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It was a horrifying battle.

Xu Que's act of toughness was fluid and effortless; it was so powerful that the mountains split and the earth shook!

Who else in the world was capable of that?

He battled hundreds of enemies alone as a lone cultivator at the Form Synthesis Stage; not only did he execute hundreds of Heavenly Humans at the Crossing Calamity Stage, he even wiped out two powerhouses at the Great Vehicle Stage.

Most important, Xu Que emerged unscathed from the battle. He quickly ended the fight within a few rounds!

"I...I feel like I'm living in a dream!" An Imperial Palace powerhouse murmured in horror. "It was just too unreal!"

"With such strength, it's no wonder then that he could stand by the Holy Senior's side!"

"In the end, we were the ones who gravely underestimated his ability!"

"Exactly! Moreover, what is this Exploding Heavens Faction? I've never heard of it!"

"Eh? Wait a minute, the Exploding Heavens Faction? Wasn't there a challenge letter sent by, let me think, the Four Great Continents about a year ago? I remember that it was from the Exploding Heavens Faction!"

"Challenge letter?"

"That's right. However, His Majesty took the letter away before I could read it properly. I just saw those three words – Exploding Heavens Faction – at a glance!"


Everyone's faces changed all at once, and they looked at Xu Que in disbelief.

The Four Great Continents!

This was an area restricted by shackles. No powerhouses had emerged from the Four Great Continents for many, many years. Cultivators who managed to reach Form Synthesis within their lifetimes were already considered great. How could it possibly nurture a demon like Xu Que?

That went against all their notions that talents are born only in blessed lands!


Before they knew it, Xu Que had landed.

When faced with the crowd's looks of horror and disbelief, he sighed slightly and shook his head, "I was too careless, too careless!"


What did he mean?

Those from the Imperial Palace and the Exquisite Beauty Pavilion stood in a daze.

Xu Que walked on as he complained, "What a slip-up! I had wanted to play with the Heavenly Humans for a few days more, but I accidentally got carried away. I would have used just 30 percent, and not 40 percent, of my strength if I had known!" Sigh!

He left for Jiang Hongyan's hiding place in the hole in the tree when he finished speaking, leaving the crowd with just a sight of his back.

Everybody else present was flabbergasted beyond words and almost vomited blood.

He got carried away?

He simply used 40 percent of his strength?


Was he lying or speaking the truth?

Everyone could not help but look at each other in utter horror, but not one of them had dared to question Xu Que. At that moment, all they could feel toward Xu Que could be expressed in a single word – fear.

Even if they were all on the same side, nobody was courageous enough to stand near Xu Que. His ways and prowess were just too fearsome.


In a very short time, Xu Que arrived at the hole in the tree where Jiang Hongyan was practicing secluded meditation.

He paused for a moment, then stepped into a hole in a different tree neighboring Jiang Hongyan's. He then turned toward those who had followed him, "Everyone, since we still have a month to go, you all may explore wherever you want. Of course, my advice remains that it's best that you leave now. Otherwise, I reckon that it's out of my reach to ensure your safety once this month ends!"

Almost immediately, Xu Que waved his hand and unleashed a few restrictive spells, sealing the tree hole.

"All right. Please make yourself comfortable, fellow cultivator Xu! We shall take our leave!"

The remaining powerhouses of the Imperial Palace hurriedly said their goodbyes as they made their exit, unwilling to waste too much of Xu Que's time. After all, they had been Xu Que's opponents in the beginning. Back then, they had not thought much of Xu Que, even though they did feel that he was strong.

However, having seen Xu Que finishing off powerhouses at the Great Vehicle Stage right before their eyes, they no longer felt complacent. Besides, they might have to face the Ancestors of the Heavenly Human Tribe when the seal lifts once the month is over. The situation was too dangerous for them to stay.

Therefore, the few Imperial Palace powerhouses all decided to leave, following the path by which they had come.

The ladies of the Exquisite Beauty Pavilion, however, were at a slight loss. They all looked toward the tall lady for instruction. The tall lady paused for a moment, before biting her lips, "The Heavenly Human Tribe will surely hunt us all down when the month is up. When the ancestors of the Heavenly Human Tribe make their move, I'm afraid that even Fellow Cultivator Xu would not be able to spare us any attention. We will only die a meaningless death if we stay!"

With that, she sighed. "Forget it. Maybe some enlightenments are predestined. We shall leave as well." In the end, the tall lady bid farewell to Xu Que and led the Exquisite Beauty Pavilion female disciples away.

Once the seal lifts at the end of the month, they could leave via their original entry point.

Argff! "I shall leave too!" Seeing that the situation was much grimmer than expected, Buttface tried to escape. However, before he could take another step, he felt his collar tighten around his neck, choking him.

"Oh crap, crap, crap...lad, what are you doing? Why is it that they can leave, but not me!"

Buttface immediately turned to Xu Que angrily, who was still in the hole in the tree.

Xu Que narrowed his eyes and smiled, "Where do you want to go? Don't you want to visit the KFC and McDonalds in my hometown? Walk down the streets, and you'll see them everywhere. A single spirit stone could buy us several shops. Are you sure that you're not coming?"

"I'm coming, coming, coming...of course! When are we leaving?" Buttface's eyes lit up once he heard that. He quickly ran toward Xu Que's hole in the tree.

"We can leave anytime, but will have to wait till this month's up! I need to enter the Heavenly Human Tribe's territory and see for myself the place that can activate the Space-Breaking Spell!"

Now that he had obtained the Space-Breaking Spell, Xu Que was no longer worried whether he could return to Earth. However, his ultimate goal was to bring Jiang Hongyan and Liu Jingning, as well as Madam Ya, Su Ling'er, and all the others back to Earth together. Just like a holiday trip!

Achieving that was difficult, though. First of all, he would need to gain a better understanding of the environment where the Space-Breaking Spell could be activated and whether he could find a similar environment in the Four Great Continents.

Next, he would need to find a way to return to the Four Great Continents to fetch Liu Jingning and the rest.

No matter what, the most crucial prerequisite was that they had to wait until the seal lifted. Only then could they barge into the Heavenly Human Tribe's territory and see the place for themselves.

"Buttface, I will be doing secluded cultivation for a few days. Go outside and guard both me and Hongyan. When I emerge, heaps of hamburgers will be waiting!" Xu Que looked at Buttface smilingly.

Buttface perked up at once and quickly agreed, nodding enthusiastically.

Then Xu Que sat down in the tree, legs crossed. He had exhausted all of his Taoist Connotation in the previous battle. Killing a powerhouse at the Great Vehicle Stage was not as easy as it seemed!

For the time being, all he could do was to meditate and recover, and, in the meantime, check if his prowess had improved.

All in all, his greatest enemy in a month would be the Ancestors of the Heavenly Human Tribe.

If every single Ancestor were at the peak of the Great Vehicle Stage, the battle ahead would be arduous and extremely dangerous. He had no choice but to make better preparations.

The first thing Xu Que did was to summon the System. He had gained quite a lot from the previous battle. Not only did he obtain a lot of experience and Acting Tough Points, but he had also gained a Big Mystery Bag for his virgin kill of a Great Vehicle Stage powerhouse!

In the face of the enemy at the peak of the Great Vehicle Stage that he was about to meet, Xu Que can't wait to see how the Big Mystery Bag would be helpful to his upcoming battle.

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