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At this moment, in the forest, Jiang Hongyan was sitting quietly in the hole in the ground that had held the God-realization Tree. Her body was wrapped in a dazzling radiance, which made her a graceful otherworldly fairy maiden!

A strand of misty shadow was being extracted from the God-realization Tree in front of her, and was about to merge with her body.

Outside the hole in the ground, the female cultivators of the Exquisite Beauty Pavilion were sitting with their legs crossed. However, they were not in the mood for cultivation. All of them kept glancing behind with worried looks.

"Alas, I'm afraid he is overconfident about confronting those Heavenly Humans alone!"

"I'm afraid he is not overconfident. He is seeking death!"

"I guess he won't come back this time!"

The female cultivators kept shaking their heads and sighing. None of them believed Xu Que could come back alive.


Suddenly, they heard something close by. They looked up and found Buttface and the powerhouses of the Imperial Palace returning with a lot of firewood.


Buttface dropped the firewood on the ground. Then, he started to look around. Suddenly, his expression changed and he shouted in surprise, "Damn! Where is he? Tell him to cook food for us!"

"What? Where is the Holy Senior? Wait, this moment…" the powerhouses of the Imperial Palace were stunned. Then, they fixed their eyes on the radiant tree hole. The next moment, they were shocked by what they saw.

How could the Holy Senior perform secluded cultivation here?

"It seems the Holy Senior is performing the minor secluded cultivation, which can't be ended in a short period!"

"Tomorrow we will have fierce combat. Why does the Holy Senior perform secluded cultivation at this moment?"

"Damn! What should we do now?"

"What's wrong with Xu Que? Why didn't he stop the Holy Senior?"

"Right. And where is Xu Que now?"

The powerhouses of the Imperial Palace couldn't help but sweat anxiously.

After all, they were facing formidable enemies at this moment. The combat would be started within a day. Meanwhile, they were outclassed by their enemies, which worried them so much!

The slim woman of the Exquisite Beauty Pavilion stood up and said with a wry smile, "This is arranged by Xu Que. He asked the Holy Senior to perform secluded cultivation here and asked us to protect her. He said he will face those powerhouses of the Heavenly Human Tribe alone!"

"What?" The powerhouses of the Imperial Palace were shocked by what they heard.

"Is he going to confront hundreds of powerhouses of the Heavenly Human Tribe alone?"

"My God! Is he insane?"

"Holy crap!" Buttface couldn't help but shout angrily. "Damn! I brought back so much firewood with great difficulty. How could he go to kill the Heavenly Human cultivators? This is unbelievable! As an adult, how could he ignore the priorities?"

The rest of the cultivators couldn't help but smile after hearing that.

Ignore the priorities?

Why did he say that?

Although it is absurd for him to try to kill the Heavenly Human cultivators alone, it is still better than cooking food for us here!

As cultivators, we can live without food for hundreds of years!

"Damn! This is so annoying. Judge for yourself, he promised to prepare food for us, but he ran away to do something else, does this make sense?" Buttface complained angrily.

However, nobody wanted to reply to him, for it was not the time to think about food at this moment!

"Buttface, what did you say?" Just at this moment, Xu Que's voice could be heard not far away.

People turned around instinctively and were shocked by what they saw. They saw Xu Que had returned unscathed with a pair of white feathered wings in his hand.

What? Wait!

Why is that pair of wings so familiar?

People's eyes opened wide as they stared at the wings in Xu Que's hand in surprise.

"Are…those the wings of the Heavenly Human cultivators?" Someone asked in a trembling voice.

The rest of the people were too shocked to answer.

The answer was quite obvious. Those familiar white feathered wings belonged to the Heavenly Human cultivators whom they had met not long ago. In this area, the only species with wings were people from the Heavenly Human Tribe.

"Holy crap! Little brat, what did you do just now? How many cultivators of the Heavenly Human Tribe did you kill?" Buttface also asked in surprise.

Xu Que replied by waving his hand with a faint smile, "I didn't kill a lot. There were so many of them, but they were all too weak. It was so easy for me to kill a general among them! Therefore, I brought back a pair of wings!"


Hearing that, people couldn't help but gasp!

Did he say he killed a general among so many Heavenly Human cultivators?

My God! I didn't expect he could come back unscathed with a pair of wings after confronting hundreds of Heavenly Human powerhouses at the Crossing Calamity Stage!

Hell! How powerful is this guy?

Many people were totally shocked by what they had heard as they imagined the heroic scene where Xu Que was valiantly facing those Heavenly Human cultivators at the Crossing Calamity Stage.

Xu Que acted tough in such a casual way. With Jiang Hongyan's calm smile on his face, he pretended nothing had happened.

In fact, what he said never happened. He killed Tian Zhan with the combination of the King of Tough-Acting Fist and the Killer God's Single Stroke. Then, he brought back Tian Zhan's wings and didn't go to confront those Heavenly Human cultivators.

What he did just now was merely acting tough!

"Come on, we will face the important moment soon. Let's make preparations first!" Xu Que clapped his hands and motivated the people seriously at this moment.

The people cheered up as they let out a secret sigh of relief.

Finally, we can start to prepare for tomorrow's combat!

It's not too late, and we still have time to set up some Arrays.

"My fellow cultivator, just tell us what to do. We will fully support you!" The powerhouses of the Imperial Palace replied immediately.

"Exactly! Just tell us what to do!" The slim woman of the Exquisite Beauty Pavilion also nodded her head.

Xu Que said with satisfaction, "Great! Everyone is very active! Come on, buddy, please put the firewood together!"

"OK!" A powerhouse of the Imperial Palace said immediately. However, he was confused the next moment. "What? Put the firewood together?"

The rest of the people were also stunned and puzzled.

Why should we put the firewood together at this moment?

"Hell, why do you look at me with that expression? If we don't put the firewood together, how could we start a fire?" Xu Que asked. Then, he continued to give orders, "That's enough! Don't stand still! I need actions! Come on, you should start a fire! And you should place the pot on the fire. Remember, don't put oil into the pot now! These wings are very fatty. Oh, you, you should prepare chopped green onions and sesame seeds! Holy crap, Buttface, why do you play around? You should help others to start a fire. Remember, the flame should be high! The rest of you just step back and cheer for us!"


People in the area were totally dumbfounded.

Start a fire? Place the pot on the fire? Prepare chopped green onions and sesame seeds?

Damn! Are you really going to cook food?

Howl! "Little brat, you are awesome!" Buttface shouted and jumped in wild joy.

After that, he rushed toward the firewood excitedly and started a fire directly without anyone's help. Xu Que smiled as he put a large pot on the fire. Then he filled the pot with water.

After a short while, the water in the pot started to boil. Then he threw the white feathered wings into the pot to boil for a short moment. After that, he took the wings out and threw them into the sky. Then, he waved his hand and the feathers on the wings were removed instantly.

Countless white feathers drifted down like a flurry of snowflakes.

In this heavy "snow", Xu Que started to cut the wings with a sharp sword. He slashed the wings to create several cuts in them.


He kicked away the pot and placed a large grill on the fire. Then the large wings fell on the grills heavily! All his movements were so smooth, like floating clouds and flowing water. People were totally dumbfounded!

When they came to themselves, Xu Que started to apply oil, red chili powder, and hot pepper on the wings….

When the intense fragrance began to permeate the area, people were frightened.

"Is…this guy really going to do that?"

"Is he really going to cook food?"

"These are the wings of a Heavenly Human cultivator. Eating this is no different than eating people!"

"Hell, I can't stand it anymore!"

"People of the Exploding Heavens Faction not only eat mosquitoes, but also eat grilled wings of Heavenly Human cultivators!"

"I think I'm going to crack up!"

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