rippled too. A Taoist Connotation-filled fist appeared.

"Killer God's Single Stroke!"


Xu Que bellowed sternly. A fist impaled Tian Zhan from the back and stuck out of his chest!

The scariest thing was that the fist was coated with True Core Strength and Taoist Connotation, all of which were brutally annihilating any life force within Tian Zhan's body!

Tian Zhan stiffened and lost all color in his face. He was horrified and filled with disbelief as if he had not been able to react. How was he defeated this suddenly? Even more so with a single move!

"He, he, it's been so long since I used the Killer God's Single Stroke! If we're talking about one-on-one fights, this is indeed the sickest move of them all!" Xu Que said cheekily as he withdrew his fist.

The life within Tian Zhan had all drained away. Before he took his final breath, he turned toward Xu Que with great difficulty and asked with a trembling voice, "K...Killer God's Single Stroke, but where's the sword that struck?"

"Ha, ha! That's a great question. I admire you, so let me enlighten you! I kid you not, but the sword of the Killer God's Single Stroke needs to be explained from back when the little rabbit dug out the carrot!" X Que smiled.

The little rabbit?

Tian Zhan was about to die, but his curiosity and unwillingness to die forced his body to hold on just a little longer. He opened his eyes wide and perked up his ears, obviously wanting to hear the answer before he died.

Xu Que started slowly, "The little white rabbit dug out a carrot and went home happily. On his way home, a pangolin came out of nowhere, snatched his carrot and said a few words into his ears. When the little rabbit heard what the pangolin said, he committed suicide immediately!"

"Huh???" The dying Tian Zhan was utterly confused at Xu Que's words, his expression bewildered.

What...what the fuck was that story?

What did the little rabbit and the pangolin...what did they have to do with the Killer God's Single Stroke?

"All right! That's all for today. If you want to know what happens next, we'll carry on the next time we meet!" Xu Que suddenly closed in on Tian Zhan and laughed mischievously.

Tian Zhan's eyes opened wide as the fatal wound in his chest worsened!


He finally vomited blood from unbearable rage. He used every last drop of his strength to yell furiously at Xu Que, "Just what did the pangolin say?!"

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