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At this time, the System's warning tone kept ringing in Xu Que's mind.

Xu Que had earned around 20,000 Acting Tough Points and a lot of Experience Points through his attack. Now he was only half a step away from Level 5 of the Form Synthesis Stage! He would upgrade after several cultivators at the Crossing Calamity Stage! And he would be much more powerful at that time!

"Don't stand together! Let's spread out and kill him together!" A shapely female Heavenly Human cultivator shouted at this time. Her voice was crisp and penetrating!

Hearing that, the remaining Heavenly Human powerhouses spread out immediately.

Xu Que looked at the woman carefully.

The Heavenly Human Tribe had a lot of handsome men and beautiful women. With white feathered-wings on their backs, they looked holy like the legendary angels.

However, this woman was one of the outstanding cultivators. Because of her towering bosom, her sexy body was quite attractive. In comparison, her killing intent was even more formidable!

She survived Xu Que's attack, which meant she was one of the most powerful cultivators among those Heavenly Human powerhouses. Moreover, she managed to find the weakness of Xu Que's King of Tough-Acting Fist, which was not good at attacking a single cultivator, in a short time. It meant she was also smart!

"Killing formation!" the woman shouted abruptly.


Along with the deafening air-rending sound, she started to attack Xu Que together with several powerhouses from different directions.

"Hmm! It seems I have to use other magic arts!" Xu Que waved his hand with a faint smile. Then, the violent flames of the Molten Green Lotus, the Bone Freezing Fire, and the Eight Waste Destruction Flame swept out like a sea of fire instantly!


A big bang came in from the void. Three kinds of Mystical Fires were turned into over ten dazzling three-colored fiery lotuses, which shot out in different directions abruptly from Xu Que's body.

"Kill him!"

At this time, over ten Heavenly Heaven powerhouses also shouted with intense killing intent! Everyone started to attack with different magic arts from all directions, including that shapely woman. They tried to confront Xu Que's three-colored fiery lotuses directly! However, they underestimated the power of Xu Que's fiery lotuses!

When Xu Que reached the Form Synthesis Stage, his strength was also enhanced remarkably. The higher his stage was, the more powerful his magic arts would be!


All of a sudden, those three-colored fiery lotuses exploded in the sky at the same time. The void was distorted instantly. The earth-shaking explosion echoed all around the area! The entire sky was filled with endless magnificent flames, which devoured the Heavenly Human powerhouses directly.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The Heavenly Human powerhouses fell to the ground one after another. All of them were drenched in blood and on their last legs! The air in this area was almost solidified at this time!

Xu Que's strength had totally shocked everyone in this area.

They didn't believe a cultivator at the Form Synthesis Stage could be so powerful; it was extraordinary and unprecedented!

"What?" At this time, Xu Que exclaimed as he looked forward in surprise.

The flame sea in the sky was dying out. However, a figure walked out from the flames, who was that shapely female Heavenly Human cultivator! She was not blown down to the ground or even wounded. She was still so gorgeous. However, all her clothes…had been burned off!


All the male cultivators in the area gasped. They stared at her with wide eyes. They were almost suffocated by what they saw.

Xu Que shouted immediately, "Guys, let's enjoy this in a civilized manner, so that we could be quality fans and make a better world together!"


At this time, a horrible momentum gushed down from the sky abruptly!

"Pervert!" The female Heavenly Human cultivator cursed angrily for she had realized her embarrassing situation. Her face had an ice-cold look. She covered her body with magic arts as she started to attack Xu Que angrily.

Xu Que said innocently, "You chose to confront my magic art directly! It is none of my business! I am a fan of yours!"

"Die!" The female Heavenly Human cultivator shouted angrily. Then, she appeared in front of Xu Que by walking through the void on a strand of holy light.

The next moment, she waved her hand and took out a scarlet dagger. The blade of the dagger was just like a cicada's wings. Then, she tried to stab Xu Que with the dagger sneakily.

"Me? Naive!" Xu Que said with a smile. Instead of dodging her attack, Xu Que approached her rapidly. Seeing that, people on the ground were shocked.

"Oh, no!"

"My fellow cultivator, step back!"

"That dagger is quite dangerous, don't block it directly!" The powerhouses of the Imperial Palace and the Exquisite Beauty Pavilion shouted in surprise.

Xu Que ignored their shouts. He dashed forward to face the woman's dagger directly!

When the dagger was about to touch his body, a pressure gushed out suddenly. A strand of golden light came out from between his eyebrows. A small golden figure, which was sitting with his legs crossed, could be seen vaguely from the golden light. Then, his body was covered by a dazzling golden hood.


A crisp metal sound rang out. The dagger in the woman's hand fell to the ground. The female Heavenly Human cultivator turned pale immediately. Apparently, she didn't expect her most lethal killing move could be blocked in this way! More important, she was so surprised that she hit Xu Que directly before she realized what happened.


Xu Que, who was ricocheted off by the woman, was dumbfounded instantly!

Because his face was rammed by a sea of softness. He got a feeling that his head was devoured by something! The onlookers were also dumbfounded for they didn't expect this dramatic scene. Coincidently, Xu Que's face was rammed by her towering bosom, which made countless male cultivators in this area swallow with complicated expressions.

A strand of eagerness could even be found in the eyes of some people, who wished they were the one who were hit by the woman.

"You…." The female Heavenly Human cultivator stared at Xu Que angrily with her fiery eyes!

Before she finished speaking, Xu Que denounced her, by pointing at her, "You…bastard! How dare you attack my handsome face in this filthy way?"


The onlookers' eyes grew wide in surprise.

What the hell is he talking about?

How could he take his undeserved gain for granted?

At this time, Xu Que turned to the two Heavenly Human cultivators at Level 3 of the Great Vehicle Stage.

"Judges, I strongly protest. She rammed me with balls! This is a flagrant foul. She should be sent off!" He shouted angrily, as if he was really wronged.

After saying that, he turned to the female Heavenly Human cultivator and said, "This is outrageous! Nobody fights in this way! Are you insane? Damn! I really want to die!"

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