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The powerhouses of the Imperial Palace and the female cultivators of the Exquisite Beauty Pavilion were totally confused.

The Heaven Devouring Demonic Mosquitoes are horrible, right? They drink human blood and reproduce in human corpses. If the quantity of this kind of mosquitoes is large enough, they could even kill cultivators of the Celestial Realm!

However, this guy just fried one mosquito to feed Buttface!

The Heavenly Human cultivators are completely identical with human cultivators except they all have a pair of wings.

But we never expected this guy would grill the wings of a Heavenly Human cultivator! This is nothing different than eating human hands! How brutal he is!

At the thought of this, these cultivators couldn't help but tremble to themselves. They realized that this gentle and handsome young man was much more ferocious than they had ever imagined!

"Little brat, wait, I have a feeling that it is inappropriate to eat these wings, right?" Buttface said hesitantly at this time.

When the wings were almost done, Buttface realized they were the limbs of a Heavenly Human cultivator.

"Whatever!" Xu Que said, rolling his eyes. He didn't care whether Buttface would eat the wings or not. What was his purpose in grilling the wings? Apparently, he was trying to act tough! The trick of acting tough was never the result but the process!

These grilled wings had earned over 10,000 Acting Tough Points for Xu Que. Whether Buttface would eat them was of no importance. Anyway, Xu Que wouldn't eat the grilled wings!

"Holy shit! Little brat, could you cook some Heaven Devouring Demonic Mosquitoes? I prefer to eat the mosquitoes!" Buttface said. Although he was a Demonic Beast, he couldn't accept eating limbs of a human.

Hearing that, the rest of the people became speechless.

The Heaven Devouring Demonic Mosquitoes? It seems they are not better than those wings! And they are even more disgusting!


Just at this time, several air-rending sounds came in from afar. People were startled by the sounds. When they looked up, their faces turned pale immediately.

Hundreds of Heavenly Human powerhouses, including two Heavenly Human powerhouses at Level 3 of the Great Vehicle Stage, were rushing toward them with horrible killing intent from outside the forest.

"Oh, no!"

"They are coming for us!"

"They have discovered we are roasting wings here!"

"What…what should we do? We have no hope of winning if we confront them directly!"

"Damn! My fellow cultivator, please stop your barbeque. We should find a way to defeat them!"

The powerhouses of the Imperial Palace were as anxious as ants on a hot pan. The female cultivators of the Exquisite Beauty Pavilion also looked worried.

Xu Que was still smiling calmly. He said, shaking his head, "Why are you in a panic? It is really unnecessary to worry about these Heavenly Human cultivators! Let me tell you that I will fight them alone later. None of you should get involved in the combat!"

Are you going to fight them alone?

We are not allowed to get involved in the combat?

Damn! Nobody wants to get involved in that combat!

People couldn't help but curse secretly!


Almost at the same time, a magnificent pressure swept in. After that, they heard an angry roar, "Bastard, what are you doing?"

A Heavenly Human powerhouse at Level 3 of the Great Vehicle Stage dashed toward Xu Que, staring at him angrily as if he would tear Xu Que into pieces.

"How dare you kill our people and ruin their bodies?"

"Human cultivators are low-grade creatures whose evolution hasn't been completed! How dare they eat the flesh of our people?"



"Humph! This time you will pay with your blood!"

The rest of the Heavenly Human powerhouses also shouted angrily and were eager to kill Xu Que immediately.

Xu Que said with a wicked smile, "Actually, this is nothing personal! For me, all of you are edible!"

"Bastard!" The Heavenly Human powerhouses yelled angrily.

The powerhouses of the Imperial Palace and the female cultivators of the Exquisite Beauty Pavilion felt their blood was almost frozen. They even wondered whether they were included in the "all of you" Xu Que had just mentioned!

"Humph! Shameless human cultivators, your attack upon our people means you've broken the rules. Instead of launching our attack tomorrow, we will do it right now!" The powerhouse at Level 3 of the Great Vehicle Stage said coldly. Then, he raised his hand and yelled, "I declare the Heavenly Human Trial is commenced now!"

He waved his hand down abruptly!


Instantly, hundreds of Heavenly Human powerhouses behind him dashed out!

Only dozens of them were at the Form Synthesis Stage. Most of them were at the Crossing Calamity Stage. Therefore, the entire strength of the Heavenly Human cultivators was extremely horrible!

According to the rules, two powerhouses at the Great Vehicle Stage didn't attack, but all the rest of the cultivators threw themselves forward. The sky was filled with all kinds of magnificent magic arts, which were suffocating for the human cultivators.

"Hah! Great! I don't want to do it tomorrow either!" Xu Que raised his arms with a faint smile. Then, he smashed down his fists abruptly.


A dull sound came in from the void. A gigantic golden fist appeared in the air. Then, it smashed down with invincible Taoist Connotation directly.


"Why is this momentum…so powerful?"

"No, retreat!"

The Heavenly Human powerhouses who had sensed the extraordinary power of this fist turned around and tried to escape.

However, as a cultivator at the Form Synthesis Stage, Xu Que could wound even the cultivators at the Great Vehicle Stage severely with his King of Tough-Acting Fist. How could these cultivators at the Crossing Calamity Stage and the Form Synthesis Stage avoid his attack?




Along with many dull sounds in the air, a lot of Heavenly Human powerhouses exploded into blood mist one after another. After a short while, they had suffered great casualties!

"None of you could escape! Chew on my fist again!" Xu Que laughed as he threw out another punch heartily.

The King of Tough-Acting Fist reappeared and swept the entire area again with horrible momentum!

More and more Heavenly Human powerhouses died. The combat, which had just begun, turned white-hot.

This was not a combat or a trial anymore. This was a one-way slaughter!

"How…how could this be?" The two Heavenly Human powerhouses at the Great Vehicle Stage, who had planned to enjoy the show, were totally shocked and couldn't believe what they were seeing.

The powerhouses of the Imperial Palace and the Exquisite Pavilion were also dumbfounded.

Even though they had witnessed Xu Que's attacks before, they never expected Xu Que could be so powerful that he could kill dozens of powerhouses at the Crossing Calamity Stage with one punch!

Is he still a cultivator at the Form Synthesis Stage? No cultivator in this world could do this! I'm afraid this is even impossible for cultivators at the Crossing Calamity Stage!


At last, only dozens of Heavenly Human powerhouses survived.

The area had fallen into a dead silence!

The two Heavenly Human powerhouses at the Great Vehicle Stage were totally shocked. They tried to save their people but they were not fast enough to do that. It happened so fast that nobody could take any measures to stop Xu Que.

Nobody expected Xu Que could be so powerful that he could kill hundreds of powerhouses in such a short time! His strength was strong enough to scare everyone in this area away!

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